moonbeam entertainment


Sit down gang it’s time to talk about Moonbeam Entertainment. I’m sure I’ve bitch about not being able to buy their movies on DVD in the past, but you’re gonna hear about it again. In the early 90s Moonbeam made children movies that were awesome. They were adventure, sci-fi, and fantasy. They were made cheap and quick. It seemed that you couldn’t go to the video store without finding at least three new movies each time. 

Their father company Full Moon Entertainment pushed out low budget horror movies, and cheap action movies. They offer a streaming subscription on their website, but their Moonbeam movies are few, and none of them are the ones I want…. Plus my wife would get mad if I spent our money on streaming subscription that would only show movies I would watch.

You can only find the movies above on VHS, which is fine, but I would like to see them remastered on Blu-ray or DVD. I mean, I want miniture dinosaurs, dragons, and alien pets.

Not to mention Magic Island had Zachary Ty Bryan(you know the oldest and shittiest son on Home Improvement), pirates, sand sharks, and a pizza tree. Fuck, that movie had it all. 

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(The whole movie in one photo)