moon doll


Last weekend we went to a Star Party. I was inspired to take pics of my Space Pop Girls. (My astrophotgraphy could use some work 😉 but that’s Jupiter and 4 of his closer moons).

The dolls are cute. They packed in as much of the funky little details in their clothes as they could I suppose….


Sailormoon Magic par Sheena Aw

The hated boss who beats you down, and beats you down, and never lets up…!! Yeah~! Big bad Guzma is here!

Have two left in stock on etsy!!  ヽ( ・∀・)ノ  →


Bloodborne ending spoilers in this one.

I chose the “Refuse” ending and never regretted it. You should have seen that clawed weirdo in the wheelchair. The next Hunter who comes to the dream is in for a very weird time indeed.

More Bloodborne fanart.