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Fantasy Painting Original Art.c.1978.
In the fall of 1975, Greg and Tim Hildebrandt burst into the world of fantasy art with a calendar of their renderings of characters and scenes from J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings. Their work was remarkable for its time in the way that they used colour to portray incredible light and shadow contrasts, and for their vigorous depictions of the denizens of Middle Earth. Their incredible imaginations created an amazing array of brilliant and unique paintings.
This sombre and mysterious image may have been a preliminary illustration for the Hildebrandt’s “At the Grey Havens”.
Source : Heritage Capital Corporation

Art by The Brothers Hildebrandt


king’s cage aesthetics │evangeline x elane

My lovely, invisible shadow.Her reports came later, under the cover of the night. They were very thorough. I feel them still, whispered against my skin with only the moon to listen. Elane Haven is the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen in any capacity, but she looks best in moonlight.

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Does that mean the garrison isn't on earth? Bc the galra have already been there. And Kerberos is pluto's moon right so like haven't they been in our solar system?

There’s another part to that statement that I cut for length:

“And when you think about it, until there might’ve been the realisation that there was a Lion on there, it’s a non-starter,” Dos Santos added. “It’s not a planet that gains them anything. The Galra doesn’t gain any real resources, or technology. So that’s why they’re just left alone.”

“They’re looked upon as very primitive by the Galra,” Montgomery quipped. “Give them another 50,000 years, and then we’ll start talking.”

So I think yes, the Garrison is on Earth, and the only reason the Galra were interested in the planet was cause Blue was there. Otherwise Earth seems to be useless to the Galra (at least for now, hopefully it’ll stay that way) 

So I guess we can throw out those theories about the corrupt Garrison officials colluding with the Galra or whatever, cause from the sounds of it it’s really just that Earth has nothing valuable in terms of resources or technology that the Galra could possibly want, and it’s very far away for them, so it’s not on their radar

American Gods 1x08: Do You Believe?

I feel like we only just began this magical journey together, but here we are at the end of season one of American Gods! You can go ahead and cancel that Starz subscription now, I’ll wait here.

This final episode told the stories of two goddesses and how they have learned to adapt in America. And as much as I am enjoying  Laura Moon, there haven’t really been any other female characters with meaningful emotional arcs. Similarly the gods we have gotten to know (with the exception of Bilquis) have been overwhelmingly male. So I was v pleased to see that this episode attempted to delve into the power wielded by female icons (ya know just the small stuff like life and creation) and the often violently adverse social (and male) reactions to women who wield that power, as well as their continued attempts to control that power for themselves. 

Like the previous episode about Mad Sweeney, the finale also boasted a more “integrated” Coming to America story where instead of having a vignette separate from the main storyline, the Coming to America tale oozed over to mingle with the main proceedings. Instead of Ibis and his big book o'stories, this week featured a welcome return from Mr. Nancy who took over the storytelling duties. This also marks the first time we have seen Mr. Nancy in the modern world where he a) looks as fly as ever b) is clearly an ally of Mr. Wednesday and c) tailoring bespoke suits for Wednesday and Shadow. (PS Ricky Whittle is a man who can wear. a. suit. and it drove me crazy how wrinkled his jacket was all episode! Could no one have steamed that for him? Sorry. But also, infuriating.) But with a captive, bathrobed audience, Nancy proceeds to weave the story of Bilquis.

After seeing the modern “down on her luck” Bilquis it was pretty fucking fabulous to see her in her hey day bedecked in the golden jewelry she longed for in the museum. This is also a good place to shout out Yetide Badaki, a relative newcomer who has found her breakout on this series. Bilquis is a tricky role, she rarely speaks, doesn’t get to play off any of the other heavy hitters in the cast, and often has to act scenes of intense emotional (and physical) vulnerability. She doesn’t get to bounce off Ian McShane, or deliver sweeping monologues. Most of her acting is done through physicality or her impervious gaze. So major worship to Yetide who made this character feel like, well, a goddess. No matter how much she is (or isn’t) wearing it is impossible to look away from Bilquis’ eyes and her unyielding stare that reveals as deep an inner life as any dialogue. This is unique and exceptional acting, and in a show with such a range and breadth of performances, Yetide stands tall. Also I’m sure that role was absolutely batshit to cast, so claps for casting as well. #NeverForgetCasting.

So we finally get to see Bilquis as a Golden Queen, loved, worshipped and equal to any (male) challenger who comes her way. Times change, but passion is immutable and Bilquis continues her reign on the disco dance floors of Tehran in the 1970s. By the way Disco Queen Bilquis was everrryyttthinnng. Everything. But after the Iranian Revolution in 1979, Bilquis is forced to travel as a refugee to Hollywood, California just in time for the AIDs crisis of the 1980s. The loss of worship after these two events leads to Bilquis’ decline and she finds herself wandering the streets of LA. Bilquis is stripped of her power because nothing is scarier to an American (white) culture than a confident black woman fully in control of her sexuality and power.  But when all seems lost, Tech Boy rolls up on Bilquis, Tinder in hand, and shows her how to use technology to get her groove back. Now, however, it seems that Bilquis is under Tech Boy’s thumb, but is she really just a tool for the New Gods, or is this just another misguided King that thinks he can conquer her? Hopefully Bilquis is a character we will get even more of in season two, the entirety of her material from the book has already been exhausted so I am excited for a fresh Bilquis story, especially with such a capable actress at the helm.

So with their new (wrinkly) suits Shadow and Wednesday make a pit stop on their way to Wisconsin in Kentucky. At a palatial estate, during a full swinging Easter Sunday party, we meet Easter herself (human carbonation Kristin Chenowith). Easter (or Ostara) is an old pagan goddess of Spring who has had the good fortune of having her namesake tied to the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Even though the masses might not know who she is, her name is widely celebrated (both secularly and liturgically) every year. Like Bilquis she has found a way to adapt and thrive, even if it may not be in the way she is accustomed or would prefer.

In attendance at Easter’s fabulously over-the-top Easter blowout is almost every Jesus! Literally 14 unique Jesus. JC doesn’t appear in the novel (well he does sort of) but it is impossible to deny his influence in modern (esp American) religion and so it makes sense for the show to utilize him more frequently, or 14 of him. Unlike the other gods on the show, Jesus is pretty chill and doesn’t seem to have any hidden agendas besides spreading the JC love. He’s sweetly benevolent and gets drunk and drops things in the pool. Classic Jesus.

Wednesday has come to Easter’s party to enlist her help in the war between old and new gods, and hopes she will starve the people into praying for mercy (the goddess of Spring giveth but she can also taketh). He brazenly lies to her about the death of Vulcan, and promises her worship of her own in exchange for her alliance. 

Also crashing are Laura and Sweeney (who I have started to develop weird feelings for after last episode? Ugh I know, I know, I hate it too) who hope that Easter will bring Laura back to life. However no luck for Laura as she has been killed by the will of a god (Wednesday), and that kind of miracle is above Easter’s pay grade. So we leave Laura worse for wear, and more than a little maggoty, but she has finally been reunited with Shadow at least.

Also rolling up on what is fast becoming the party of the year is the entire contingent of new gods: Media (as Judy Garland in Easter Parade obvi), Tech Boy and Mr. World, reminding Easter she is in their debt for popularizing the Easter holiday in (you guessed it) Media. As all of our characters converge Mr Wednesday reveals himself to Shadow to be none other than the All Father Odin of Norse mythology (all around viking god and papa of Thor and Loki). Odin/Wednesday does some good old fashioned lightening smiting, which rallies Easter to his cause, and she proceeds to render Kentucky into a barren wasteland (chalking up a temporary win for the OGs.) After witnessing stepping Fred Astaire henchman, a baker’s dozen Jesus’, and a woman made up of flower petals, Shadow finally submits that he believes. In everything.  

The season ends with a procession of various transports journeying to the House on the Rock in Wisconsin, which was the ultimate destination for all of our road trippers this season and honestly where I thought the season would break but I guess they ran out of episodes..

So now that the dust has cleared, what happened this season?

Shadow Moon lost everything, got picked up by an old god on a serious recruiting mission, went on a road trip and learned to believe.

We met a whole bushel of old gods: Mr. Wednesday/Odin, Czernebog, the Zoryas, Anubis/Mr. Jacquel, Ibis/Thoth, Mr. Nancy/Anansi, Bilquis, Vulcan, Easter, and Jesus.

We also met a few new gods: Media, Technical Boy and Mr. World.

Also some mystical creatures: Zombie!Laura, Mad Sweeney, the Djinn and the White Buffalo.

And a couple plain old humans in over their heads: Salim and Audrey.

In conclusion:

American Gods was a breath of fresh air in the jungle of peak TV. It was bold, crazy and naked. It was brazen, unapologetic, and borderline nonsensical. It managed to exceed the promise of its original material and was a frighteningly timely allegory. It had a festival of unique characters backed up by some of the best actors in television. Also it looked gorgeous. While this first season sometimes struggled with pacing and the rate of exposition, there were moments and episodes that were unlike anything else currently on TV.  I was a particular fan of the Coming to American openers across the board, as well as both Laura Moon episodes. So did American Gods make you a believer? Who is your favorite scheming deity? Love it or hate it, you can’t say that this wasn’t a wild ride.


PS. Disco Queen Bilquis forever

Reasons why you should have a confounding love for the Dark Prophecy in general

☆ The conflict and ambush focus would be on Camp Jupiter prior to the mentions in TDP. OUR CHILDREN???

☆ Apollo’s explanation on simultaneous inhabitants of deities.

☆ Lityerses. Once to misunderstood antagonist but is believed to have second or moreover odds.




☆ Abelard and Heloise. May Heloise rest in peace.

☆ APOLLO CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT REGARDING HIS BLOOD CURDLING DEBACLES. His mechanism unfurls into something more empathizing and engaging, to the extent of sympathizing as well as pleasing to himself to stop utilizing half-bloods as disposable fodder.



SAPPHIC REPRESENTATION. Emmiphine revolves under enthralling circumstances, especially as they were Huntress’ of Artemis and origin from different eras. Hemithea and Josephine are the real MVPs. Also Georgina as their daughter I’m crying.

☆ Commodus Commode’s.

Disassembling Festus like legos. The ironic simile??

☆ L e o n i d a s . Not Leonardo, not your typical and average namesake, hoes.

☆ Camp Jupiter. I love Camp Half-Blood but need I say more?

Maven shut me out of a place that was rightfully mine. He didn’t know to look for Elane. My lovely, invisible shadow. Her reports came later, under the cover of night. They were very thorough. I feel them still, whispered against my skin with only the moon to listen. Elane Haven is the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen in any capacity, but she looks best in moonlight.

Evangeline in King’s Cage page 324

Give me Evane or give me death.

The Japanese Magazine CoroCoro mentions details about the Ho-Oh Event

The Pokémon will be at level 100 with the ability: Pressure. It will have the following moves: Sacred Fire, Brave Bird, Recover and Safeguard. It holds the item: Sacred Ash.

The serial code will be given on the same magazine on July 15, 2017 for the games Pokémon Sun & Moon.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Notice: The magazine haven’t mention information about Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Translated by Serebiii

Of Sailors and Moons

GASP! Is this a continuation of Of Tuxedos and Masks? Yes. Yes it is. Still with these two dorks being silly and making out.

This thing barrelled into me and I couldn’t dodge it. I thank @soundofez and @ohbuckyyouresofine for parts of the dialogue from their posts here and here. Also tagging @tiny012 @serenitydiviness @usangie-tsukino because you guys died in the last one.

Dedicated to @runningoutofink, who told me to follow the lethal plot bunnies; @gabzilla-z, who drew gorgeous and funny ML as Sailor Moon art; and @peachpurin, who drew Marinette in double buns.

Reminder: the characters are 18, here. Innocent children, please turn around and walk out the door.

Of Sailors and Moons

He still doesn’t know where he got the energy—he’d been so ready to collapse into his bed just half an hour ago, and the stubborn determination to at least hear Marinette’s voice before he’s dead to the world was the only thing that allowed him to hold onto consciousness for a little while longer.

He knows where he got the motivation. Jealousy is a powerful elixir, after all. (And, yes, Adrien is self-aware enough to admit that he’d been jealous. Of a fictional character. So sue him.) But motivation and actual, physical, sustaining energy aren’t always the same thing, and yet, there he’d gone, bounding across the Parisian skyline, his veins pumping adrenalin fuelled by possessiveness.

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Daddy got me Pokémon Moon b I haven’t been able to afford it!! I’m so happy aaah

HECK YES. Tell him I would love to shake his hand. A lovely gift indeed.

I really love the way certain aesthetics have become mainstream, like mermaids and unicorns and shit, because I love walking down the street and then seeing a group of girls that all look like Moon Lesbians that haven’t figured out how we dress on earth. 

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Are you a fan of PGSM?? I didn't know you watched the live action Sailor Moon. I'm a big fan of (most of) Sailor Moon, but I still haven't started PGSM. But I hope to soon, since I'm watching the old musicals now too. What are your thoughts on PGSM?

I haven’t watched it in a few years, but I’m a bit fan! What I think about PGSM is that it scratched an itch neither the manga nor anime really managed to, which is the interpersonal drama particularly between the senshi, but also Mamoru, the shitenno, and various side characters. I’ve mentioned this before, but I feel kind of “…?” when people talk about the Sailor Moon anime (or manga) in the context of “girls who all have different personalities!!!” or “girls and their friendships!!!!!!” because that’s not really the focus of the anime or the manga? (Not that that’s necessarily a bad thing, it just means the focus was… different.) But that’s exactly what PGSM is about, and what PGSM set out to be about! There’s so much about the girls’ personalities and relationships, and how they interact with each other, and how they grow and become friends, and I love that aspect of PGSM a lot. Back when it was airing, how PGSM handled Usagi and Serenity was a topic of controversy, but I personally adored where they went with it, treating Serenity more as a real person rather than a cipher who really only existed to make Mamoru and Usagi’s love seem tragic and destined. I also love the shitenno in PGSM, particularly the personalities and the relationships between Nephrite/Zoicite/Kunzite and their relationship to Mamoru/Endymion, something which was only really hinted at in the anime and manga. And Motoki! And Naru-chan! The side characters get so much more personalities and issues in PGSM than we’ve seen before! If anyone told me I should ship Makoto/Motoki I’d have doubted their sanity, but after PGSM, I do.

As far as its writing goes I feel it drags in some places, particularly in the middle, but I adore the climax and the final scene (SO. MANY. TEARS!!!!!!), so I’m willing for forgive it. It also has a great soundtrack of awesome j-pop songs! (Minako’s Katagoshi ni kinsei is a modern classic.)

By the way, one thing I don’t feel like people talk about is how the main writer of PGSM was Kobayashi Yasuko, who went on to be the main writer of shows like Claymore and Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures, too.

P.S. I made these like six years ago when tumblr’s gif size limit was 500kb but I love Minako so much in this show I wanna repost

Looks like my one day off between camp sessions is the new moon!

I honestly haven’t cast a spell or anything in several weeks because I’ve just been so busy and tired. Hard to cast spells when you don’t have the juice to even shower. Sigh. Maybe I’ll figure something out?