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See this adorable dork of a man? His name is Molayne! Looks like a humanized Wheatley, right? I can honestly say he kind of has the hair I gave mine, and that’s difficult.

Looks not enough for ya? What’s is profession? He’s got Bill’s job, in that he’s in charge of the PC system in the Alola region. He’s an engineer.

Still not enough? Lets look at his Pokemon then, shall we? Because Molayne, here, specializes in Steel type Pokemon. And guess what’s in his battle party.


anonymous asked:

What would you consider to be the easiest way to get into vintage pulp stories? Are the magazines available in reprintings or collected volumes or something like that?

You are absolutely in luck, because in the past three years, it’s become incredibly easy to start reading old pulp stories because of kindle readers. Because publishing for e-readers is a gold rush now and it has very little overhead and zero per-unit cost, publishers are, for the first time, dipping into their back catalogs and even going into public domain materials. Seriously, the past few years are the best time in history to ever be a fan of old pulp fiction. It’s easier to get more old pulp stuff now than even in the 1920s-1950s.

The key thing to remember is this: don’t be afraid of exploring alternate formats. Leigh Brackett’s People of the Talisman is exactly the same, has exactly the same entertainment value, if you buy a vintage pulp magazine at $70 off ebay, than if you buy a $1 ebook or a 50 cent paperback from the 1970s! Remember that lot of pulp scifi was reissued in the 1960s-1980s during the paperback boom, so it’s not unusual to find it in paperback formats, and the thing about paperbacks is, there’s such a glut of them that used booksellers usually clear them off for under a dollar. Pay attention to the following old paperback publishers, because they specialize in reprints: Ace Books, Lancer, DAW (who had the best covers, maybe in paperback history) and Del Rey.

If you want to try kindle or ebooks, the best place to start would be collections of a single author or a single theme, what they call megapacks. It’s not unusual to see them selling for 99 cents or less on Amazon. The covers look very Mickey Mouse, with poser art that make them all seem vaguely like porno or fetish art, but most of the stories are pure gold. It’s possible to buy in bulk. 

If you want to read old pulp scifi, a lot of public domain materials are easily available. It’s possible to buy all 16 John Carter of Mars novels in one go for less than $5 for an e-reader, as is Ray Cummings’ Girl in the Gold Atom, the collected works of Stanley G. Weinbaum, including his best novel, the romance about immortals, The Black Flame. Hell, even Edmond Hamilton’s Captain Future is available in ebook form…where else can you get four novels in one?

If you want to roll the dice, there are even theme packs, with titles like “Golden Age Science Fiction Megapack,” but since most of them cost $1, you’re not gambling much, and they often contain pure gold. Since it’s ridiculously easy to get reprint rights, the ratio of hit to miss is higher than you’d think. 

If you want pulp horror-fantasy, try the ebooks for C.L. Moore’s Jirel of Joiry, about an amazon warrior lady in the middle ages - nearly everything by Moore is available in ebook form for peanuts. There is a great megapack for the oddly named Nictzin Dyalhis, containing everything he ever wrote in Weird Tales. And best of all, the entire life’s work of Abraham Merritt, who is surprisingly readable, including Dwellers in the Mirage, about a legendary world of squid-worshippers hidden behind an illusion, and the Moon Pool, about a portal on a lost island to a weird supernatural world. 

If you want lost-world adventure, Dian of Lost Land, about stone age men riding giant birds in Antarctica, is great, as is Thyra, Romance of the Polar Pit, about a lost kingdom of Vikings discovered by airship explorers. 

But here’s a quick piece of advice if you want to buy public domain e-books. You could save yourself a bit of time by searching for them on Project Gutenberg Australia, where you can get e-books for free. Project Gutenberg makes public domain materials available, but here’s an interesting quirk about copyright law: in the US and Europe, it’s been Life of the Author + 70 years, but in Australia, it’s life + 50. So you will always find more materials on Project Gutenberg Australia. (This is yet another indication of how copyright is totally unworkable in its present form in the internet age, but that’s a discussion for another time.)

What AI should you fight??

GLaDOS (Portal): she’s super mean to like everyone so you’ll probably want to but I’d advise against it. she has neurotoxin, gun-robots, and more science than you could ever hope to do in your little human life on her side so the odds aren’t great. (if you want to try, give paradoxes a go, she’s not a fan of those.)

Whealey (Portal): absolutely. The little bastard’ll charm you with his cute British accent then turn around and try to kill you after taking over the facility but without the mashy spike plates and incinerators, you could probably take him, especially on the moon.

Auto (WALL-E): mmmmaybe? I mean he’s kind of a stickler for protocol so you might be able to beat him by fighting dirty. plus he was kind of beaten by a dude who hadn’t ever actually walked on his own so like

SHODAN (System Shock): Like GLaDOS, you’ll probably want to fight her because she’s totally condescending and has even MORE of a god complex (pretty much literally in this case) but again you probably shouldn’t because she might end up using you for her bioengineering experiments. ouch.

HAL 9000 (Space Odyssey): what the fuck is wrong with you? don’t fight Hal, the poor guy was given contradicting orders and literally lost his mind because of it. leave poor Hal alone.

TARS (Interstellar): Hell yeah go right ahead. I don’t know if you’ll win I mean he was a military robot but he’s smug af so why not try to take him down a notch? (If you lose he’ll probably say something gratingly snarky though so if you don’t want to risk the extreme annoyance just forgo it man)

Gerty (Moon): Gerty’s actually a nice guy and he only wants to help. so unless you like punching robots that only want to help you out (???why would you??) don’t fight Gerty.

CASE (Interstellar): nah man CASE is chill. he’s not as snarky as his twin and would probably attest to how obnoxious TARS can probably get.

AM (I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream): oh my god. don’t fight AM. don’t even try. You will not survive. Actually scratch that, you’ll survive all right; he’ll make sure of it. AM will keep you alive for hundreds of years and subject you to the most horrifying tortures imaginable, only to bring you back from the verge of death and then laugh in your face about how you fucked up and tell you how much he hates you. the guy went from “Allied Mastercomputer” to “Adaptive Manipulator” to “Aggressive Menace.” that’s three consecutively worse name changes. DO NOT fuck with AM.

Dimensional scissors

After watching the Season2 finale of Star vs the forces of evil my hart literally stopped and I’ve been rewatching the other scenes for a few time (though not enough for analyzation). So here’s what I came up with, SOMEWHAT SPOILER ALERT.

People are saying that Marco has dimensional scissors and can just go swoop it up and follow Star to get an explaination as to what is happening, true he can and would probably do that BUT let’s all remember who is like the controller and enforcer of those scissors, of course non other than Hekapoo.

After their fight with Toffee we see Hekapoo and the council… well… get obliterated… and as of now Hekapoo is the only known person to forge dimensional scissors and she is also the only known person to enforce these pathways.

Now to why I’m saying this, what if the first thing that Marco actually does is grab his scissors to try and talk to Star but once he tries to cut a gate open he just snips at nothing?

Now some of you might point out that Moon opened a portal while they were fighting with Toffee and yes she does but as I see Hekapoo was still fine up until the point where Toffee again, obliterated them. After all she was the last one Moon pulled to the portal and who is to say Moon can’t open up a portal on her own? She’s a queen, and from what we can remember from the episode where Star tried to rescue Glossaryk she was able to put her hand through her all seeing spell as if it was a portal. Who’s to say Moon can’t do that and quite possibly perfect it?

I think that since Hekapoo is technically gone no one will manage the scissors people own and thus portals wouldn’t be opened by using them but by other means. (I.e dimensional chainsaw, Tom’s own portals, etc.)

This is just a theory but think about it, it wouldn’t be too much of a hype if Marco just plain out talk to Star without any difficulty and although I would love love love that I don’t think the staff would make it that easy for all of us. Anyway these are just my thoughts, feel free to comment and reblog.