moonblushed asked:

Thumbs up! >> I love your Remus! Besides the fact that your theme/page is so aesthetically pleasing and well organized? Like it's so soothing to be on? I feel like you're really dedicated to your character and understand him like no other. Also PERFECT faceclaim? He's just so different from all the bandwagons and assumptions; you really flesh him out and make him your own. I admire that so much.

send 👍 if you like my character portrayal; please say why

              ahaha i’m glad YOU enjoy it ; it’ll be changing soon thankfully, but it works for now. very minimalist, to some. i think most people understand their muse ; everyone just understands him differently. i think for my representation of remus i have a pretty solid hold on him and who he is. but thank you so much for saying it. thank you thank you thank you. that is my goal, after all. most of my followers know that, and are aware i am proud of my remus’ individuality and unique-ness, so to speak. but you’re so sweet. xoxoxo

moonblushed asked:

your theme song is my jammmm! I love how well thought out your OC is :3

      thank you so much, lovely, for sending this in! i suppose you mean “goner” by twenty one pilots, because that’s the first song on my blog   &   it’s also the text on the theme.   &   thank you very much! she’s had about a year to get this far, i’m really proud of her.