moon power zine

A few of the ideas I’ve had.
Top left- Based on the early character designs of the scouts for the comic.
Top right - Eternal sailor moon and the main scouts. Originally was going to include all, but due to the size, decided to eliminate the others from the layout.
Bottom left- All of the characters bothering Amy who is texting Greg.
Bottom right- solo eternal.

Had two other concepts I had thought of and even worked on, but wasn’t feeling it. They would have meant the characters would have been way to small.

Leaning to the top two, but probably the top right.

Also a few other things to come.

Stay tuned!



Been working on a few things the past two days.

The first is for my portfolio. Need to work on a few more of these. Have some cute monster orphans to, but I want to finish all three before I post. Acrylic paints on acrilico paper.

Coming closer to a final for the sailor moon zine. I whittled down my ideas to just these two. I like the serious one, but the other is more playful. I’ll sleep on it and decide later. Any thoughts are welcome.

Regardless of which i choose, the final will be in watercolour.

Stay tuned, more to come.