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Here is a new sigil, I’ll do more! This one is based on an old design I did when I was younger, I just added a few things. It’s made to protect you or objects from threats, negative vibes or anything you need to be protected from. Enjoy, share and use it the way you want ♥

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For beginner witches ✨

Learn the phases of the moon and what each phase contributes for you. Also, search up “tonight’s moon phase” and it’ll tell you what moon is there that night and tell you when to expect other phases!

•full moon: love magick, charging, healing, banishing, cleansing, clarity
•Waxing gibbous: motivation, attraction, success, good health
•Dark/new moon: deconstructive magick, curses, banishing, soul searching, divination
•waning crescent: balance, success, attaining wisdom, atonement, illness
•last quarter: breaking bad habits, relinquishing, breaking curses, banishing
•waning gibbous: relinquishing, undoing bindings, cleansing, undoing curses •Waxing crescent: constructive magick, attraction, wealth/success, luck & friendship

Use this for magick and making moon water. To make moon water you simply put some water under the moon, it’s okay if it’s cloudy, and you only need to put it out for an hour or more. Store it in a dark space.

Sun water: for ego, dignity, power, pride, self confidence and leader ship
Just leave water under the sun and store in a light/open area.


Candles! : buy them from the dollar store , it’s much cheaper there. I have a few witchy shops in my city as well and candles can be 60 cents each! Here’s a post for candle colour correspondences:

What type of witch are you? : Here’s a master post and it’s HUGE on types of witches with a detailed description:

No material spells: Here’s a few one word spells to get you started! :

Secret witches master post:

Importance of salt in witchcraft:

How to cast a circle (many methods) :

Subtle Witch Tips - Last New Moon Before Samhain

The veil is ever thinner and Samhain is swiftly approaching. The last new moon before Samhain is a great opportunity to prepare yourself and your space for the upcoming holiday! As always, here are a few more subtle witchy tips for those who prefer to keep things quieter:

🌑 Take some white wine vinegar, water, and your favorite essential oil and clean off all your high-trafficked areas. While you might be killing germs, clean with the intention of removing all negativity from your space.

🌑 Sprinkle herbs for protection just outside your doors - basil and rosemary are both excellent for this purpose. 

🌑 Grab a glass jar and set some water out to soak up all that new moon energy. Use this in a space cleansing ritual before you begin your festivities for Samhain.

🌑 Find a tea light and carve a small sigil into it for banishing, or blocking unwanted influences or energies. Burn it while meditating on what you would rather invite into your life in its place.

🌑 Prune your plants. Help them to shed the dead and decaying while focusing on what you can also let go of.

🌑 Take a long, cleansing bath. The best place to start with when ridding your life of negativity is to give yourself a bit of self-care and reset your mental and emotional state.

Many blessings for the new moon!


Here is a new sigil for self confidence, this one is very important to me and I hope it’ll be useful for you! Remember you’re all unique and amazing and you can do anything you put your mind to! 

I’m sending you lots of love and positive vibes ♥

Please, don’t repost!

Protection Sigils

For the 2016 Grimoire Challenge.

I got a bit carried away with this one, because I wanted to use three different alphabets. So I made three different protection sigils with first the English Alphabet, then the Moon Alphabet, and finally a sort of hybrid symbol/bindrune thing with the Eldar Futhark.

Protection from an Ex (Alphabet Sigil)

Moon Protection (Moon Sigil)

Protect My Secrets (Hybrid Bindrune)

Protect My Secrets (Variant, Hybrid Bindrune)

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Witch Tips for Charity/Volunteer Work <3

For witches who are trying to make a difference in the world <3

  • Hide sigils on clothing/blankets for good luck, warmth, and anything else that you think might help
  • Bless soap you use for cleaning animals by doing a quick word spell for the soap will bless the animals
  • Instead of using yourself/your name in a money spell, use the name of a charity to help it raise money 
  • When making food, use herbs/spices for good luck or any other intent you think may help. Food magic <3
  • Charge water with good and healing intent. Charge bottles of water with lunar or sun energies. 
  • Put healing sigils on carries you catch/transport stray animals in to help them heal quickly. 
  • Perform spells on items before you donate them! Spells for warmth or safety on clothes, spells for good health on food, spells to bring joy to toys you donate.You can do whatever kind of spell you want that’ll help!

I encourage you to add to this list!!

A note to all witches:
  • Don’t bash witches who aren’t of the same path as you
  • Don’t bash witches who follow gods/goddesses/deities
  • Don’t bash witches who don’t gods/goddesses/deities
  • Don’t bash witches who don’t really have a specific path
  • Don’t bash witches who combine two paths together (ex: Hellenic Wicca)
  • Don’t bash witches who don’t preform curses,hexes etc.
  • Don’t bash witches who do preform curses, hexes etc.
  • Don’t bash witches who follow “dark” magick
Anti-Stress Spell Charm

With school going at full speed and the full moon approaching, I figured I should share this spell I wrote a few months ago. I know that I get really sick and can’t function when I become super stressed, so this is to help prevent that.

*Note* Please be smart, if you are really in over your head, please get help and do not simply rely on this spell to get you through. Magic is not a substitute for any serious illnesses, and should be used in addition to other help.


  • Charm, shell, stone or other small object to enchant
  • Storm or rain water (protection and emotions)
  • Marker, pen, or something else to write with that washes off in water
  • Sigil to protect yourself from stress (I put the one I used below if you don’t have one)
  • Bowl


This is best done on the night of a full moon, but you can alter it to be during any other phase if you wish

What to do:

  • Put the water in the bowl and charge it under the moon. Focus on the protective and emotional qualities of the water and the moon making it stronger.
  • Write a protection sigil on your charm and let the moonlight touch it.
  • Put the charm in the water and watch as the sigil fades. Focus on the charm absorbing the protective qualities of the water and the moonlight.
  • Say words if you feel like it. Something like “By the light of the moon and power of storms contained in this water, this charm protects me from stress and negative emotions.” will probably work, change up the words if you’d like to make it work best for you.
  • Let it charge in the water under the moon overnight.
  • Keep the charm on you when you want to be protected from stress or other negative emotions. Charge it again using the same method when you feel it needs a boost.


“Protection against stress”

Gift ideas for space and moon witches

-A telescope

-moon necklace 

-HUGE jars to be used for making moon water

-ceiling stars for their room

-Handmake a drawing of their favorite constellation

-Triple moon symbol altar cloth

-sun and moon tarot

-moon decal for their room

-anything galaxy

-Moon spells book

-Take them on a camping trip to lay under the full moon and look at the stars

-solar system model

-crescent moon dream catcher

-constellation mug

-solar system sugar cookies

-nasa shirt

-!!!!!!!!!!!!!! name a star after them !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-space wall calendar

-moon phase watch

-zodiac sign necklace 

-solar system bracelet

-astronomy book

-galaxy bath bomb

-anything with their zodiac sign

most of these items can be found with a simple google search, enjoy :)

Beauty Bath


  • Red rose petals.
  • Sea salt (bath soak).
  • Rose Quartz crystals.
  • Lavender buds or two drops of essential oil.
  • Rhodochrosite crystals, can be placed in or around the bath.
  • Pink and white candles (placed around the bath).

When in the bath, visualise a warm and loving soft pink light rising from all the flowers and being drawn from the candles and crystals, towards your aura. Bathe in this spiritual light and bask in its positivity in order to receive a confidence boost and add a romantic glamour to yourself. 


  • Self love or love sigils on the candles.
  • If your bath is near a window, bathe during the night and allow the moonlight to shine into the water in order to receive divine feminine energy.
  • Glitter (to add an extra punch to the the glamour, and *make sure it is body safe glitter).
  • Say affirmations such as “I am beautiful in mind, body and spirit” or “I now see myself in a beautiful light” - if possible say these as gazing into a mirror and kissing it before placing it away.

I made some sugar moons! With just some left over pie crust dough, egg whites, and sugar! It’s perfect for an offering or just a cute witchy snack!

First take some of your pie crust dough. I used premade because I’m a lazy witch.

Then once you have it rolled out and thin, use a crecent cookie cutter to get your shapes.

On a greased pan, lie them out and gently brush them with egg whites

Sprinkle on some white sugar and put them in the oven at 350°, checking them occasionally till done.

Feel free to add any blessings or somethin extra, I made some for an offering to Artemis!

With love ☆☆☆