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dumpster fire song

didn’t see any blues / but sure as hell felt them / right here in the center of my chest / and in my empty gut / my intestines were dancing /

i felt like puking all over the pavement / but kept it in / didn’t want my shoes to get caught in it all / felt like at least my sneakers had to stay clean

broken bottles and weight / no dream fulfillment here / just raspy voices, tired hearts / stolen cars and lost momentum / jaded poets welcome me with open arms / i fit right in / chaos song brushes past my ears /

the scene ends / with some firemen putting out the flames / but we all know / the moon’s set to collide with us / and all our hearts are broken anyway

Pokémon Moon, Episode 17: In Which I Explore The Disreputable Side Of Reality

At the end of the Vast Poni Canyon, the sheer walls open out into an enormous crater, with a stone spire at its centre and a magnificent – albeit ancient and crumbling – staircase leading up to our goal, the Altar of the Moone.  The sun is setting when we arrive, and Hapu and her Mudsdale are already at the base of the grand staircase waiting for us… somehow.
“If you knew a faster way through the canyon, why didn’t you show us?” I complain as we walk up to her.  “This is sort of important.”  I pause for thought.  “Well, to them, anyway,” I add, jerking my head at Lillie and B.
“And deny you the opportunity to face your final trial?” Hapu asks.  “Our history tells us that the Vast Poni Canyon trial was the very first ever to be held… and you did a fine job clearing it, just as expected, Chris!”
“Only ‘fine’?” I respond, to a chuckle from Hapu and eye rolls from B and Lillie.
“Look at the three of you…” Hapu says, contemplatively.  “I think this might just work out… No, I am quite sure of it!”

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