moon sigil

Protection Sigils

For the 2016 Grimoire Challenge.

I got a bit carried away with this one, because I wanted to use three different alphabets. So I made three different protection sigils with first the English Alphabet, then the Moon Alphabet, and finally a sort of hybrid symbol/bindrune thing with the Eldar Futhark.

Protection from an Ex (Alphabet Sigil)

Moon Protection (Moon Sigil)

Protect My Secrets (Hybrid Bindrune)

Protect My Secrets (Variant, Hybrid Bindrune)

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Beauty Bath


  • Red rose petals.
  • Sea salt (bath soak).
  • Rose Quartz crystals.
  • Lavender buds or two drops of essential oil.
  • Rhodochrosite crystals, can be placed in or around the bath.
  • Pink and white candles (placed around the bath).

When in the bath, visualise a warm and loving soft pink light rising from all the flowers and being drawn from the candles and crystals, towards your aura. Bathe in this spiritual light and bask in its positivity in order to receive a confidence boost and add a romantic glamour to yourself. 


  • Self love or love sigils on the candles.
  • If your bath is near a window, bathe during the night and allow the moonlight to shine into the water in order to receive divine feminine energy.
  • Glitter (to add an extra punch to the the glamour, and *make sure it is body safe glitter).
  • Say affirmations such as “I am beautiful in mind, body and spirit” or “I now see myself in a beautiful light” - if possible say these as gazing into a mirror and kissing it before placing it away.

I made some sugar moons! With just some left over pie crust dough, egg whites, and sugar! It’s perfect for an offering or just a cute witchy snack!

First take some of your pie crust dough. I used premade because I’m a lazy witch.

Then once you have it rolled out and thin, use a crecent cookie cutter to get your shapes.

On a greased pan, lie them out and gently brush them with egg whites

Sprinkle on some white sugar and put them in the oven at 350°, checking them occasionally till done.

Feel free to add any blessings or somethin extra, I made some for an offering to Artemis!

With love ☆☆☆

new moon of may!

merry meet everyone! since it is a new moon tonight, i wanted to share some things i’d like to accomplish in this lunar cycle in order to better myself and my craft. 

meditation: iv’e never been big on meditation, ever. but this moon i’d like to change that. starting tonight, i am going to try to meditate for 15-20 minutes every night (finals are coming up so i don’t have much time, studying)

spells: i would like to branch out a bit more with my spells. i typically stick to sigils, potions, and spell jars but i have seen some amazing candle spells i want to try out.

body: i’m in the marching band at my school, so i will be outside everyday for hours in the hot sun. when we’re running sets, i often get lazy and slack. i want to push myself and max out every rep. also in the body category, many people go vegan for band camp to get healthier(dairy and meat can tend to make you feel very weighed down) and i’ve already been vegetarian my whole life so i would like to try to cut out a lot of dairy products this lunar cycle.  

mind: like i said, finals are coming up, and i feel so much pressure on me to do better. i want to cleanse my mind and think positively.

how about you? what are your goals this moon? i would love to hear them so we can motivate each other! feel free to message me if you want to talk or make a witchy friend! my ask box is also open along with submitting posts to this blog! blessed be!

Gift ideas for space and moon witches

-A telescope

-moon necklace 

-HUGE jars to be used for making moon water

-ceiling stars for their room

-Handmake a drawing of their favorite constellation

-Triple moon symbol altar cloth

-sun and moon tarot

-moon decal for their room

-anything galaxy

-Moon spells book

-Take them on a camping trip to lay under the full moon and look at the stars

-solar system model

-crescent moon dream catcher

-constellation mug

-solar system sugar cookies

-nasa shirt

-!!!!!!!!!!!!!! name a star after them !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-space wall calendar

-moon phase watch

-zodiac sign necklace 

-solar system bracelet

-astronomy book

-galaxy bath bomb

-anything with their zodiac sign

most of these items can be found with a simple google search, enjoy :)

A note to all witches:
  • Don’t bash witches who aren’t of the same path as you
  • Don’t bash witches who follow gods/goddesses/deities
  • Don’t bash witches who don’t gods/goddesses/deities
  • Don’t bash witches who don’t really have a specific path
  • Don’t bash witches who combine two paths together (ex: Hellenic Wicca)
  • Don’t bash witches who don’t preform curses,hexes etc.
  • Don’t bash witches who do preform curses, hexes etc.
  • Don’t bash witches who follow “dark” magick