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A total solar eclipse will cross the U.S. on August 21

  • On Monday, Aug. 21, a rare total solar eclipse will take place in an event NASA dubbed the Eclipse Across America.
  • This special eclipse will be visible in the daytime across North America from Salem, Oregon, to Charleston, South Carolina.
  • An eclipse iswhat happens when “one heavenly body, such as a moon or planet, moves into the shadow of another heavenly body.”
  • While big cities like New York and Chicago will get a glimpse of the partial eclipse, the total eclipse will only be viewable in cities and towns along a diagonal slash from the West Coast through St. Louis and down to South Carolina. Read more (7/19/17)

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Earthshine reflecting of the Moon. Photo taken in Longjing Township,Taichung County,Taiwan on 13 September 2010, 18:39 (UTC+8) by 阿爾特斯.At that time the moon was moving nearby Libra. 中文(繁體)‎: 地照反射月球,這張照片拍攝於2010年9月13日18:39分的台灣台中縣龍井鄉地區,當時月球正運行在天秤座附近。


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↳ fell in love (at first sight) → became friends → dated → got engaged → got married → became parents

Adagio Style (based off of ballet)

This Oricorio has sipped pearl-coloured nectar. Its gentle and graceful dance seems harmless, yet is able to send many enemies away.

It is able to dodge an enemy’s moves with ease, all the while staying stable on its toes. Its wings sparkles alluringly, distracting its foe as it strikes.

Brace Style (based off of electro swing)

This Oricorio has sipped silver nectar. Its fast movements and catchy tempo makes bystanders want to join it on the dance floor.

Each time its feet strikes the floor in its dance, its feathers slowly becomes hard as steel. This helps give more power and strength to its moves.

Signs NOT likely to make the first move

Gemini - their flirty attitude is a part of their personality, but when they do like someone they can be very unsure of what to do, what to feel and all in all afraid to fall in love and commit, not only because of the possibility of boredom in the relationship but their own freedom

Virgo - they are never sure if someone likes them back so they would wait forever for the other person to show(in a very obvious way) that they like them. But no, they will act like a friend even if they are head over heels for you.

Scorpio - although described as very persuasive, they are scared of feelings and would never admit them untill you have their full trust. They are scared to be in love because of their fear of betrayal and aren’t likely to tell you they like you,

Capricorn - very restricted in a lot of areas in their life including love, so if they think you won’t be worth it for the long term they probably won’t initiate anything. 

Aquarius- just like the other air signs they can be flirtacious, but in a charming and not romantic way( you could call it being kind and friendly). if they like you, they could make it obvious but don’t expect a date soon because they might have changed their mind

Look at Venus and Mars signs (maybe Moon).