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List for fun which is based on a personal preferences of people I know, their moon signs and my thoughts on moon signs, just to see if moon matches or affects music taste. ;) Check if you agree with that!
Aries Cheap thrills - Sia
Taurus Stressed out - Twenty one pilots
Gemini Call it what you want - Foster the people
Cancer Sweater Weather - The Neighbourhood
Leo Cool for the summer - Demi Lovato
Virgo Little do you know - Alex & Sierra
Libra You - Candlebox
Scorpio My Demons - Starset
Sagittarius Borderline - Tove Styrke
Capricorn Gasoline - Halsey
Aquarius Ultrasound - Johnny Massacre
Piesces Training Wheels -Melanie Martínez


They’re all made up out of charm. They’ll nurture you and care for you till they die. They’ll love you so deep. Wether it’s a lover, relative or a friend. They’ll love you so deep, their love flows with their blood throughout their body.
They’ll be sweet and kind to you till the end, shower you with love and attention. They’re always putting your needs before their own. More than anything else, they’ll protect you. Protect you from the bad.
Pisces will protect you from the harsh reality.
Leo’s will protect you from anyone that’s trying to lower your confidence.
Libra’s will protect you from self destruction.
Cancers will protect you from the evil people that aren’t capable of taking care of you.
Keep in mind, all four of them are very, very multilayered. If they love you, they’ll help you peel off their layers a little easier.
They taste like the sweetest lover on your lips, they’ll hold your hand protectively, they’ll say your name in a way that when you hear their voice, all your troubles and worries disappear. When you hug them, you feel nurtured and cared for.
Be careful, they can shake you and break you into millions of pieces as much they can make you feel special.

Moon in Aries

You are the life of the party. You are dancing in the rain. You are individuality and living for the moment and not the past.

You are very driven to do things, and you wear your heart on your sleeve. youre not afraid to speak your mind or be yourself. youre innocent and childish. full of life and excitement. sometimes you can get too wrapped up in your own emotions and not think of others. you can be easily angered and can loose control of the things you say and do, and sometimes that can really hurt others. you are supportive of your friends and family and youre always looking for a good time. you have a healthy sense of competition. you are impulsive. you are very expressive of yourself. with a cute attitude. you want to do things your way and youre not very patient.


People with Moon in the 4th, 8th or 12th house often have feelings of uncertainty and loneliness. They go throughout their lives not knowing what will come next or what is happening, whether it be with their emotions or just other people in general. Having the Moon in these houses makes those people deeply emotional and are able to soak up like sponges the emotions of other people and are forced to feel them, (Particularly Moon in 12th) which can cause a lot of confusion to of their own emotions and if it is their own feelings, or other’s feelings. They often just stumble through life barely keeping it together due to not having certainty of others and themselves, but they get used to this eventually because it happens so often, they often learn that nothing is certain in this world and that they can’t count on everyone or anything, they just have to count on themselves.

Scorpio sun and Scorpio moon female, Sagittarius sun and Scorpio moon female, Aquarius sun and Aries moon male and Virgo sun and Scorpio moon female friendship


The eyes through a Pisces.

On the outside they may appear dreamy, and mysterious . Have your ever looked in the eye of a Pisces? You can see the whole universe In their eyes. Not just in their eyes, but they’re like the universe. Vibrant, colorful, dreamy and mysterious. They’re the unknown of the crowd but everyone is impressed by the beauty of the Pisces. There is a sense of calmness following them wherever they go. They bring peace to everyone. After a while, you may think you know them well but the next time you make eye contact with a Pisces, and look deep into their eyes, you know deep inside that you know nothing about them. They’re like the universe, they’re the ocean. The universe and the ocean will always be a mystery to the human kind.