moon window

Making Your Room Magical

Hi everyone! So, I’ve mentioned before that there are a million different ways to incorporate magic into your every day life. I think that making magic part of your everyday routine is important, but you can also add a magical boost to your bedroom! Here are some ideas for making your room magical. Enjoy!

The Bed:

  • Draw sigils on the bed frame (maybe underneath the bed so that it’s out of sight) for good sleep or to ward off nightmares (or to add a little extra spice for when you bring guys from the bar home…I don’t judge.) 
  • Or you could stitch sigils into your pillow case or sheets instead.
  • When you lay down to go to sleep, create a big energetic shield around your bed to protect you while you sleep

The Windows:

  • Enchant your curtains/shutters/blinds to keep out prying eyes
  • Place tarot cards, crystals, and other tools on the window sill to let them charge with the power of the moon/sun.
  • Open up the windows every once in a while to release all of the excess and negative energy out of your room and into the air.

The Carpet:

  • Make cleansing “floor washes” for your carpet by making a powder with herbs and baking soda. Sprinkle it over the carpet and vacuum to remove. If you have wood floors in your room, you can make a liquid floor wash instead.

The Shelves, Side Tables, etc.

  • Create a small altar on top of a shelf, side table, or other surface in your room. It can be to honor the deities that you worship, or it can be for something else like drawing in prosperity or good fortune.
  • Dedicate shelves to different purposes by anointing them with different magical oils.

The Walls:

  • Magically program the walls with protective energy, like a giant shield around the entire room
  • Enchant posters or paintings of people/celebrities/etc to watch over the room or give the room a certain desired vibe.
  • Create a “vision board” with pictures of things that you would like to have in the future (vacation destinations, dream jobs/houses, etc). Every time you look at it, send some energy into it. Over time, the build up of energy will help draw those things to you.

The Closet:

  • Write down things that you would like to keep secret from the world or things that you would like people to not notice. Hide the pieces of paper in the closet to hide them from the world like “skeletons in the closet”.
  • Charge your favorite clothes to help bring confidence, motivation etc. to you when you wear them.

These are just some ideas that you can play around with to keep magic alive in your everyday life :) If you have any questions, feel free to send me an ask. Thanks for reading,