moon young shin


“Beating up a kind man is violence, but beating up a bad guy.. that’s justice.”

“Now, as I look at my family’s faces, I wonder if I’ll see them again. When you become a police officer, sometimes there are criminals like this, that you will risk your life to capture, because he’s not the usual bastard out there. Right now, I see in my mind my son and my wife’s faces. I know I might not see them again… If we die, who will protect our families? Who will protect them?”


“For the first time, I became curious about Mum’s old friends. They’re enjoying taking their funeral portraits. Although she’s on her way to meet the Grim Reaper, Grandma is more concerned about her work at the field. We all have a time limit. Will this seemingly endless moment really come to an end? I can’t believe it yet.”


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