moon pendent

The Little Gifts

I like to imagine that once the Night Court Squad + the Archeron sisters have defeated Hybern (and Tamlin is hopefully dead tho that doesn’t have anything to do with this) and all is Good and Well; the Archeron sisters, or at least Nesta, settle down in Velaris with Feyre.

And obv Feyre is super happy cause she’s got her friends, her Mate, her sister(s) all safe and sound. But like after a while she begins to notice something a little odd.

It’s seems like for every little festival or holiday, or sometimes just on a random day, Nesta buys Feyre some little gift or thing that she’s been wanting.

Once it was a dainty silver necklace with a crescent moon shaped obsidian stone pendent that Feyre had been admiring for more than a few moments; another time it was a few paints that Feyre had been telling Rhys that she was out of but was too lazy to go down to town to buy them.

How Nesta beat Rhys to that was beyond Feyre (Nesta threatened to kick him in the nuts with the full force of her Fae powers if he didn’t let her buy the paints; Rhys had heard how deadly she was from Cassian and didn’t want to risk it).

So finally Feyre confronts Nesta about this cause gift giving seems like a very un-Nesta thing to do. At first Nesta acts all prickly and standoff-ish, but then she finally breaks down that wall of ice and explains that the gifts are her way of trying to repay Feyre for all those years she spent feeding and clothing and running their family.

Nesta explains that she knows that the gifts don’t mean much since Feyre is literally the High Lady of the Night Court, but hey Nesta has an eternity to try and make up for those long years right? So until she can think of a better way to repay Feyre, she will continue getting Feyre little gifts.

And Feyre in turn, although she can probably just get that stuff for free because the people of Velaris are actual angels, she truly appreciates every little gift that she receives from Nesta, not because she wants Nesta’s payment, but because it reminds her that people show their love in different ways, and reminds her that even though Nesta was not the best at expressing her feelings, she cares so much about Feyre.

The little gifts, the pair of gold earrings, a diamond brooch, an old novel; these are the things that remind Feyre that she is loved, that people love her, and most of all her sister loves her.

Finally after all her years of giving and feeling like she wasn’t giving enough, Feyre is receiving and realizing that she did give enough, she’s realizing that SHE is enough.