moon lilly

🌴🌊"It’s like I told you before… Nebby saved my life once when I was in trouble. Now I want to save it! “🌈🦑


I am so happy about how fun Katsu was. I’m going to be starting my first commissions and my next big cosplay! So I’ll have more progress photos! 💖🍯

Lillie- myself

Contacts from @uniqso

Wig from @ardawigs


someone gave me a suggestion to draw lillie and gladion, but like, with their roles reversed! so i assumed that meant emo lillie and Nebbyfriend gladion. i based gladions clothes of the ones he was wearing on that childhood photo in That One Ep from the anime and lillie is a mix of her “z form” and gladion. i also thought like, since its reverse, their “signature pokemon” r shiny !?!? i just thought thatd be cool