moon stone

The Mega Stones of Sceptile, Blaziken, Swampert, Camerupt and Banette are now available via Code

The code is MATSUBUSA

To download it, go to Mystery Gift and choose via Code. In there, you would enter the code.

Notice: The code can be used in any Pokémon Sun & Moon version. No end date haven’t been mention yet.

The Wiccan’s Glossary

Moonstone is a stone of feminine energy and feminine matters. For example, it soothes the pains and stresses of pregnancy, menopause, and menstruation. It also prevents mood swings associated with PMS and balances oestrogen within a female body. Finally, it enhances female intuition.

This heavenly stone diffracts light giving it a luminous look; the Romans believed it to be solidified moonlight. It attracts lovers, peace, calmness, inner balance, pleasant dreams, and luck. When worn by a female, it is said to make her more fertile and likely to conceive. It can also be worn to attract your soulmate and instil passion in the wearer and the wearer’s target. 

According to lore, if you give your lover a moonstone necklace under the light of the full moon, there will always be passion between you.

Moonstone is a good stone for empaths of any gender as it protects and soothes sensitive emotions.

For magick, moonstone is used for bringing fertility, soothing emotions, bringing imbalanced relationships to a peaceful state, warding nightmares, cleansing auras, feeling and showing youth, and sea magick.

Elements - Water
Chakra - Brow
Zodiac - Cancer, Aquarius
Planets -  Moon


So! This is one of the bigger wastes of time I’ve been doing. I started watching Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon the live action series because Shannon spoke so highly of it and I was like “Hm what do I want to do that requires a small amount of focus but keeps my hands busy” so I started coloring Sailor Moon pages. It’s pretty fun and relaxing! I’ll probably do a few more as I continue watching PGSM, which is also pretty fun!


A small selection of my crystals :) I will be making a Youtube video about Crystal Magick soon :) I love crystals so much and I love the vibes they give off :) 

I use them when I meditate, do spells and rituals and even when I’m in the bath ;) 

Jaydenn x