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“but this is what bap does” LOL oh you

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wait what is sleep? i’ve never heard of it before?

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The boys don’t sleep, so you can’t either. If they promote forever without rest, then we stan forever without rest. That’s the BABY golden rule.

; u ; i used to love sleep

Hi there! This is long overdue but I still wanted to do this so here it is. After about 7 months being on tumblr I reached a certain number of followers. I want to thank all my followers because I would not be the same without you guys. You guys mean a lot to me and I appreciate you all. I also want to thank all the blogs I follow because without them my dashboard would be boring.  So here are wonderful blogs that i really like A LOT:    

addomp | anjaels | b-yongguk | b2ngyonggukz | baby-daes | 
babyzelosworld | bang-yong-guks-wife | banghimbap |
bangstas | bangyonggukkie | bap-absolute-perfect | bap-ftw | bap-got-me-crash-and-burn | bap-orgasm | bap-s-moon | bapcausessexualfrustration  | bapquality | bapsturbation | bapyesir | berrytotomato | busanfatty | choizelus | cjunhongs | daeateyourbias | daecakez | daedreamingalldae | daehyuns-dick | daejaeing | daesbulge | daeslikethis | demfluffycheeks | djaes 

endlessbap | fanyadams81 | fluffybap | himbang | himchanaegyo | himchansori | himchansthighpants | himdaes | hime-cheetos | iamdaehyunsonly
iced-americanos | insideyoungjaepants | itsallbapsfault | itsminebap 
jaesbrainbox | jaeutiful | jokokeke | jung-up | junhaeng | kittyinabarrel 
little-bunny-12 | lizelo

maskedrabbits | matoki-project | moon1004 | pabo-hime | pupsbitch 
pyeon-tae | r-i-p-my-ovaries | rokkettstars | seungrismyultimatebias 
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yongguksgums | yongguq |  younqup | ze-loser | zeloi

The italicize ones are amiable people who’ve sent me messages and the bold ones are amazing people that I’ve met and talked to here on tumblr <(^-^)> 

Once again i want to thank you all and all of my followers because you guys just make my day <(^.^)> I hope everyone will have a fantastic day and jong-gg made the edit above for me so go check her out!