moon window

i. Abandon

Last night I watched the sky bleed from the dark of my bedroom window,

moon-blotches and star-pulp. The city wakes up to the stunning heat of carrion,

gangrene spreads from the words we exchange behind the weakening call of

skin. Last night I watched the sky shrink, felt it stick to the roof of my mouth

like tar. Felt the way your breath changed when I ran my hands along your face,

somewhere I think we’re building a home of wax and sticks, somewhere the

walls grow vines of cherry and the kitchen sings to us. Do you remember what

it’s like to feel? What it’s like to groan and knead and punch and scream? The 

only thing that’s left is the delirium of the acoustical, the silence of trees. Radio 

blips and dirty drains. A creature within the pipelines. Someone else’s 

daughters sleeping in our beds. Your voice like morning snow, and your empty

promises of eternities. How we were sheltered in spiderwebs, excluding 

ourselves from the world of the living. Lost in phantasms, facsimiles of 

slow-rotting teeth and another series of bad dates you want to upload on the 

internet. You tell me that someday I’ll grow out of it, but maybe my chrysalis is

malfunctioning. Maybe you can’t save me. Maybe I’ll stay here and reminisce,

I’ll wallow my life away, stuck in routines of arbitrary stillness. Then someday I’ll 

wake, and write a novel about what it means to live in the dead man’s womb.


• Protection herbs or bananas planted in front of your home or in the yard, prevents false or negative people from entering and keeping your family protected.

• A small mirror facing the entrance door cuts off any bad energy from visitors.

• Sunflowers in the room attracts joy.

• Red or pink roses in the room attracts love, passion and affection. Black crystals in the bathroom suck up the negativity of the house.

• Dream filter hanging on the bedroom window so that it takes Sun, prevents nightmares.

• Wind chimes hanging in the hallways of the house, balance the environment and bring the energy of the Silfides.

• Letting the sun’s rays enter through the windows and doors of your home attracts protection, light and the energy of the solar Gods.

• Letting the Full Moon light through the windows and doors of your home attracts intuition, love, sensitivity to all the dwellers of the house and the energy of the Moon Goddesses.