moon nectar

The Signs As Cardfight!! Vanguard Clans

Aries- Kagero
Taurus- Neo Nectar
Gemini- Megacolony
Cancer- Angel Feathers
Leo- Royal Paladins
Virgo- Pale Moon
Libra- Bermuda Triangles
Scorpio- Link Joker
Sagittarius- Tachikaze
Capricorn- Dimension Police
Aquarius- Aqua Force
Pisces- Great Nature



  • Citrine
  • Nectar
  • Taeiler Moon
  • Guard Taeil
  • Moon Night
  • Stay With Taeil
  • Honey Moon
  • Love Letter
  • Slow Step
  • Kiss Day
  • Valentae
  • Singin In The Moon
  • Fly Me To The Moon


  • Seraph (resting/twitter acc is private)
  • Billy J
  • First Love
  • Daylight
  • Mellow Motion
  • My Peace Boy
  • IsTnuna


  • From Crescent
  • Can’t Stop Loving
  • Hug Me
  • Luster Spark
  • YOUtopia
  • Yellow2
  • Passione
  • Mellow Crush
  • Catch Yu Up (closed)
  • Starry Night  
  • Milk Time
  • Yutasama
  • YU MIRU  
  • BaiduYUTABar
  • Smile Kiss Yu  


  • Unphysical
  • After Glow
  • JOHNNY37℃ (opening soon)
  • Devilishly Charming
  • JohnnySeoSmile
  • Red Jasper
  • Clawsome;S
  • Mon Ange Pays
  • Ruler of the Golden Bow
  • Rapid Star
  • AquariusNuna  


  • Lumosty
  • Espressivo
  • Comienzo
  • Switch On!
  • Hot Place
  • Insanity
  • TerritorY
  • Almighty
  • Danke
  • PrinceTae
  • MintaBoy
  • Peachyunn
  • Blue Moon
  • Splendor
  • Taeyongade71
  • Red Black Rose
  • Lee Taeyong Bar
  • TaeBear
  • T.aeyong TIME
  • Baekrouuuu
  • Fatal Attraction
  • All About TAEYONG
  • TY Project
  • Diamond Dust
  • Moment of Happiness
  • Cosmic Beat (resting)
  • Eternal Sunshine
  • MinTaeyong (weibo)
  • Dreamlike Boy
  • Blank Space
  • Night Ocean
  • Visual Balance
  • Dark N Twisted
  • ClubVanilla
  • Maven


  • Honey Bunny
  • Hidden
  • Vanila Ice
  • Melody Boy
  • Ice Cream
  • Paper Plane
  • Herr Kissen
  • Blue Rain
  • MickeYoung
  • Patrick Star
  • Spot Light
  • Hidden Love
  • The Sirens
  • DoYoung Bar
  • NEO
  • Cream Cheese
  • World Best Cheese
  • Heart Knot
  • Rabbit in the Moon
  • Oh My Carrot
  • The Capital N


  • MAYB
  • Aquarius Aboy
  • Innocent Code
  • Love Recipe
  • Peaches and Cream
  • Milky White Boy
  • Love Film
  • Like You
  • Silent Carnival
  • Monopolize
  • Jolly Jaehyun
  • Snapshot
  • Deep Into You
  • 214Percent
  • Baby Valentine!
  • Happy Valentine
  • Rosarium (resting)
  • Mint Candy
  • Off Beat Boy
  • 8DAYS
  • Le Grand Bleu
  • Dear J
  • From Your Valentine
  • Be My Valentine
  • Hello Jaehyun
  • Represento
  • Make You Feel My Love
  • Mr. Jeong
  • Gaze At
  • Herb
  • Moon Light
  • Jupiter
  • JAEHYUNique
  • Jaehyun214
  • Valentines Day
  • White Choco
  • Jaehyun Bar
  • Lovely Jaehyun
  • My White Star
  • Metronome
  • Chocolaté
  • Peachtree
  • Winter From You
  • Love Addiction
  • Pon de Replay!
  • Choose Love
  • Enfant Du Soleil
  • LaSaintValentin
  • One Sweet Day
  • Flowery0214
  • Moonlight Boy
  • Lavender Boy
  • Hyunduckoo


  • ForTen
  • Sentimental Fly
  • Attention
  • 10ofTEN
  • inTENtion
  • BabyTen0227
  • FlyHigh! Ten
  • TEN_Able
  • Eleven
  • 10:10
  • Little Kitty
  • Hi My Light
  • Pure Devil
  • The Wild Swan
  • Killer Ten
  • Blow A Kiss
  • Teni Day
  • One Day, Dream
  • 1-Tenth
  • Lucky Ten
  • TendTEN (resting)
  • TEN10
  • 10Points
  • White February
  • Sunny Ten
  • Ten Bar
  • Ruffle UP
  • TEN04
  • SweeTen1996
  • Touch Down!
  • TENNIE960227
  • Amor Fati
  • Tentazione
  • Semper Liber
  • Thousand And One Nights
  • Little Kitty
  • KISMETen
  • Tenchunny
  • Tensunee


  • Win The Rose
  • Clutch Hitter
  • Arms Open Wide
  • Winniwin
  • ToWIN
  • Mr. Win1028
  • Matinal Moon
  • Alpha Scorpii


  • Sweet Honey
  • Be With Kun
  • QianKunBar


  • Mark In My Heart
  • Markus
  • Mignon
  • Mint Nut
  • My Space
  • On The Rhythm
  • IndelibleMark
  • Oh My Eternal Love
  • Hit The Mark
  • Royal Mark
  • BEBE
  • Between
  • M-mine
  • Regulus Mark
  • My Principe Mark
  • Mark Lee Bar
  • The Boy Nextdoor
  • MMM


  • 제노야 누나야

Jisung: -


  • Be My Jaemin
  • My Mind


  • Be My Light


  • No Name NCT
  • NCT Future
  • Mysticism
  • Weather NCT
  • D.N.A
  • Love Pick Chu
  • No Exit
  • Energy199X
  • Baidu NCT BAR
  • Out of Breath
  • Focus On You
  • Cherry Blossoms
  • Master Pieces - TYT
  • 960201_940614
  • feb_breeze
  • Eternal Valentine
  • Moon and Win
  • Rock Steady
  • N’ Times
  • momo


  • Drop The Beats (TenxMark)
  • JilLight (DoyoungxTaeyong)
  • Attraction J (JaehyunxJohnny)
  • Double Talent (YutaxTen)
  • Gelato-SungNo (JisungxJeno)
  • My Pinoccio (HansolxTaeyong)
  • Just Another Boy (TaeyongxTen)
  • BEAR’n BAE (JohnnyxTaeyong)
  • Cosmos Midnight (JaehyunxTaeyong)
  • AAAMJ (MarkxJeno)
  • S.Soulmate (DoyoungxJaehyun)
  • Low Clouds (TenxJaehyun)
  • Bittersweet (TenxJaehyun)

Captures & GIFs:

  • SR_realred
  • CHERISH (Ten focus)
  • 19971028
  • POPing Berry
  • DayTimeMooNCT

x all are linked to their twitter accounts. 

x most fansites are currently active, some are inactive, some are resting and some are closed. I included them anyway because they still have hq photos and previews in their accounts that I thought, you would want to see. 

x if the fansites have too many rts on their tl, check their media for the hq photos and previews or maybe their sites (weibo/tistory/domain).

the-lonely-dm  asked:

I'm really enjoying your blog, one of my player characters wants to cultivate some flowers or plants that only bloom at night or during a full moon. She'd like a few of them to be bioluminescent and I thought I'd ask to see if you had any ideas I could use?

Thank you! A few come to mind, I hope you like the ideas!

-A plant, similar to snake-grass in appearance but a slightly iridescent blue. It produces a single flower during the full moon. The nectar of the flower, if carefully prepared, can be made into Midnight Tears (a type of poison in the 5e DMG that always takes effect at midnight)

-A species of willow that never grows larger than a bonsai’s size, and glows an eerie shade of purple at night. 

-A type of bromeliad that opens at night. Because it collects water like bromeliad tend to do, it reflects the night sky remarkably well. Some mages even say that they can be used to replace a scrying mirror. They’re also a favorite plant of several rare species of frog.

-A mangrove with tangled, web-like roots. It grows up and across things and needs lots of water and space to be grown properly. It doesn’t look like anything more than a complicated lattice of grey, wood, roots during the day, but it opens out its beautiful leaves at night- which can be red or green in color. (Weirdly enough, actual mangroves can be red)

-While the vine itself is unexceptional, an odd fungus grows over it in a lace-like patttern. The two have a symbiotic relationship, and neither can grow without the other. The fungus has a strong bio-luminescence, making the vine appear as though it’s covered in thin cracks of light.

-A coiled fern that forms a tight ball during the day, but unfolds into a magnificent fan at night. It’s nearly translucent, and while individual plants are difficult to transplant and care for, they grow way better in large groups.

-A dull, purple echeveria that glitters like a diamond under the full moon, and its leaves expand to an almost aloe-like structure. While in this state, its sap is a glittering silver that can be used to close and heal minor wounds.

Thinnest skin
Tear it back
Count the stars
Swimming in
An oil slick black
Sky, dizzy, drunken,
Dancing through the
Milky Way while
Faeries wing through
Moon flowers drinking
Nectar from cupped
Palms, clasped together.

cancers can become so consumed with saving the world they forget to take care of themselves. and the cancer’s internal world can be quite delicate and requiring of much care and consideration. they are resistant to the hysteria of the crowd. and they often envelope themselves in their own little universe to hideaway from the noise and chaos. the cancer’s vision can be clouded, but the mist tastes of glossy milky moon nectar and dreamy vapor