moon stuck


i could write infinite interactions between these two and even if it wasnt funny i would at least never be bored

Aries Moon worst fear: Being stuck in one place, a lack of a challenge with their career and lovers.

Taurus Moon worst fear: Financial insecurity or general instability in life.

Gemini Moon worst fear: Being stuck in boring or bad relationships, including friendships. A lack of variety in life.

Cancer Moon worst fear: Being betrayed by someone or a huge lack in loyalty.

Leo Moon worst fear: Being forgotten about or not noticed/recognized for their identity, skills, or accomplishments.

Virgo Moon worst fear: Not being useful or purposeful.

Libra worst fear: Being disliked or unloved, being alone.

Scorpio Moon worst fear: Being left vulnerable.

Sagittarius Moon worst fear: Being trapped or stuck in a rut.

Capricorn Moon worst fear: Instability in life and failure.

Aquarius Moon worst fear: Never finding their tribe, a huge lack of acceptance.

Pisces Moon worst fear: Lack of escapism in their life, too much stress and not enough time to recharge.


Interceptions: Part 3

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Interceptions in the Planets

Not only can signs and houses be intercepted, planets can be intercepted too! If you have a planet that happens to have a sign that’s intercepted, chances are, the planet’s intercepted! However, you always should check your natal chart and see if the planet’s actually intercepted.

Having a planet intercepted can be quite significant, especially if one of personal planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and/or Mars) are intercepted, considering that they’re a strong part of who you are. When you have a planet intercepted, there is little to no development of that planet in your life. And often, people with intercepted planets deeply (perhaps subconsciously too) want to channel such planets when they’re blocked.

Sun Intercepted - The Sun rules over Leo, and it’s the planet we go to when we want to know our ego, how we are overall, and what talents we may have. With an interception, all of this is blocked and muted. A person with an intercepted Sun can suffer from not knowing their potential and talents. You may have numerous impressions from people that don’t describe who you really are. You are likely to be introspective.

Moon Intercepted - The Moon rules over Cancer, and it’s the planet we go to when we want to know our emotions and nurturing. With an interception, those with their Moon intercepted can struggle handling their emotions. They can feel like their emotions are locked away, and when it’s going wild, they can only sit and watch. Perhaps having your Moon intercepted means you’re stuck in the past, constantly to your past to be cared for.

Mercury Intercepted - Mercury rules over Gemini and Virgo, and it’s the planet we go to when we want to know our mind, our logic, and how we express our thoughts. With an interception, people with an intercepted Mercury can be misunderstood. It’s hard for them to clearly express their thoughts, and it’s difficult for many to understand their different, complex mindsets.

Venus Intercepted - Venus rules over Taurus and Libra, and it’s the planet we go to when we want to know what we love, and what we attract. When an interception, Venus intercepted natives can struggle to enjoy what they love around others. What attracts them can be different from others. Love can be an idea that doesn’t cross their mind, or an idea they can struggle to reach.

Mars Intercepted - Mars rules over Aries, and it’s the planet we look at when we want information on our energy, passions, and drive. With an interception, a Mars intercepted native could be scared of asserting themselves or it’s just difficult to do things. Anger and energy are items they can’t control, so they can express such things in an erratic way.

Jupiter Intercepted - Jupiter rules over Sagittarius, and it’s the planet we look at for luck, success, and beliefs. When this planet is intercepted, luck and success are things the native can be unaware of. Luck and success can come in weird ways. The native can struggle to really believe in something, and their morals can be quite nebulous and hard to form.

Saturn intercepted - Saturn rules over Capricorn, and it’s the planet we look to for what we are responsible and serious about. With Saturn intercepted, it can be hard for the native to be responsible and practical. Maybe they have random spurts of practicality. Natives with this interception can also be very harsh on themselves when they make mistakes.

Uranus Intercepted - Uranus rules over Aquarius, and it’s the planet we look to for what we want to change, and what we’re innovative in. It’s certainly hard for a person with a Uranus interception to truly fit in. They can struggle to find the right people to be with, due to their interesting and unique quirks. It can be hard to a Uranus intercepted native to bring their weird side out.

Neptune Intercepted - Neptune rules over Pisces, and it’s the planet we look to for spirituality and creativity. When Neptune is intercepted, it can be hard for a native to see personal boundaries. They struggle to find the boundaries of what’s respectful to themselves (and others!) and what’s real and what’s not. Perhaps they’re creative in ways people can’t understand.

Pluto Intercepted - Pluto rules over Scorpio, and it’s the planet we look at when we want to know what we’re secretly good, yet obsessive at. Those with a Pluto intercepted could feel powerless to the world around them. They don’t really know what to deeply seek for, and if they do, it’s hard for them to do so. Obsessions and secrets are usually repressed in this person.

the extinct species inside us keep asking for a name

the moon was stuck waning for a full year
before you found it in the bedroom.
like a dove with clipped wings. touched the hurt out,
listened to the tide start through my ribcage.

pulling the buttons out gently
said you could hear the mangroves sleeping
salt water finding open wounds
what the end felt like.

i asked to learn how you did it. the healing. the dusk at noon.
it couldn’t come in words — for important things there are none.
just a semaphore code we wrote together
in the dream we shared as children.

i was a sky that was just a reflection of the earth.
you were a lake where i went swimming in the summer.
too warm for physics, we slept naked on the shoreline.
this world exists for safe keeping

of the glass flowers inside us.
hiding behind the windshield from the deepness of night
short-lived shadows kissing after heat lightning:
this is the truth even if we forget.

“it’s coming soon.” you could tell by my heart rate.
as we falter on the cross
& get dumped at dolores,
i try to rebuild a modern life from scattered parts

these versions of us are known only to fossil record
i am small & lithe & nervous, protecting a dandelion
from the wind to leave in your notebook.
you’re laying in sawgrass, changing back & forth

between this form & the passerines
circling overhead. we wait for the sunburns
to sting enough to share blankets. for a second
stretched to a lifetime, it seemed like you might stay.

You know, one thing I love about Touhou is that there’s never “someone pulling the strings” who you know exists but don’t attempt to find and fight, for some reason. Oh, the one behind the raven turning into a sun god wasn’t actually the raven, but a goddess? Go look for the goddess, and even if you don’t find her, you’ll still find out what happened somehow. Oh, the reason that the high schooler had the power to attempt to destroy the barrier was a person from the moon? Go fight the person from the moon in stage 4 of the next game. Oh, the reason that the moon people was invading wasn’t actually a moon person at all? Go fight her. Oh, the moon people are still stuck in the dream world? Go fight the goddess of Hell who cheats almost as much as she talks. Oh, you didn’t find the person behind the barrier’s weakening in the Extra stage? Just have another entire extra stage. Just do it.

There’s never really an unknown character. Sure, someone who was pulling the strings might get off scot free sometimes, but you’ll always find out who did it eventually. I personally really enjoy that.

Based on “Stuck Behind the Moon” by @thebestpersonherelovesbucky

This is a prequel to THIS art.

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