moon destruction

Moon Phases & Symbolism

🌑 New Moon: beginnings,changes, hope, renewal, setting intentions (perfect for spells, fresh starts, new relationships and projects)

🌘 Crescent Moon: transitions, momentum, taking actions, setting goals

🌗 First Quarter Moon: growth, effort, self-expression, manifestation

🌖 Gibbous Moon: evaluation, observance, meditation

🌕 Full Moon: clarity, intuition, insight, wisdom

🌔 Disseminating Moon: peak of intentions, reaping what you sow, the climax

🌓 Last Quarter Moon: release, letting go, eliminating bad habits and toxic people, destruction

🌘 Balsamic Moon: reflection, relaxation, meditation, recovery

Lunar Phases - Explained 🌙

Because I kind of have my own correspondences for the phases of the moon, I thought I’d explain them here! 

  • New Moon - the moon is just beginning to become illuminated, so it can correspond with new beginnings, a fresh start, cleansing, exploring new opportunities, newfound health or relationships, finding peace with yourself and moving on - “out with the old and in with the new.”
  • Waxing Moon - the moon is continuing to grow, becoming more and more visible, so it can correspond with attraction magick, reaching goals, manifestation magick, positive energy, success, wishes, good luck, gaining wealth, and dreams come true. 
  • First Quarter - this moon is halfway illuminated, on its way to becoming fully illuminated, so it can correspond to balance, and the need to make decisions. 
  • Full Moon - the moon is fully illuminated, so it can correspond with extra energy, a magickal boost, cleansing, charging, enchanting, performing divination, and honoring lunar deities. 
  • Third Quarter - this moon is also halfway illuminated, but on its way to becoming invisible in the sky, therefore while it can still correspond with balance, it can also correspond to focusing on the task at hand, banishing, and breaking old habits. 
  • Waning Moon - the moon is becoming less illuminated, and seems as though it’s disappearing, so it can correspond to generalized negative energy, reflection, introspection, transformation of the self, banishing things, binding others actions or undoing bindings, letting go, moving on, cleansing, breaking bad habits, and finding peace. 
  • Dark Moon - the moon is completely hidden in the sky, with no illumination at all, so it can correspond to cursing, banishing, binding, seeking justice, reflection of the self, and generalized destruction. 
  • Blue Moon - this moon is either the third of four full moons in a season, or a second full moon in a month, so it’s appearance can correspond to wishes, dreams, divination, achievement, and focus. 
  • Black Moon - this moon is an additional new moon that appears in a month or in a season, or the absence of a full moon or of a new moon in a month, therefore it can correspond to extra power and manifestation. 
Rap Line Mixtapes Explained

RM is namjoon’s philosophical virgo sun and sagittarius moon completing life and his existence, while eloquently dissing everyone not as woke as him 🍷📖🦇🌘🍷📖🦇🌘🍷📖🦇🌘🍷📖🦇🌘🍷📖🦇

Agust D is yoongi’s destructive virgo moon criticizing society, demolishing his haters by exposing their every flaw, and plot twist: doing the same to himself ☠️🕸🔪🔥☠️🕸🔪🔥☠️🕸🔪🔥☠️🕸🔪🔥☠️🕸🔪🔥☠️🕸🔪🔥☠️🕸

Hope World is hoseok’s aquarius/11th house stellium creating a dream world where him and his friends can have fun exploring and expressing themselves, only ~cool guys~ allowed 🌺☀️🌈🌷🌺☀️🌈🌷🌺☀️🌈🌷🌺☀️🌈🌷🌺

bright and dark side of the moon signs

aries moon 

bright side: energetic, charming, enthusiastic and driven

dark side: control-freak, selfish, impulsive and unwilling to listen to others 

taurus moon

bright side: loyal, thoughtful, strong emotional and mental endurance

dark side: over-bearing, possessive, tendency to stay in unhealthy situations because of fear of change. 

gemini moon

bright side: great with words, changeable and flexible, strong intellect

dark side: unorganized, superficial in relationships, constantly throwing away old habits and relationships in search of something new

cancer moon

bright side: empathetic and warm, creative, loyal

dark side: hides true feelings, loves self-pitying, habit of guilting and testing loved ones to “test” their loyalty. 

leo moon

bright side: loving and caring, stable and warm, abundant in positivity 

dark side:overbearing, unwilling to listen to others, bossy and takes offense to everything

virgo moon

bright side: sharp minded, knowledgeable, organized and tidy

dark side: high-strung, willing to argue over any little thing when knowledge is questioned, constantly worrying

libra moon

bright side: brings people together in harmony, strong aesthetic sense, can get along with everyone

dark side: overly dependent on others, unwilling to make firm opinions, changes too often to please others

scorpio moon

bright side: self-sufficient, incredible self-control, determined, and ambitious

dark side: secretive for no reason sometimes, jealous, holds long and intense grudges, unable to let things go

sagittarius moon

bright side: optimistic, open-minded, incredibly adaptable 

dark side: very irritable, careless with other’s feelings, detached and hard understand on a deeper level

capricorn moon 

bright side: responsible and capable, practical and ambitious

dark side: can get tunnel vision, struggles with expressing emotions, can be cold and calculating

aquarius moon

bright side: charming, wants to help others, balanced

dark side: aloof, hard to truly understand others on an emotional level, unpredictable

pisces moon

bright side: compassionate and understanding, gives readily to others

dark side: easily walked over, not rooted in reality, self-destructive

The Sun through the Decans

Using modern-day rulerships

Sun in 0-9 degrees Aries (first decan, ruled by Mars): extremely childish.  They are the most driven of the Aries and possess a certain pure enthusiasm about them that is rather endearing.

Sun in 10-19 degrees Aries (second decan, co-ruled by Mars and the sun): the most self-centered of the Aries. Pretentious and charismatic but ultimately insecure and full of love.  They really have no idea who they are to be honest.

Sun in 20-29 degrees Aries (third decan, co-ruled by Mars and Jupiter): the kindest Aries, also the shyest.  Can be a bit outspoken, but tend to be less impulsive.  They are made calmer by Sagittarius’s detachment.

Sun in 0-9 degrees Taurus (first decan, ruled by Venus): completely stable.  They reject grandeur and prefer security, but they can be extremely driven and hardworking.  The strong, silent type, but they are still very stubborn.

Sun in 10-19 degrees Taurus (second decan, co-ruled by Venus and Mercury): organized and intuitive.  They are difficult to read and have a certain attractive quality about them.  This is the most spontaneous Taurus.

Sun in 20-29 degrees Taurus (third decan, co-ruled by Venus and Saturn): they are very stoic.  They are the most melancholic Taurus.  They are strong-willed and quite controlling, and Capricorn’s influence can make them easily depressed, but also romantic.

Sun in 0-9 degrees Gemini (first decan, ruled by Mercury): strong mind with incredible adaptibility.  They are fiercely charming and can be manipulative.  They are also quite restless and often overly-intellectual.  They, like their sister sign, like being right.

Sun in 10-19 degrees Gemini (second decan, co-ruled by Mercury and Venus): the stereotypical flirtatious Gemini.  They are outgoing and loving, but they tend to toy with people’s feelings and are rarely honest.  This is the Gemini who will make you fall in love with them for fun.

Sun in 20-29 degrees Gemini (third decan, ro-culed by Mercury and Uranus): quirky, verging on manic pixie dream girl territory.  Detached and magnetic.  The most honest and straightforward Gemini, but also the hardest to understand.

Sun in 0-9 degrees Cancer (first decan, ruled by the moon): deeply emotional.  These are the most dramatic Cancers, as well as the most self-centered.  They are both manipulative and easily-manipulated.  They are, however, very caring, and they rarely do things out of malice, unlike other Cancers.

Sun in 10-19 degrees Cancer (second decan, co-ruled by the moon and Pluto): destructive and possessive, but also powerful and passionate.  They are wonderful friends and massively emotional.  Their emotions completely rule them, which is sometimes good and sometimes horrific.

Sun in 20-29 degrees Cancer (third decan, co-ruled by the moon and Neptune): with added mutable influence, this Cancer is hard to understand.  They trust their emotions and intuition completely, but they are very easily influenced, so they often change things about themselves.

Sun in 0-9 degrees Leo (first decan, ruled by the sun): incredibly loving, but they do love themselves most of all.  There is an intense need for praise and attention, and everything they do is about them.

Sun in 10-19 degrees Leo (second decan, co-ruled by the sun and Jupiter): I would argue that this is the most naturally powerful Leo as they combine their inherent charisma with the good luck of Jupiter.  Ambitious and intellectual.

Sun in 20-29 degrees of Leo (third decan, co-ruled by the sun and Mars): this, however, is certainly the most driven Leo, perhaps even diabolically so.  They are unable to see other people’s points of view.

Sun in 0-9 degrees Virgo (first decan, ruled by Mercury): as much as people may think that Virgos are self-critical, the double-Virgo is massively egotistical and narcissistic.  They can be wonderful friends but they believe that they know best all the time.

Sun in 10-19 degrees Virgo (second decan, co-ruled by Mercury and Saturn): the kindest Virgos, as they combine the duty of Virgo with the devotion of Capricorn.  This Virgo is intelligent and hardworking, but they may be emotionally repressed.

Sun in 20-29 degrees Virgo (third decan, co-ruled by Mercury and Venus): the ultimate charmers of the zodiac.  They are ethereal and beautiful, and something about them makes them seem godlike.  They are almost universally liked but are fairly private.

Sun in 0-9 degrees Libra (first decan, ruled by Venus): contrary to what some people may say, the pure Libra is quite selfish.  They do everything in balance, and that means carving out time for themselves.  They are also dramatically idealistic and romantic.

Sun in 10-19 degrees Libra (second decan, co-ruled by Venus and Uranus): this Libra is very independent.  They are more likely to be drawn toward typical Libra-like humanitarian careers than the other Libras.  They are the least romantic.

Sun in 20-29 degrees Libra (third decan, co-ruled by Venus and Mercury): this is the least-balanced Libra.  What may be mistaken for Scorpionic influence really comes from the wild nature of Gemini, who makes this Libra unpredictable and dominating.

Sun in 0-9 degrees Scorpio (first decan, ruled by Pluto): they can be a bit nutty.  They are the typical extreme Scorpios who want to be mysterious, enigmatic, and cool, but who are really overrun with feelings of loneliness.

Sun in 10-19 degrees Scorpio (second decan, co-ruled by Pluto and Neptune): this Scorpio is nicer and more outgoing than other Scorpios.  They are caring and attentive but dislike being told what to do.

Sun in 20-29 degrees Scorpio (third decan, co-ruled by Pluto and the moon): although this Scorpio is probably the most prone to extremes, they are also the most caring.  They can always see right from wrong.

Sun in 0-9 degrees Sagittarius (first decan, ruled by Jupiter): this is the true Sagittarius intellectual.  They appreciate both truth and harmony and are not easily rattled.  Their morals are strong, but they can be quite irresponsible.

Sun in 10-19 degrees Sagittarius (second decan, co-ruled by Jupiter and Mars): a more athletic Sagittarius.  The “boy next door” Sagittarius probably has his sun in the second decan, as this Sagittarius is ambitious and adventurous, but not as intellectual as the other decans.  Still, they are kind.

Sun in 20-29 degrees Sagittarius (third decan, co-ruled by Jupiter and the sun): the crazier Sagittarius tends to be born here.  They are prideful, powerful, and passionate, and very attractive.

Sun in 0-9 degrees Capricorn (first decan, ruled by Saturn): a graveness of spirit lies with the first decan Capricorn.  They are not necessarily ambitious, but they do hate failure.  This Capricorn is cold and logical, but they have tremendous discipline.

Sun in 10-19 degrees Capricorn (second decan, co-ruled by Saturn and Venus): the most social and outgoing Capricorn, and also the least likely to express their love because they have the most of it.  Saturn is naturally restrictive, and with Venus, that means that love is made a mountain to climb.

Sun in 20-29 degrees Capricorn (third decan, co-ruled by Saturn and Mercury): this is the luckiest Capricorn because things tend to come naturally to them.  They are intelligent and quick-witted, and the pain of Saturn is felt less thanks to Mercury’s erratic personality.

Sun in 0-9 degrees Aquarius (first decan, ruled by Uranus): loyal and affectionate, and definitely the most consistent of the Aquarius decans.  They are talented and intellectual, but they listen exclusively to themselves and border occasionally on narcissism.

Sun in 10-19 degrees Aquarius (second decan, co-ruled by Uranus and Mercury): this is the most fun Aquarius.  Aquarius is co-ruled naturally by Saturn, and Mercury, as it does with the third decan Capricorn, makes the second decan Aquarius lively and intelligent.

Sun in 20-29 degrees Aquarius (third decan, co-ruled by Uranus and Venus): of the Aquarius decans, the third is the kindest.  They have deeply-ingrained morals and value dependability.  They tend to be optimistic and fair in nature, if a bit detached.

Sun in 0-9 degrees Pisces (first decan, ruled by Neptune): the most Neptunian of the Pisces.  Emotionally intense and completely detached to everything, this Pisces floats through life with exhaustion, hoping that eventually they’ll find the proper shore.  Life is possibly an endless quest for something that will never come.

Sun in 10-19 degrees Pisces (second decan, co-ruled by Neptune and the moon): this is the romantic Pisces.  Giving and maternal, they would do anyone for the ones they love.  I would argue that they are the most strong-willed and least manipulative of the Pisces.

Sun in 20-29 degrees Pisces (third decan, co-ruled by Neptune and Pluto): the psychic Pisces.  Although some may assume that the late-born Pisces is Martian due to its neighbor Aries, it is really due to their Scorpionic influence.  The most practical Pisces.

Moon Signs & Shame/Guilt

Aries Moons face shame or regret rarely but when faced with shame they might actually find it as a huge  learning experience, a door to understanding. Aries in their nature are open and adaptable.

Taurus Moons can hang onto emotions and become fixed, this is dangerous when they come across heavy emotions like shame. But due to Taurus’s level-headedness and maybe stubbornness they might not always recognize guilt.

Gemini Moon isn’t prone to easily feeling guilty, this is from their detachment. They might approach a shameful feeling with objectivity and can find many ways to justify themselves. When weighed down by shame they can become confused, lost, and need help to overcome it.

Cancer Moons can easily be guilt-tripped by loved ones. They need to guard themselves sometimes from those who might push blame onto them. They take things to heart when it comes to feelings like shame.

Leo Moon can have a complex relationship with shame. Having an emphasis on pride means shame is very damaging to their psyche. 

Virgo Moon doesn’t handle shame well, they can really internalize it. Shame can easily be self-induced. They might harshly judge themselves.

Libra Moon usually don’t face shame, due to being good at justifying, having an objective nature, and many believing their intentions are usually good. But facing authentic guilt could really help them to mature and find self discovery. This isn’t to be mistaken with Libra’s desire to please.

Scorpio Moons can become self-destructive with their guilt. On the other hand they can be talented at denying such a feeling for self-interest.

Sagittarius Moons aren’t one to face a lot of guilt in their life but when they do, it tends to be a realization type of event/emotion.

Capricorn Moons can actually carry guilt a lot but almost never shows it. Usually their guilt comes from self-blame and is related to fear of failure. More often is their guilt because they weren’t good at something, couldn’t finish a task, meet a promise, carry out a duty, or excel. 

Aquarius Moon can have a firm grasp on good or bad and may recognize wrongdoing or frustration on a collective level but doesn’t always see how they influence others on a personal level, shame isn’t easily felt or seen for them.  But they are susceptible to people shaming them for their identity, lifestyle, or differences. This is something they might have to occasionally work thru.

Pisces Moon can get plagued by guilt but they also are masters of deflecting guilt. This is a position who understands the nature of shame well.

negative aspects+capabilities of each moon sign
  • Aries moon:
  • Stubborn and capable of extreme self-destruction
  • Taurus moon:
  • Holds too many grudges and capable of letting regret eat them alive
  • Gemini moon:
  • Overthinks everything and capable of never letting anyone see their true selves
  • Cancer moon:
  • Remembers too much and capable drive themselves crazy, extremely self-absorbed
  • Leo moon:
  • Cripplingly insecure and capable of being ruthless
  • Virgo moon:
  • Emotionally repressed and capable of being cold and cruel
  • Libra moon:
  • Emotional detachment and capable of tolerating extreme mistreatment from others
  • Scorpio moon:
  • overwhelmingly emotional and capable of destroying the very things they love
  • Sagittarius moon:
  • Extremely selfish and capable of neglecting the very people they love
  • Capricorn moon:
  • Driven by ambition and capable of being emotionless
  • Aquarius moon:
  • Extremely detached emotionally and capable of loosing touch with their emotions altogether
  • Pisces moon:
  • Extremely emotional and capable of carelessly destroying themselves
The Moon in Each Sign 🌙

Aries Moon:
Impatient, destructive when hurt, quite emotional people

Taurus Moon:
Natural placement (exaltation) beauty, patience, understanding

Gemini Moon:
Thinks emotionally and intellectually, talkative, open-minded

Cancer Moon:
Natural placement (domicile) very emotional, mother-kind of love, very caring

Leo Moon:
Sensitive with surroundings, emotional, pridefully happy

Virgo Moon:
Critical with everything, self-absorbed, sensitive

Libra Moon:
Smart, diplomatic people, indecisive

Scorpio Moon:
Dark or negative, mysterious, kind

Sagittarius Moon:
Happy go-lucky, fun or outgoing, childish

Capricorn Moon:
Unstable with emotions, inexpressive, intelligent

Aquarius Moon:
Carefree people, original, selfless

Pisces Moon:
Other-worldly or dreamy, emotional, compassionate


Never-ending. Utterly and completely silent. A watercolor of blues and greens, whites and blacks. A place of complete tranquility but also dangerous conflict. Where stars ten thousand times larger than our sun can explode, and not make a single sound. The ultimate peace. The ultimate destruction.

The place in which I wish to be.

thoughts about the nature of the diamonds

So we all know by now about the dramatic difference in size. Pink Diamond is tiny compared to Yellow and Blue, and the image that drives this home is her chair on Earth’s moon base contrasted with Yellow Diamond’s chair on the jungle moon base.

The hot take I’m getting from these two images is the very personal involvement of the Diamonds themselves in building new colonies.

I didn’t expect that. I didn’t expect that chair to belong to Pink Diamond herself, even though Peridot remarks that she is “literally walking in the very footsteps of the Diamonds”. The chair is only for “the most elite Gems” and I assumed it was for a military general or other high-ranking commander managing the project of transforming the Earth into a colony. Someone who is probably a direct report to a Diamond but not a Diamond herself.

If the chair on Earth’s moon base had been scaled for Yellow or Blue Diamond I would have realized that a Diamond was personally overseeing the new colony from the planet’s natural satellite. I don’t think I’m alone in buying into the mystique of the Diamonds as these remote, almost god-like beings (at least until that image fell apart.) I expected the Diamonds to remain on or near Homeworld.

When Peridot broadcast a message directly to Yellow Diamond in Cry for Help I remember the speculation that it would be ignored. And if Yellow Diamond deigned to respond she would forsake her flawed, lowly servant– forcing Peridot to join the Crystal Gems. To the credit of the crewniverse it went nothing like that. Peridot rejected Yellow Diamond of her own free will once she realized that the leader she idolized as “the most perfect, the most reasonable, rational, efficient decider ever to exist in the universe” chose petty revenge over resources and potential.

Up until the point where Peridot repeatedly defies her direct orders Yellow Diamond is wiling to humor her; sass, incompetence, and all. She’s willing to send a ship to retrieve a single technician. And now we see another example of Yellow Diamond interacting directly with a Gem under her command who is less than compliant: Nephrite. 

We only hear Yellow’s side of the conversation but it’s eerily familiar. “You have disrespected this channel and my time with your presence” vs. “There will be no more excuses. Get it done. And don’t expect me to look kindly upon this transgression.” When Yellow threatens to personally shatter Nephrite and her crew if they don’t follow orders I sense that she means to do it.

The Diamonds are obviously more than figureheads but I had no idea they were so hands-on. This gives a new urgency to Yellow pleading, “Where’s their Diamond when they need her, Blue? You’ve got to be a leader, Blue!” 

Blue Diamond is more than a head of state who can delegate duties to her staff. She’s expected to be intimately involved with the expansion of the Gem empire and building new colonies. Literally in the hot seat, in the war room.

Is the resource crisis a direct result of Blue Diamond neglecting her duties? The Gem way of life isn’t sustainable but Blue isn’t helping. 

Aspects to the Moon
  • Moon-Sun aspects: The vital forces and emotional state switch on and off without notice, there can be difficulty with excessive and under stimulation. They can find themselves suddenly responding inappropriately to their surroundings or overwhelmed by a disorienting tide of emotions
  • Moon-Mercury aspects: Communicates with the tone of emotion. Can experience good internal balance and relief through conversation, can also suffer misinterpretation and miscommunication due to emotional bias
  • Moon-Venus aspects: The social expression is philosophical, inclusive, and accepting. They see friends and loved ones as a blessing. The substance of their relationships can directly regulate the emotional baseline
  • Moon-Mars aspects: The emotions rise passion, desire, and energy supplies and they can put up a great battle against their emotions, but eventually this combat bleeds out and begins to affect everyone around them
  • Moon-Jupiter aspects: The emotional experience swells until it occludes everything else in view and takes complete control. In positive expressions there is great exuberant peaks, in negative expressions feelings can reach a state of destructive disproportion
  • Moon-Saturn aspects: There is a desire to analyse and scrutinise emotions as they begin to form and flow. Emotional demonstrations, response, and rage become trapped inside and sink into the unconscious and become internalised critical voices that were once meant to slay their opponent
  • Moon-Neptune aspects: There are 2 forms of memory that occur. One is the experienced, authentic, objective recollection. The other memory is the emotionally filtered, idealised, and subjective experience. There can be a tendency to reflect on childhood and further relationships with rose-coloured glasses and deny if mistreatment occured
  • Moon-Uranus aspects: There can be wild, unstable, and unpredictable behaviour that arises with high emotional stimulus. The individual tries to ascend above the emotional experience, put on the clinical frames and study them like they belong to someone else
  • Moon-Pluto aspects: You see their face drop, their fists tighten, or their breath shorten in a subtle display of emotional distress. You don't see the days, weeks, or months after that they spend by themselves searching for the triggers, reliving the agony, and perishing their emotional pain with the fire inside that burns part of them alive too
  • -C.
The Hardest Love Aspects & What They Mean

Sun Square Venus: Being over-indulging, playing games, being passive aggressive, and charming people into doing what they want. Sun Square Venus often sets expectations too high and always ends up disappointed. If there is a breakup, it could lead to hatred.

Moon Square Venus: Feels they need approval and has hunger for affection. They can be possessive, lazy, and self destructive. Moon Square Venus has strong emotions and needs and often fears loss or disapproval. The Aspect’s insecurities and fears result in a negative behavior that can create a rough relationship.

Mercury Square Venus: The balance with this placement is learning to hear both’s opinions, feelings, and ideas. This aspect creates images of positive ideas rather than looking at the negative side of one’s own relationship. Sensitive to one’s views. Can have difficulties communicating.

Venus Square Mars: Venus Square Mars is a true romantic who needs an active romantic relationship and sexual life. This aspect deals with marriage and romantic difficulties. Although Venus Square Mars is faithful, they can be demanding. Challenges sometimes can be behind the kind of art they make. It can be difficult for them balancing the masculine and feminine energies.

Venus Square Jupiter: Indulging, carelessness, and arrogance. They have problems sticking to one idea. They feel a need to be free and not be controlled by what their partners says or wants to do. They want to make the adjustments and that’s what makes them happy. But when it doesn’t happen their way there is an empty gesture.

Venus Square Saturn: There’s a detachment with this aspect. They’re good at protecting their own feelings and needs. Does have a hard time expressing how they feel. Sometimes can be negative towards a relationship. This is a very reserved aspect and has a hard time trusting people which can lead people into thinking they’re not in love.

Venus Square Uranus: They can confuse their partners with their indecisiveness. They’ll often cover up how they feel. Therefore, it’s hard for Venus Square Uranus to open up to one’s feelings. This aspect is all about learning to balance things out. From too much space to no space at all and their need for closeness to a need for personal freedom.

Venus Square Neptune: This aspect naturally accepts unnatural behaviors because of their openness and kindness. They create a vision of what they want their relationship to be like. Whereas on the other hand, their vision is not what it’s like in the relationship.
They often cling themselves to romance relationships. The disappointment for them is learning that they need to live in reality and accept the natural good traits from their partner that they weren’t picturing.

Venus Square Pluto: This aspect is controlling of their relationship. Their feelings and expectations can be intense. Sometimes Venus Square Pluto can attract Love-Hate relationships. They can easily put pressure on their partner while expecting loyalty in return. This placement is all about learning about themselves through relationships. Also breakups are hard for this aspect.

Random Godly Domains: Depending on your system and in-game universe, there may already be a pantheon, singular or lack of Gods. However, people are superstitious wherever your players go and the Random Domains Tables allow a DM to generate a domain, theme or patronage to quickly flesh out a trinket with a “Random Godly Domain”.  These deities can be minor or local Gods to the area, trumped up mages, patron saints, angels, demons, powerful fey, or demigods. Remember these “Gods” don’t have to exist in the same way other deity’s do in your setting who are able to take physical form and can just be a form of local superstition or have cult-like status. For a truly random domain, roll a d6 (Rerolling 6's) to select the table, then roll (Somehow) on that table.

–1, Good Domains:

  1. Good
  2. Light
  3. Air
  4. Life
  5. Healing
  6. Protection
  7. Sun
  8. Glory
  9. Hope
  10. Love
  11. Creation
  12. Mercy
  13. Forgiveness
  14. Redemption
  15. Loyalty
  16. Purity
  17. Devotion
  18. Peace
  19. Good Fortune
  20. Community
  21. Heroism
  22. Liberation
  23. Friendship 
  24. Dawn
  25. Cooperation 
  26. Angels
  27. Restoration 
  28. Day
  29. Joy
  30. Home

–2, Evil Domains:

  1. Evil
  2. War
  3. Darkness
  4. Undeath
  5. Revenge
  6. Shadow
  7. Torment
  8. Tyranny
  9. Greed
  10. Corruption
  11. Rot
  12. Decay
  13. Wrath
  14. Pain
  15. Slaughter
  16. Misfortune
  17. Betrayal
  18. Fear
  19. Slavery
  20. Espionage 
  21. Plagues 
  22. Desolation
  23. Loss 
  24. Arson 
  25. Blood 
  26. Demons
  27. Catastrophe 
  28. Night
  29. Torture 
  30. Murder 

–3, Neutral Domains:

  1. Neutrality
  2. Balance
  3. Nature
  4. Seas
  5. Fire
  6. Death
  7. Animals / Beasts
  8. Strength
  9. Plants
  10. Travel
  11. Dragons
  12. Fate
  13. Memory
  14. Art
  15. Pleasure
  16. Magic
  17. Exploration
  18. Beauty
  19. Ancestors
  20. Time
  21. Music
  22. Void
  23. Weather
  24. Oceans 
  25. Thought 
  26. Portal 
  27. Inevitability
  28. Resolve 
  29. Renewal  
  30. Ash and Dust

–4, Lawful Domains:

  1. Law
  2. Order
  3. Earth
  4. Metal
  5. Trade
  6. Knowledge
  7. Judgement
  8. The Forge
  9. Truth
  10. Justice
  11. Time
  12. Strategy
  13. Construction and Building
  14. Alchemy
  15. Education
  16. Language
  17. Harvest
  18. Agriculture
  19. Civilization
  20. Diplomacy
  21. Artifice
  22. Nobility
  23. Duels 
  24. Competition 
  25. Industry 
  26. Rituals
  27. Secrets
  28. Bureaucracy
  29. Defense 
  30. Honor 

–5, Chaotic Domains:

  1. Chaos
  2. Storm
  3. Trickery
  4. Luck
  5. Moon
  6. Destruction
  7. Vengeance
  8. Illusion
  9. Lies
  10. Lust
  11. Imagination
  12. Anarchy
  13. Dreams
  14. Insanity
  15. Conspiracies
  16. Deception
  17. Nightmares
  18. Inspiration
  19. Change
  20. Rebirth
  21. Charm
  22. Freedom
  23. Madness
  24. Revelation 
  25. Captivation
  26. Fey
  27. Transformation 
  28. Whimsy 
  29. Thievery 
  30. Pride
Baneful Aspects of the Cosmos 🌌

This is a list of celestial bodies that have baneful associations - these correspondences can be good for curses, hexes, and banishing magick. 


  • Mars - aggression, war, power
  • Saturn - chaos, justice, revenge
  • Neptune - illusion, chaos, confusion
  • Pluto - death, mystery, crisis

Asteroids, Comets, & Minor Planets:

  • Eris - discord, strife, revenge
  • Lilith - fear, suffering, conflict, crisis

Lunar Phases:

  • Waning Crescent - banishing
  • Dark Moon - destruction, banishing, justice

Other Celestial Bodies:

  • Black Holes - banishing, destruction, darkness
  • Comets - stillness, isolation, stasis
  • Supernovae - destruction