moon disaster

Remus falls asleep while standing straight in the middle of a corridor on the way to class and Sirius spellotapes a note to his forehead which reads, “Remus Lupin: Human Disaster”

James reads it and goes, “Padfoot, be fair,” and takes out his own quill so the note now says, “Remus Lupin: Mostly Human Disaster”



the sun, a dying angel, cannot be compared to, or put in opposition of, a dead rock, regardless of how much one might be attracted to it.

he is hot like a slow lover disease; he’ll eat us all when he finally goes.

[ the moon swings. ]

the sun grins at us with his fiery teeth (terribly straight) and so gives birth to new life and disaster.

[ the moon, she swings. ]

the sun is billions of years away from our final dreaming - he is all burning wings and blinding glorious.

[ and so still swings the moon. ]

Natural Disaster // Moon Taeil


the prompt: what if Taeil is a florist who never give any girls a flower before but one day he met a girl who asking him to teach her about flower language and making boquets, since he getting extra money he finds with it but the more they spend time together the more Taeil attract to this girl till he cant help but kiss her after that she never coming back to continue her lesson later Taeil found out that the flower boquets was for her dead lover after that is up to you.

words: 1983

category: angst

author note: angst and i have a relationship that shall never be destroyed. but there really isn’t that much angst in this and it’s kinda messy pls forgive me my brain is fried. also sorry for killing taeyong.

- destinee

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Because man had never set foot on the Moon before, NASA wasn’t certain they would be able to bring the Apollo 11 astronauts home safely. Hoping for the best but preparing for the worst, White House speechwriter William Safire wrote an address to be delivered by President Nixon that, happily, never had to be delivered. This is known commonly as the “Safire memo” or the “Moon Disaster memo.” The phrase “widows-to-be” always gives us chills.

Dean from the upcoming Harvest Moon:Skytree Village game!! ^q^)/

I enjoyed Lost Valley a lot, but I always found the watering can restriction the one game breaker for me I just couldn’t keep watering crops 1 by 1…but when Seeds of Memories came out with their tool upgrades I /LOVED/ IT SO MUCH (if only they fixed the iOS bug of the flower memories) i missed TLV’s terraforming tho

So Skytree Village is the best of both worlds and I’m SO IMPATIENT I love Dean because he’s SO TALL and he wears a tulip apron

Please announce a release date I’m dying here

GIRL: ash & fire
storm & salt
wine & blood

(a catastrophe
of ingredients,
none of them

GIRL: sun & moon
wind & wars
dreams & disasters

(the natural product
of a battlefield –
always fighting
just to survive)

GIRL: skin & bones
flesh & blood
mind & heart

(reality never
claimed to be nice)

GIRL: a song unsung,
a story untold,
a life unlived

(too young to be
somebody’s metaphor;
too old to be
your own hero)
—  ADOLESCENCE | M.J. PEARL | commissions open