The human or rather zoidian avatar of the guardian force ultrasaurus. After being equipped with the Wyre device the Ultrasaurus was able to produce this humanoid holographic form to communicate with its crew. Unlike other zoids with this technology, she is able to speak fluent english among other languages. She adopted the nickname “Tsukiko” though she requests Helena refer to her as “Aunty Tsu”. She has knowledge of the ancient zoidians, but is reluctant to tell too much. She has a large crush on Moonbay, seeing her as her master. She refers to her experience with Moonbay and the guardian force as “the most passionate time of her life”. It was en extensive project to repair and dig out the ultrasaurus after its battle with the death saurer, but with Tsukikos help it was able to be completed. The Ultrasaurus was actually the first to be tested with the prototype wyre device developed by Dr. Schubaltz. Since then she has become something of a guardian force mascot and headquarters.


After nearly a year in the making I’m finally almost finished with my BIGGEST (and most expensive) Zoids model ever! The Guardian Force Ultrasaurus! Wired with LED Lights and sporting the almighty GRAVITY CANNON! The Ultrasaurus was one of my first Zoids after i started collecting again. (my real first collection was thrown away but thats a story we don’t need to get into) After hearing about Grimm Studios planning to create several Gravity Cannons i jumped at the opportunity to create one of the most iconic Zoids in history! So after securing my spot for Gravity Cannon #6 i got to work detailing! But i thought this needs to be even more special, so I got the idea to take the battery compartment off an older Ultrasaurus and wire the entire thing with LEDs! It was painstaking and cost me the original walking function the motor had (trust me the cannon is so heavy that, although the zoid can walk, it really doesnt want to) Now im waiting on the final tools I need and I will have completed the biggest space-taker on my tables, THE GUARDIAN FORCE ULTRASAURUS!