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If you had to fight Roberta to the death who would win?

The Question Has Been Ask’d Many A Time But Now That I’ve Gathered My Strength And Disciples For Many Moons I Can Finally Begin My Crusade Against The Green Girl

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Do you ever find it hard combining a norse world view with most witchcraft information? The correspondences seem off, like the moon is always a goddess, intuition, etc. Any resource tips?

I don’t actually! I’m comfortable with the fact my moon is Mani and my sun is Sol. I don’t think Norse mythos really clash with witchcraft at all to be honest, I think it clashes with certain branches of witchcraft like wicca and I think because of that a lot of people think it’s hard to mesh with the craft.
The difficult part is honestly finding correspondences and resources on the Norse pantheon. I just base most of my craft of the stories and the gods and what I know about plants. I don’t know if that really makes sense? There’s not a lot of resources (I’ve found) on combining the two, it’s mostly about offerings and how to commune with the gods.
I made a post a few days ago you can find here and there’s a post here about some variations of traditional magick in the mythos. Sorry if this wasn’t more helpful!

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Any current rumors people would hear about your characters?

“The good sergeant,” as Osric Melkire is known and referred to in certain circles, has fallen off the map in a manner of speaking. The public has neither seen nor heard from him in many a moon… at least, not on Aldenard. Gossip from Vylbrand tells a different tale: that the infamous Dirk Problemsolver has been caught at last, and that justice has been served. Some speak of the hangman’s noose, the gallows, the drop. Others mutter that he was shot to death in the the dark depths of one of Limsa’s many prison hulks. Still others murmur of exile, that he was branded so that all would know his crimes and all would turn him away forever more. 

In other news, there are a vast number of incredible rumors circulating that pertain to the emergence of a rather peculiar mercantile enterprise: Artifact and Relic Acquisitions. ‘tis  said that the enterprise is owned and operated by a pair of Xaelic siblings, Geneq by tribe. ‘tis also said… nay, whispered… that you have but to speak of your heart’s desire to the siblings and A.R.A. will deliver. Results and satisfaction guaranteed. “The sky is the limit,” they say.


red spoils blue in his own way

does this count as spoiling?? idk he indulges his bf sometimes

Of course my first drawing of 2017 is of Hanzo <3 Can’t help it with that undercut.

Sorry I’ve been MIA, I’ve been at Disneyland! And I’ve had no motivation to draw. Hope everyone had a wonderful New Year’s and a nice start to 2017!