Moon Bounce - ‘Telephone’

Corey Regensburg released the Darn Your Best Frock EP in May last year, heralding the birth of his Moon Bounce project - all clever bleeps, spacey samples and broken beats.

Regensburg has since been working on LP and 'Telephone’ is an early taster; skittish and unnerving in a rich, jittery flux staged perfectly in this home made clip - grab the song below. 



Moon Bounce - Telephone

Moon Bounce have been a favorite for quite some time. And now Corey Regensburg is working on a new LP that’s yet to be named, but is due sometime this Spring, if the fates allow. Telephone is our first listen, and it comes fully equipped with this homemade video, he admittedly had no real plan for…they just kind of did it. And yet I can’t imagine a more fitting moving image. As the vocals loop, “There, with a telephone” - Corey is doing his version of just that. And frankly, I’m glad it doesn’t look like anyone else’s.

Grab Telephone here


Moon Bounce - “Shake”

Directed by Andrea Youth. Too perfect.