i doubt she treated him very well

hello moon
it’s me again, the sky is dark
but you are always in my heart

hello moon
it’s time again to sing our tune
about things that once made us swoon

hello moon
my best friend
when everything else seems to come to an end
hello moon

hello moon
bounce that sweet pale blue light
on my face like ink
for i am sad in this night
and he won’t ever come back
but i will always have you
hello moon

painting, painting
on my ripped and bruised skin
with a blue wind of memories
i can never win

dancing, dancing
with the past in my tears
but a daydream in the night
will turn away all my fears

hello moon
it’s me again, the sky is dark
but you are always in my heart

hello moon
it seems nowadays the sky is always dark
but you are always in my heart

—  tina jaxén // hello moon

xxemoxxlizzardxx  asked:

I'm sorry to hear about the ending of the relationship. I know the pain all too well though. Anyhow, my next question is, what is the stupidest thing you've ever done? Mine was I broke my foot on a moon bounce while riding a surfboard.

I’ll save this one for a story time ;)

What The Boy Found

This is the story of a boy who got lost in the woods. As most people who become lost, he started out knowing exactly where he was. Gradually he became increasingly more unsure until finally he determined, “yep, I’m lost.”

Panic slowly crept up his spine and pushed tears out of his eyes. The boy wandered aimlessly for a time, before realizing he was floating, feet hovering a couple inches off the ground. This reminded him of a dream that he had once, so he checked his teeth to make sure they were all there, which they were, so he decided to pluck them out, which he did easily, and put them in his pocket to keep them safe, for teeth are sensitive you know.

He continued through the forest, feet gently regaining traction to the ground, as if gravity were slowly increasing. He’d touch down with his heel, then with his toes launch up with a bounce like he was on the moon. Each bounce was a little less exaggerated. Then, finally he was walking normal again, the weight of his body pulling him towards the Earth.

The boy walked on to find a dead shrub, on which he noticed a single azure colored leaf, a deep glimmering blue that beckoned him to pluck it, so he did. Marveling at the leaf, he wondered, how could a leaf come to shimmer like this- as that thought passed, so did the color of the leaf onto the boy’s palms, leaving it to dry, wither, and crumble into nothingness.

The boy was too mesmerized by the palms of his hands to realize that as he walked, the trees were turning into bookshelves, and the forest was morphing into a massive room with ancient things lining its walls.

The boy finally noticed he was walking on hardwood floor, so he looked up from his palms and saw the marvelous mansion room where he now stood. The more he beheld, the more excitement coursed through him. He quickly walked around trying to absorb everything his senses would allow. Until he reached the other end of the room.

This is where he met the man with the elephant head who guarded a large wooden double door. The boy was curious yet frightened of the man with the elephant head and the door he stood before.

The boy pointed a shaky finger at the door and asked, “is that the way home?” The man with the elephant head merely put out his hand palm facing the boy. This confused the boy, for he was tired and homesick and frustrated, so he held out his own palm, shimmering blue, miming the man with the elephant head, and slowly started to close it into a fist, which made everything in the room crumble into the man with the elephant head until it all disappeared.

Then… there was just grayness. Empty grayness, with just a boy and a box. The box was made of wood and had a leaf carved onto it. It was just for a moment to contemplate reaching towards it until- 

I woke up in my bed.  

Lying there, even knowing where I was, I still felt lost. But I realized that even that is better than having a false idea of where I was.