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“I suppose it looks reckless, of course. One eggshell, such a trivial thing, will probably just shatter on the boulder. However, no matter how strong a boulder is, it’s dead. While no matter how weak an egg is, its alive. As time passes, a boulder will break and become sand, but someday a chick will hatch from an egg and step on that sand.”

(20140930) “Tomorrow Cantabile” team celebrating Joo Wonie’s birthday! (video cr to: o__eh on Instagram)

- Joo Won’s twitter update -

생일 축하해 주셔서 너무 감사합니다^^

오케스트라 촬영 중 직접 생일축하 연주도 해주시구 감동감동~ 감사해요~

팬분들 감사하구~ 오케스트라 여러분~ 앞으로 잘 부탁드려요~얼굴에 철판깔고 지휘 하께요^^

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     it’d been happening more often lately, nights he found himself with a bottle in his hand — drinking until he was numb. but the longer moon stayed with joowon the MORE he had to drink. the more he had to forget moon and forget he missed his one and only chance at falling in love. he rolled his eyes, going in for another sip of his beer before having it snatched from his hands causing his brows to furrow. ❝ what the fuck? give that back!. ❞ he demanded, words slurred as he tried reaching out for the alcohol only to be pinned into the couch by the smaller male. a drunken chuckle fell from his lips, eyes rolling slightly. he was far too fucked up to fight back, struggling for a moment before rolling his eyes. ❝ —- wow, didn’t know you had it in you that’s impressive.❞    he could tell the other male was worried but he was too gone to think of anything to make this better….to stop himself from acting like an idiot and without kangmin there to shut him up he had no way of knowing what he would do next.  ❝ YOU’RE whats wrong with me! ❞ he shot back – too late to take the words back now  ❝ you and that fucking boyfriend of yours! he doesn’t even deserve you don’t you see that?? of course not because you’re so god-damn in love with him you can’t even see whats been right in front of you this whole time! ❞ he wanted to say it…he was so close to saying it. i love you moon, i have always loved you. but instead he scoffed.  ❝ i can’t stand this anymore.. ❞ @scrcndipty