moon kitty


Tokyo 2020 welcome anime/manga/game fans from all over the world (2016)

Tokyo’s intro at the Rio Olympics closing ceremony was so superb that i felt very proud of it as the Japanese.
i think that the people in the anime/manga/game industry must be highly pleased and feel proud of it too.

the new governor of Tokyo(the lady in kimono at the ceremony), one of her campaign promises was ‘turn Tokyo into an anime land’, so the capital of my country will be more otaku friendly till 2020.

Tokyo, show the world what we’ve got!

Do you know about the 4th moon kitty??

 There is another moon cat which is shown only in the short story called Parallel Sailormoon that was published in the Materials Collection artbook. She’s a unnamed pink cat that looks a lot like Diana. She takes a human form too. She helps Usagi’s second daughter Kousagi transform into a senshi. Since this story is from a parallel universe, I’m not sure if she counts as a real moon kitty but since she appears in official material made by Naoko Takeuchi I will consider her so.  

I LOVE moon kitties!!

You can see scans of Parrallel SailorMoon here.