moon disaster

Remus falls asleep while standing straight in the middle of a corridor on the way to class and Sirius spellotapes a note to his forehead which reads, “Remus Lupin: Human Disaster”

James reads it and goes, “Padfoot, be fair,” and takes out his own quill so the note now says, “Remus Lupin: Mostly Human Disaster”



Natural Disaster // Moon Taeil


the prompt: what if Taeil is a florist who never give any girls a flower before but one day he met a girl who asking him to teach her about flower language and making boquets, since he getting extra money he finds with it but the more they spend time together the more Taeil attract to this girl till he cant help but kiss her after that she never coming back to continue her lesson later Taeil found out that the flower boquets was for her dead lover after that is up to you.

words: 1983

category: angst

author note: angst and i have a relationship that shall never be destroyed. but there really isn’t that much angst in this and it’s kinda messy pls forgive me my brain is fried. also sorry for killing taeyong.

- destinee

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Another slow day at his family’s florist. Taeil figured he couldn’t complain. It really was an easy job. All he had to do was arrange bouquets and recommend them to people. Besides, he loved flowers. He loved flowers so much he was hoping to be given the flower shop when his father retired.

The door opened, and the cool breeze told Taeil that someone had entered. “Hello, welcome to Moon’s Arrangements. How can I help you?”

When he looked up, however, he felt heat creep up the back of his neck. You had sunglasses perched on your head, keeping your hair out of your forehead. Your eyes were clear and resolved, and Taeil found himself forgetting how to speak for a moment.

Luckily, you spoke first, showing him a gentle smile. “Hi, I’m Y/n. Can you tell me what flowers mean?”

Taeil furrowed his eyebrows, “Pardon?”

You chuckled nervously, lowering your gaze to the floor. “Well, I heard from my aunt that you know a lot of flower meanings. I was hoping you could help me put together some bouquets. I’d pay you, of course.”

Taeil scratched the back of his neck nervously. Was this a trick? How else would a beautiful girl come into his shop, wanting to pay actual money to spend time with him? Okay, the payment was for lessons, but still.

“Well, what do you want to know?”

You pulled a notebook out of your purse, “Tell me everything you know.”

“Alright,” Taeil said. “Come back with me.”

The two of you walked behind the counter and into the back room, where the arrangements were made. Snippets of buds, leaves, and stems littered the tables. There was a refrigerator just to your right, playing house for many readymade arrangements.

Taeil took a large composition book off of one of the tables and opened it to a random page. “Okay, you want to learn the name and you want to know what they look like, right?”

“Absolutely,” you answered. “I want to be able see a flower on the side of the road and know exactly what it’s meaning is.”

“Okay,” Taeil said. “I’m a bit unprepared this time, but if you come back tomorrow, I’ll have fifteen flowers ready to go over with you.”

“I’ll be back at eight in the morning,” you said.

“I’ll be here,” Taeil answered, his heart already pounding at the thought of seeing you again.


You sat across from Taeil, sipping an americano. You had been here for hours, and save for the breaks Taeil took to take care of other customers, you had been working solely on memorizing flowers and their meanings.

Taeil held up a flower. The lily-shape was one hint, along with the startling orange and yellow color. “What’s this?”

“That’s a Alstroemeria,” you answered with ease. “It means aspiring.”

“Good,” he praised you. He held up a second flower, this one purple and somewhat bell-shaped. “Try this one.”

“Amaryllis. Dramatic.”

He nodded and held up flower after flower. You got them all right.

Finally, he held up the last flower: one with yellow petals and a raised middle. “Last one, Y/n. What’s this?”

“Black-eyed Susan,” you said. A grin appeared on Taeil’s face, prompting you to keep going. “It means encouragement.”

“Excellent!” Taeil said. “If we do this every day, you’ll become a pro in no time.”

“I’ll see you later, then,” you said, packing up your stuff to leave quickly.

Taeil watched you go, with no courage to ask you to stay a little while longer.


“So, you’ve got your primary colors and your secondary colors, as well as your shades,” Taeil told you, “the trick is making sure there is just enough amount of each without overdoing it.”

“Great,” you said. “Where do we start?”

“We’ll start with three colors,” Taeil said. “Try using one of each category.”

“Okay,” you grabbed three different colored roses: pink, yellow, and white. “What about these?”

“Good for a first try,” Taeil said. “Now arrange them and try to tell me what they mean.”

You did as he said, clipping the stems like he showed you. You then arranged all of the roses into one vase. “Okay. Pink means admiration. Yellow means friendship, and white means purity.”

“Great!” Taeil said. He watched your serious expression as you arranged the bouquet. “If you don’t mind me asking, why do you want to learn all this?”

“Hmm?” You lifted your gaze to his. “Oh, I’m just curious and have a lot of time on my hands.”

“Really? It’s like school, though.” Taeil handed you a rose, and you thanked him. “Are you looking to become a florist yourself? Make your own arrangements?”

“Something like that,” you answered. “I’d like to make the perfect arrangement one day.”

“Well, I hope I can help you make the perfect arrangement.” Taeil found himself staring at you. The way your hair was messy from the humidity, hastily hidden under a baseball cap. Your lips were pursed as you critiqued your work.

He could really describe it. He supposed, however, that he had been around natural beauty all his life. He knew what it looked like.

There were flowers the color of the sunset. Trees twisted and tangled just like the clouds. There was beauty in planting a man made garden. There was beauty in watching a natural, wildflower garden grow.

Your beauty was natural, all right. Taeil could tell that you never wore makeup. Even when you did, it was in the softest colors. Pretty oceanic hues and sunrise shades.

Taeil wanted to get to know you better. He wanted to discover your secrets and find out why you were so closed off towards him.

It wasn’t like you didn’t talk to him; you did. But it was about surface subjects. Things like school and work and flowers.

He didn’t know the deeper context of your life. He wanted to, though. However, he knew it wasn’t his place to pry, so he never intruded.

Still, he wished you would open up to him.


“So, Cosmos?”







“Loving thoughts.”

“Good,” Taeil said.

You smiled proudly, “I’ve been studying, Taeil. I think I’ll come back tomorrow to make my perfect bouquet. And then our lessons will be over!”

Taeil smiled sadly, “Well, hopefully you’ll come back to see me, right?”

You smiled back at the boy who ha become somewhat of a friend to you. “Right, Taeil.”


You returned the next day and made your way to the back room while Taeil helped a few of the usual morning customers.

You carried a notebook with you, effectively labeled with certain flowers Taeil had taught you about over the few weeks .

Striped carnation: refusal.

White carnation: remembrance

Geranium: comfort

Lilac: first love

Red roses: passionate love

Heather: solitude

Daffodil: rebirth and new beginnings

Your list wasn’t long, but each flower held a special meaning you wanted to convey in your arrangement.

Taeil came in as you were gathering the flowers. He watched from the doorway as you grabbed a beautiful black vase.

“Wouldn’t you rather a brighter color?” He asked.

You jumped, finally noticing his presence. Only when you looked up did Taeil notice you were dressed twice as nice as usual, and your hair was tied up in a neat bun. “Going somewhere special?”

“You could say that,” you whispered. “And this vase is fine, thanks.”

Taeil walked up and read from your list before looking at the the flowers you’ve collected. “Y/n… these don’t match.”

“I know,” you said simply.

“What about what I taught you? Colors matching colors and meanings matching meanings?”

“Those don’t matter,” you answered. “I’ve already decided to make this bouquet. I’m paying for all the expenses, so it won’t matter.”

You were still so cold towards him. A natural blizzard, rejecting any friendly advances he made towards you. Although you smiled for him and engaged in conversation, you still seemed a thousand miles away.

Taeil sighed and leaned against the counter, grabbing a pair of shears. The two of you prepared the bouquet in silence. A silence you seemed comfortable with.

However, to Taeil, it was a cloudy silence filled with questions. He craved anything that would bring him closer to you, the mysterious girl who showed up at his flower shop one day.

Suddenly, you smiled. Dimples appeared on your cheeks and Taeil found himself grinning at your innocent giggling. “What’s so funny?”

“Oh, nothing.” You shook your head. “I was just thinking about something my mom said.”

“What’d she say?” Taeil asked.

“Just a small joke.”

“Tell me,” Taeil begged.

“Okay,” you cleared your throat and turned to him.

Hiding the giggles behind your palm, you straightened up, “Okay. What’s a cow’s favorite color?”

Taeil chuckled at your cuteness, “I dunno. What?”

You giggled, “Burger-dy. Get it? Like burgundy?”

Taeil nearly face palmed at the lame joke. “Wow.”

“What?” You pouted. “It was funny.”

Taeil couldn’t really help himself. In that moment, you looked so unapologetically beautiful. He couldn’t help but blurt, “Can I kiss you?”


Your eyes widened as the boy suddenly leaned in, his lips inches from yours. You were frozen, unable to answer him. Instead, you simply nodded, thinking it would be okay.

It’s been almost a year, Y/n. It’ll be fine.

But it wasn’t fine. Because Taeil’s lips were nothing compared to his. Taeil’s touch reminded you of the way he used to hold you.

You pushed Taeil away. “I-I’m sorry. I can’t do this.”

You dug your wallet out of your pocket and extracted some money, placing it on the counter. In a rush, you spoke to Taeil as you grabbed the bouquet, “I have to go.”

“Wait!” Taeil grabbed your wrist. “Did I come on too strong? I’m sorry.”

“It’s not that,” you answered, offering him a sad smile. “It’s just that I thought I could do this, but I can’t. Goodbye, Taeil.”

He let you go, and you could hear his soft voice as you went, “Goodbye, Y/n.”


It had been two weeks. Taeil didn’t know where you were, for you hadn’t returned to the flower shop.

He wondered if it was his fault. Maybe he had read your signals wrong and you hadn’t wanted to kiss him. Did he scare you?

He pondered this as he walked to the local church, a bouquet of roses in his hands. He was to deliver them to the church, where there was a piano recital for the children.

He took in his surroundings. The steeple of the church in the distance, the graveyard, the children’s playground…

Taeil did a double take at the graveyard, his eyes falling on a familiar bouquet. The red of the roses, the pink of the geranium, the yellow of the daffodils… it was your bouquet.

Hesitantly, he walked through the gate of the cemetery. With no one around, he crouched down at the grave and read the label.

Lee Taeyong: a son, a lover, and a friend. 1995-2017

It all made sense. Your closed off personality, your unwillingness to get close to him, your will to learn about flowers and their meaning. All of it was for this Lee Taeyong, who, judging by the meaning of the flowers, was your boyfriend.

It hadn’t even been a year. No wonder you hadn’t kissed him back. You could still feel love for your late boyfriend. Or maybe you felt guilty to kiss someone so soon after his death.

Either way, Taeil couldn’t say.

He paid his respects before standing up and making his way back towards the church.

He wished he had gotten your contact, or anything really. He just wanted to be the friend you obviously needed; romance could wait on mourning.

But he couldn’t find you, and he was afraid he would never find you again.

~the end~

My first competitive commander deck may be Hazoret…mana ritual/artifact ramp her out, play pseudo-stax to keep them off balance->

Crack the Earth
Stoneshaker Shaman
Impending Disaster
Blood Moon
Devestating Dreams

Sprinkle in some Sneak Attack, blue/white hate.



GIRL: ash & fire
storm & salt
wine & blood

(a catastrophe
of ingredients,
none of them

GIRL: sun & moon
wind & wars
dreams & disasters

(the natural product
of a battlefield –
always fighting
just to survive)

GIRL: skin & bones
flesh & blood
mind & heart

(reality never
claimed to be nice)

GIRL: a song unsung,
a story untold,
a life unlived

(too young to be
somebody’s metaphor;
too old to be
your own hero)
—  ADOLESCENCE | M.J. PEARL | commissions open







Race to the Edge reactions

So here’s my two cents on the new episodes:

Astrid’s Team: Astrid becomes continues to be a military dictator and scares the holy Odin out of some adults

Night of the Hunters Part I: WHERE MY HICSTRID SHIPPERS AT?

Night of the Hunters Part 2: Heather betrays the Riders. News at 7.

Bad Moon Rising: Chicken talks… allegedly. Ruffnut shows her caring, sisterly side by getting Snotlout bitten by various venomous animals.

Snotlout Gets the Axe: Snotlout fails miserably at delivering an axe. The Jorgensons and Hoffersons fail miserably at getting along. News at 11.

The Zippleback Experience: THE PUNCH WE’VE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR.

Snow Way Out: The Riders attempt to protect a dragon that tried to kill them from an army that’s currently trying to kill them and somehow succeed.

Edge of Disaster Part I: Ruffnut is done with Astrid’s bullshit.

Edge of Disaster Part 2: Ruffnut is done with Heather’s ambiguity.

Shock and Awe: The twins get Loki’ed. Fishlegs screws up majorly and fixes it in the most badass way possible.

A Time to Skrill: The Riders set the Skrill loose. Yeah, like that won’t bite them in the rear one day.


Maces and Talons Part 2: Hiccup’s plan fails miserably and he finally realizes what it’s like to be Snotlout.

First of all, I enjoy Minako’s method of handling this. Someone knowing your name, knowing where to find you, specifically targeting you with plans to kill you to death? Some people might consider that a stressful situation and treat the “you” in question with delicate care.

Minako’s like IT COULD HAPPEN ANYWHERE AT ANY TIME WE CAN’T POSSIBLY PREDICT ANYTHING BUT THAT IT’S TOTALLY GOING TO HAPPEN, with her little clenched fist and and her complete lack of tact.

Which of course only gets worse.

And the whirlwind that is Minako scoops Rei up too because it’s not like Rei isn’t on hyper alert right now anyway and requires encouragement.


I love that Rei and Minako were probably THE WORST POSSIBLE CHOICES to begin this. This should’ve been been calm, reasonable Ami, or strong, comforting Mako. My screaming demands that I be allowed this aside (ALL STILL TRUE), this has to be a shock for Usagi. I was just talking last night about how a key difference between Usagi’s Senshi and Kakyuu’s Starlights (thus far at least) is how our girls are friends while the others have a palpable divide between them.

And now here she is with her girls treating her different from them, alongside the forceful implication that they’ll protect her at their own expense? (Because THAT’S what Usagi needs right now, to be reminded of more people leaving her.) I don’t see any way Usagi isn’t going to chafe at all this.

I”m getting a bit ahead of myself, but it highlights why I think Ami and Mako would have been the better choices to start all this. They’d have a much better chance of easing Usagi into this.


And of COURSE it’s Rei and Minako. Of fucking course it is, it couldn’t possibly be anyone else.

Like Minako isn’t going to kick this plan off. It’s probably 80% HER plan. More importantly though, for all her huge goals and big dreams, Minako is a Senshi first. There is a CLEAR and DIRECT threat to Usagi, more so than there ever has been before. This is precisely what Minako is all about, and at Usagi’s side is exactly where Minako needs to be.

And let’s take a second to appreciate that Minako is there, completely on-time, FOR SCHOOL. FOR SCHOOL PEOPLE. If anyone ever dared question Minako’s devotion, let them recall this moment. MINAKO WAS UP AND DRESSED AND READY FOR SCHOOL IN ENOUGH TIME TO BE AT USAGI’S HOUSE AND GET THEM ALL THERE BEFORE THE BELL

As for Rei, is this even a question? Usagi’s life is in danger, where the hell else is Rei going to be? Keeping Usagi out of trouble has been Rei’s life mission since they met. We know how seriously she takes Usagi’s well being for shit like keeping her fucking shoelaces tied. This is the bad guy specifically saying I AM COMING FOR YOU USAGI TSUKINO. I’m frankly surprised she wasn’t in Haruka and Michiru’s backseat.

There is nowhere else Rei is going to be but standing next to Usagi, ready for anything and everything the bad guys are going to try and throw at her. And if Usagi’s going to put up a fight, as Rei well knows she will, well who better to not give a shit and make her do it anyway?

It HAD to be Rei and Minako, and the fact that it had to be is also why I think it was completely the wrong decision, and I LOVE that.

Then there’s Rei and Minako flinging their accusations on LITERALLY EVERYBODY THEY SEE, and that’s so fantastic because you know they aren’t making any of that shit up. They are literally seeing an enemy EVERYWHERE, and again that’s so perfect for the two of them. Rei suspicious of everyone, Minako not taking anything at face value.

And they’re feeding on each other and it’s going to keep building and it’s all because they just love Usagi SO FUCKING MUCH and I’m basically going to explode.


lift your spirits
the world is better with you in it! you deserve to feel good

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