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Solar System: Things To Know This Week

Weather permitting, you can observe the Moon most nights, unless it’s a new moon, when the lighted side of the Moon faces away from Earth. The Moon is by far the brightest object in the night sky and there’s plenty to see. But this week is special…

…October 28 is International Observe the Moon Night (also known as InOMN).

Here’s all you need to know to join in and celebrate:

1. One Planet. One Moon. One Night.

Everyone on Earth is invited to join the celebration by hosting or attending an InOMN event and uniting on one day each year to look at and learn about the Moon together.

2. What’s Up?

October’s night skies are full of sights, from the first quarter Moon on InOMN to Saturn making a cameo appearance above the Moon October 23 and 24. Watch our What’s Up video for details.

3. Be Social

Hundreds of events are planned around the globe. Click the top link on this page for a handy map. You can also register your own event.

4. Don’t Just Stand There

Here are some activities for enhanced Moon watching.

5. Impress Your Friends with Moon Knowledge

Download InOMN flyers and handouts, Moon maps and even some pre-made presentations. There’s even a certificate to mark your participation.

6. Guide to the Face of the Moon

Almost dead center on the Earth-facing side of the Moon is the Surveyor 6 robotic spacecraft impact side. Apollo 12 and 14 are a bit to the left. And Apollo 11 - the first steps on the moon - are to the right. This retro graphic tells the whole story.

7. Moon Shots

NASA photographers have done some exceptional work capturing views of the Moon from Earth. Here are a few galleries:

8. Walking on the Moon

Twelve human beings walked on the face of the Moon. Here are some of the best shots from the Apollo program.

9. Moon Watch

Our Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter is up there right now, mapping the moon and capturing some spectacular high-resolution shots.

10. Keep Exploring

Make our Moon portal your base for further lunar exploration.

Check out the full version of ‘Ten Things to Know This Week’ HERE.

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Via David Peterson

once called a dreamer,
now you’re pushed to the ground
they run from you as you spill emotions 
they watch as you drown in your own
out-of-touch reality
they laugh in your face and tattoo “VICTIM” on your forehead
you are the one they belittle 

So cast them out with your trident
remind them that kindness can mask a fury
strike them down as they raise their voice
refuse to heal them with your tears
be their siren, seduce them towards your rocky heart
show them the passion they lust for,
then devour them whole with a silky smile 

You can be ferocious,
and heinous, and powerful
you can carry them storm inside your spirit 
you can pour your feelings out in a flood
Pisces, you are not weak
and watch them as they choke
on the downpour called your love

—  a Pisces’s proclamation // hnl 2017 

i just read a really good book you guys should check it out if you like

  • hard science fiction
  • political intrigue
  • space stuff
  • alternate history
  • cool female protagonists
  • cool black protagonists
  • spending 10 hours trying to get modded Kerbal Space Program to run properly

It’s called Voyage by Stephen Baxter. The idea behind it is that JFK didn’t get shot, so he becomes a sort of rallying cheerleader for NASA. His influence shifts it from being a more scientific organization to a more “flag and footprints” organization of heroes and obsessive single-minded goals. The end result is that by 1985 we have the first manned mission to mars, but because funds are poured into that instead of the Space Shuttle, Satellite Development, and Unmanned probes, we end up actually knowing LESS about the solar system as a whole, and telecommunications technology ends up stagnating.

The book goes into immense detail discussing the politics, bureaucracy, and technical skill required to actually build a fucking rocket to mars. While that may sound boring at first, I assure you that some parts (especially when they try to fly a NUCLEAR POWERED ROCKET TO THE MOON) are absolutely nail biting.

but ye, u guys should check it out fam