NCT-127 Types of Hugs :)

Request: Hello there! I finally thought of something im cri can i request for a nct 12u reaction about what kind of hugs will they give their s/o?

A/N: Thank you @la2244 for the request! I wasn’t sure if you meant NCT-U so I just did 127, but if you want the members of U then I can do those as well :) The photos are just to show the hugs better than how I described it. Sorry it’s late, for some reason my Tumblr app isn’t working properly so I had to wait to use my laptop :/

Lee Taeyong: 

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His hugs would be very warm and homey, often ranging from cuddly-bear to clingy kind of? With the members he’s to himself on contact but I feel like he’d let everything go with you and cuddle the shit out of you. If you were hugging after a fight I think one hand would be on your back and one of your head just so he could feel you there. If you were hugging after he got back from tour he’d pick up you in a big hug, probably peppering kisses over your face and neck. Everyday hugs are special in their own way, just a mix it up sort. 

Moon Taeil:

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Taeil’s hugs would be kind of snug, almost as if he was afraid of losing you constantly. If you two were cuddle-hugging, you’d always have your back pressed against his chest while he just held you to him. After fight hugs were mostly kissy-hugs, whispering apologies from both sides and shared kisses. Returning hugs are super sweet with lots of tackle-hugs and stories! 

Johnny Seo:

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Johnny’s hugs would be super bear-like! His arms would wrap fully around you and hold you in his chest, often pressing kisses to your hair. His make-up hugs would normally be the same unless it was a really important fight, where he’d probably give you space before just cuddling to make it up. Return hugs would be super chill n shit, his hands resting on your hips with your arms wrapped around his torso. 

Nakamoto Yuta:

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Full on hugs-with-your-legs-around-his-waist, there is literally no other hugs he’ll let you have. He enjoys feeling how you mold into him whenever you hug, so this is his go to! Fighting hugs happen a few days after you make up because he can still sometimes have the feeling you aren’t fully over it, but once you are he’ll pick you up and spin you around. Reunion hugs are special to him so he’ll spin you first and plant kisses on your neck as a greeting, he might even carry you around like that if he’s really into it. 

Kim Doyoung: 

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Will play with your hair while hugging you, his face in a constant crescent smile. Your hands will be left on his shoulders while his arms wrap around your torso, he might even kiss your forehead if he missed you. His makeup hugs don’t really happen, it’s more you initiating it than him since he doesn’t really know how to put his words into actions. His reunion hugs are very happy and giggly, he kisses you lots and tells you all of his new stories. 

Jung Jaehyun:

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Though it may seem dramatic, his hugs were always ‘possibly the last’ ones. He treasures every second you have together, so any given skinship he tries to lengthen as long as he can. Makeup hugs aren’t a thing for him, because he’d rather makeup with words rather than touch. Reunion hugs are lift-off style, hope he doesn’t toss you through the roof. 

Dong Sicheng (WinWin):

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His hugs are rare, so don’t expect it from him. Atleast you get more than his members, but don’t take it personally - he just doesn’t like skinship that much. His scarce hugs are quick and cozy, often the generic style of hugging. Makeup hugs don’t happen for the same reason as Jaehyun, he’d rather talk it out. Reunion hugs are more private, a couple pecks and then sleep.

Mark Lee:

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Gives backrubs while hugging! His hugs are often cuddly and koala-like, his favorite being backhugs that way he can put kisses to the back of your neck as a greeting/notice-me. His make-up hugs are teary, because he dislikes any sort of fighting. He loves you too much to handle being away for long, so expect for you to be spun multiple times when he sees you again!

Lee Donghyuck (Haechan):

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Bouncy hugs! He likes to lift you off your feet (haha, stupidly cute joke) but won’t spin you around because he doesn’t want to drop you. His makeup hugs are backhugs so that way you can’t see him cry, and so that he doesn’t see your reactions. Reunion hugs are pretty generic because he’s still pretty young and doesn’t know that many clean ways to hug, but he loves to hold your hand so that’s a bonus. 


[ doctor, doctor || nakamoto yuta ]

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Dr Nakamoto Yuta transfers to ward NCT. It isn’t all smooth sailing at first, especially when he crosses paths with a fiery, coffee-loving doctor who happens to work the exact same shifts as him.

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NCT things that haunt me

- apado gwaenchana

- be there, or be sQuArE

- *car honks* hello?

- i don’t follow the camera, the camera follows me

- yuta grinding on a minion

- wE goTTa DrEaAaAm mAn

- LeT’s gEt It

- we just gotta touch

- mark’s going through puberty

- whiplash is about my sister

- assalam o aleikum my name is jeno… i mean jaemin

- legend

- dolphin laugh

- eskeeRet

- i like things that are soft and sticky in my mouth… like our baby don’t stop

- i lived in america for four years

- we are uh. the foreign swaggers

- hi i’m johnny

- johnny doing a parrot impression

- taeil acting like an owl

- yorubun

- haedwae

- yuta acting like an old person in the background of the bts black on black mv

- fat kun

- fruits are scary

- fashion EVALUATION

- uHHHH canada

- john banana?

- milk

- when my cousin kisses me, i smell like her

- *sneezes* YES

- long ass ride

- my lady

- i don’t believe it’s evening

- this is not ice cream, it’s butter


- taeyong rapping in the haunted house and then immediately screaming

- ty track, ty track

- oh DaDdY

- everything that i touch is a poSe

- oh shit i dropped it

- look at that

- chenle breaking a table

- winwin doing nct promo for “nct life in osaka”

- kimchi iroKE

- where’s my hair ????

- a dance just for GoRLs

- oh my you scared me

- don’t eat my bread, don’t look down on me

- seoul is seoul

- i have my lovers here

- i can find love but i can’t find money

- here is korea man