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How exactly does unicorn magic function? Is it held in a reserviour in your body that depletes and then refills itself, or is it another form of physical stamina, etc.?

Just like any action, using magic requires energy, which comes from your body’s energy stores. Even just the thinking and concentrating involved of course requires energy.

However, it’s not just a matter of energy in equaling energy out. The work required to move the moon would take far more energy than your body could generate (equivalent to septillions of sandwiches worth).

Part of the energy, beyond that required by your brain to think and concentrate, does come from your body, but you also tap into the ambient magic around you, what the ancient unicorns called Textus Arcanum, the Hidden Fabric. In a sense your own power acts as a catalyst, though not only as a catalyst.

The more power you have, the more of the ambient magic you can tap into, so your spell casting ability is limited by your own energy level, and it’s important to get plenty of food and rest. Habitual magic users do end up eating a lot, particularly alicorns who often use far more demanding spells.

Some think it’s funny that Celestia eats so much cake, or that I eat so many hayburgers, and while it might seem excessive to the average pony, really it is necessary. Not cake and hayburgers specifically of course, but energy rich food.


Rei, Phobos, and Deimos: post 2500.

Signs NOT likely to make the first move

Gemini - their flirty attitude is a part of their personality, but when they do like someone they can be very unsure of what to do, what to feel and all in all afraid to fall in love and commit, not only because of the possibility of boredom in the relationship but their own freedom

Virgo - they are never sure if someone likes them back so they would wait forever for the other person to show(in a very obvious way) that they like them. But no, they will act like a friend even if they are head over heels for you.

Scorpio - although described as very persuasive, they are scared of feelings and would never admit them untill you have their full trust. They are scared to be in love because of their fear of betrayal and aren’t likely to tell you they like you,

Capricorn - very restricted in a lot of areas in their life including love, so if they think you won’t be worth it for the long term they probably won’t initiate anything. 

Aquarius- just like the other air signs they can be flirtacious, but in a charming and not romantic way( you could call it being kind and friendly). if they like you, they could make it obvious but don’t expect a date soon because they might have changed their mind

Look at Venus and Mars signs (maybe Moon).

Reasons why Team Skull are your friends:

  • Interact with the community to the point where they know everyone in a city by face.
  • Introduced themselves to you as soon as you left city hall since they noticed you’re new in town.
  • Asked for your Ash-Greninja, probably to share it with people who don’t have the demo.
  • Don’t actually take your Pokemon immediately like the Catching Contest jerk.
  • Challenge you to a Pokemon battle instead of a rap battle which they would clearly win easily.
  • Excessive posing is actually just them teaching you how to use Z-Moves.
  • They introduce you to their big sister, Plumeria, who compliments your strength.
  • She lets you test your Z-Move on her Pokemon and then tells you that you’re an amazing trainer.

Team Skull did nothing wrong.

Femslash February, day 20: Longing.

I figure Haruka and Michiru must have had periods when they had to be far apart due to circumstances. Long distance relationships are hard, especially when you don’t know when exactly you can see each other again.

wanted to doodle a lil thing so i doodled away
should probably add more frames and color and stuff but I’ll do that at some other point in time lol

There’s a head canon going around that the MC is always smiling like that because they don’t understand english. I love the idea of Moon just making it through the whole game without anyone finding out that she only understands japanese.

I think I made this in like half an hour. I can’t stop making SM comics. It’s time to stop.