B.A.P’s reaction to their crush not believing their confession

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Yongguk would have patience with getting you to understand that his feelings for you were true. He would understand your hurt from past experiences and only hope that you will learn to open up to him over time and be able to accept or reject his confession after you accepted that he was being honest about this. 


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Himchan would initially feel annoyed that you didn’t believe his confession. It took a lot in him to tell you how he honestly felt and for you to just brush it aside because you thought he was joking would bother him. He would then realize why you did that and would work hard to prove to you that he was being sincere. If you couldn’t accept it after that, he may just accept it as a rejection and learn to move on.


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He would feel hurt. He would honestly think that you believing this was a joke meant that you didn’t see yourself being in a more romantic relationship with him. He would take it personally, but when he learned of your trauma/past experiences, it would only push him to try harder to prove to you how much you really meant to him. I don’t see him giving up on you, even after countless doubts. He may get frustrated, but would probably not give up until he tried everything.


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Youngjae would be similar to Himchan, in that he may give up if you didn’t believe any of his sincere attempts. He would understand where you were coming from and would want you to believe that there are people who genuinely love you and want to be with you. However, he could only be so patient.


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Jongup may honestly take this as a rejection. He would understand that you had doubts because of past experience, but he may not know how to go about proving his sincerity. He wanted you to trust him with his initial confession but he may just fear that your doubt was stronger and just accept your doubt as a sign that maybe you two weren’t meant to be. If your doubt wasn’t that big, then he would ask you to trust him and hear your answer then.


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Junhong would understand your doubt completely. It’s not that he also thought people were lying to him whenever they spoke of their feelings, he just understood that those kind of experiences can make you not want to trust people in the future. He would be patient and want to prove his sincerity as well. But like Jongup, he may just take it as a sign that you two weren’t meant to be if the doubt was too strong.


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