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Moon-Glo Motel and Chuck Wagon Restaurant - Lake City, Florida

4 miles south on Highway U.S. 41 - Air Conditioned - Electric Heat - Tub & Showers - 12 Units - Some Family Rooms - Swimming Pool - Restaurant - Room Phones. Phone 3222, Lake City, Florida

Do you like dragons?  Strong female muses?  How about an exiled disabled shapeshifting glass maker?  Meet Devani, a dragon over a thousand years old originating in a land not of earth.  Born of the Spindleback tribe on Rivian, adorned with fearsome spikes that turn rolling hatchlings into tiny chainsaws.  She enjoyed the freedom of flight and honing her craft of glass blowing, a tribe specialty until their homeland became too dangerous to stay.  She fell behind on their exodus from a slaughter out for fire-touched blood.  A child that didn’t feel the sky for a decade, recruited for a civil war she’d long given up on and banished for being too dangerous after everything she’d been through.  The wild of restless wings and a perilously hot heart graced the 5th century with an avalanche.  You can find this reptile at her shop, aptly named the Dragon’s Den, with a gaze always turned to the stars. 

-independent fantasy OC penned by the self-proclaimed dragonologist Roan

Magical Girl Henshins: A History of Pings

As with glaze, Sailor Moon was the show to codify and popularize the ping, but as with glaze, the earliest Magical Girl shows used a prototype of the trope.

(Sally the Witch - 66)

(Mahou no Mako-chan - 70)

Not too far off, though what’s missing is the sound effect. You can take my word for it — in both of these, the sparklies are silent when they explode outward.

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