the aesthetics of love

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author’s note: i have no fucking clue what this is ??? idk enjoy i guess it’s super abstract and not like anything else i’ve ever written i hope you enjoy!! based on this post

it’s mostly fluff, with some angst, and some mature themes :) enjoy!!

kim taehyung x reader
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moon or stars?

to kim taehyung, you were both. the ever elusive moon in the night sky as you curl up on the couch, your heavy-lidded eyes carefully scanning the book in your lap. he watches you, marveling wordlessly at the gentle slope of your nose and the soft pucker of your heart-shaped mouth. you were galaxies, light years away from this world—no noise he or the world made, no stirring of your surroundings, no matter how strong, could drag you away from the words on the page. you were soaring, floating, drifting effortlessly above him, and he wanted nothing more than to board the nearest rocket ship and fly to your world, careening hopelessly and recklessly further towards loving you.

you were the delicate twinkle of the stars in the sky, sprinkling the never-ending darkness like powdered sugar on a soapstone countertop. you were everywhere you needed to be, ages away from him, yet somehow always felt right next to him. the twinkle of the stars never seemed to stay in the sky, he noted—never when you were around. they were everywhere you were, shining, sparkling, twinkling. the stars were in your eyes, winking alluringly at him as you giggle at one of his (cheesy) jokes. the stars were in your smile, especially that soft, shy one you did when you thought no one was looking. if the stars had a sound, taehyung would swear it was in your laugh as you toss your head back in mirth, your voice when you whisper “i love you,” and your sighs, whether they be of boredom, sadness, or ecstasy.

some days, stars shine brighter than others, and this was ever so true for you, taehyung had quickly discovered. some days, you were a muted, soft glow, providing gentle guidance and showing him the way. some days, though, you were radiant, bright, dazzling, your incandescent smile and laugh illuminating every step you took, every room you entered, every soul you touched. whether your light was soft or strong, taehyung loved every watt of your luminescence.

roses or sunflowers?

“i don’t care for flowers,” you had said one day on one of your earlier dates, absentmindedly stirring your milkshake with the straw, and his eyebrow perked in interest.

“oh? and why not?” he had asked, leaning forward, eager to learn more, everything, anything he could about you.

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There is only the void, and it stares into Shiro. And he stares back. He sees the star-eaters. 

He sees the Reapers. The Collectors. 

The Brethren Moons. He sees the Sky Cat. 

He sees the Varelsi and the cold, dead eyes of Zarkon. 

He sees the pulse of the Marker and he can see the blind things that stare back. The things that are blind and can see him. He can see the hole in the sky.

And he sees Setsuna. Setsuna is part of these things.

And Setsuna lets go of him.

And Shiro feels so alone in the black.

And it feels like an eternity before he breathes, before he tears his eyes away from the void. Or maybe he can’t. He doesn’t know.


This part was incredibly taxing. Mostly because god I hate drawing helmets, and I could not for the life of me find decent refs of Shiro. 

Shiro has been left in the Void. 

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