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I thought I’d sum up all of the different characters and events that happened in Equestria one thousand years before the current timeline. Turns out Equestria was a dark and terrifying place. :v


You’ll make an excellent trophy to present father with.

“Get up,” Sebastian said. “You have five seconds before I kill you where you are.” Jace stood as slowly as he thought he could get away with. He was still a little dizzy. Fighting for balance, he dug the heels of his boots into the soft dirt, trying to give himself some stability. “Why did you bring me out here?” “Two reasons,” Sebastian said. “One, I enjoyed knocking you out. Two, it would be bad for either of us to get blood on the floor of that cavern. Trust me. And I intend to spill plenty of your blood.” Jace felt at his belt, and his heart sank. Either he’d dropped most of his weapons while Sebastian was dragging him through the tunnels, or, more likely, Sebastian had thrown them away. All he had left was a dagger. It was a short blade-too short, no match for the sword. “Not much of a weapon, that.” Sebastian grinned, white in the moon-dazzled darkness. “I can’t fight with this,” Jace said, trying to sound as quavering and nervous as he could.  "What a shame.“ Sebastian came closer to Jace, grinning. He was holding his sword loosely, theatrically unconcerned, the tips of his fingers beating a light rhythm on the hilt. If there was ever going to be an opening for him, Jace thought, this was probably it. He swung his arm back and punched Sebastian as hard as he could in the face. - City Of Glass

Never Be Alone

shawn mendes x reader

prompt: After years of always being by each other’s side, Shawn and reader are finally separated. The only question is, how will they hold up?

Author’s note: I’ve had this in my drafts since December but I had extreme writer’s block.

“take a piece of my heart, and make it all your own, so when we are apart, you’ll never be alone”

I was awake in bed, like I had been for a few nights now. Everything was so perfect for so long. But now, all I feel is conflict deep inside my bones. Why couldn’t life just stay easy? Why does everything have to change? More importantly, how do I tell him. I gripped the envelope in my hand, the envelope that would change everything. I was excited, I couldn’t deny that, but I was also distraught, to say the least. I looked up at the ceiling of  my dimly lit room before turning my attention to the window; the calm, black sky was twinkling with stars. I smiled, trying to keep the image in my mind, as I would have to leave behind soon. I breathed hesitantly and reached for my phone. Just as I was dialing the number, I received a call, from him.  I smiled gently and touched the green button.

“Hey, I was just about to call you.” I laughed into the phone.

“Maybe it’s telepathy.” Shawn joked. I giggled through the phone.

“I need to talk to you about something.” I breathed, my tone became serious and the mood became heavy. Shawn noticed this and his breath hitched in his throat.

“I need to tell you something too, but not tonight. Meet me in the tree house tomorrow at 8PM.” Shawn addressed

“The tree house? You’re kidding? How do you know we’ll even fit in there anymore.” I teased.

“Just trust me, it’s important.” Shawn sighed. My face relaxed and I remained silent for a while.

“Alright, I’ll meet you there Shawn.” I spoke in an all-too neutral tone. We whispered our goodbyes and ended the call.

I gently placed the phone back on my nightstand. Staring out the window, I smiled as I remembered Shawn’s voice, so soft and velvety, speaking to me moments ago. A calm breeze before the storm that was to come.

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Yoongi - Timeless.

The Save Me Series

Genre:  Romance / Fantasy

Summary: Yoongi is a cursed man, having been vanished from society he lives his days howling to the moon, craving for something he knows he cannot have.Yoongi is alone and he’s more than sure that his destiny is live as the cursen forsaken creature he is. A lone wolf. He has no idea someone has also been yearning from him, until you come before him, like a light fallen from the sky.

He ran as fast as he could, getting out of his house at dusk, his legs going at full speed through the grass. But Yoongi knew he could do better. With a loud growl he jumped, and when he fell down to the grass again he was no longer a man running with his two legs.

Four paws hit the ground, the strong muscles impulsing him forward in a way he couldn’t have dreamed of if he was in his human form. Now this was speed, his limbs moving in a way it made him feel powerful, it was how he knew he could jump incredibly high, how he knew he could accelerate his pace and go even faster, how his senses were now magnified to an extent that was impossible to explain; his eyes, his nose, even feeling the flavor of the air in his mouth, it smelled of pure nature, the other animals in the forrest, wood and the fallen leaves of autumn; and how he could kill, with a simple bite he could kill almost anything.

The moon was already on the sky, although it wasn’t high enough or bright enough since it wasn’t completely night yet. Yoongi ran faster until he was at the top of a hill, the one he always went when it was full moon night. He liked the hill, it wasn’t that far from his cottage but it was far enough to feel like he was completely alone. Not that anyone else lived in the cottage, but just having it there made him think of people, and he didn’t like to think about anything else when the full moon rose in the sky, his attention was just for it and in his wolf form he felt even more bounded to be just with the moon, nothing else.

So he waited for the night to fall completely, sitting there looking at the sky; as it changed colors the moon went higher, as it got darker the moon gained light, and there, in the middle of nowhere with no sight of human life near him, the moon made a luminary scene that took his breath away. It always did, every month Yoongi felt overwhelmed by it, how that light hypnotized him, he couldn’t stare elsewhere, he couldn’t think of anything ese, just that bright and round light in the sky.

As the night grew even darker he felt his chest being oppressed. Before, years ago, Yoongi would’ve panicked a little thinking he was suffering of some disease; but he was used to it by now, he was indeed suffering of something, but not what he used to think.

It was the effect of the moon, how it made him feel like he was alone in this world, it made him feel like he should stay on that hill looking at the sky forever, he craved that light like nothing else in this world. Yoongi’s heart beat faster while staring at it, the moon, glistening in pure powerful energy that carved to his very bones.Yoongi felt like crying, and he knew that if he was in his human form he would be crying madly by now, but he was a wolf, and wolves didn’t cry.

Instead he propped his neck up and howled, strong and tearing, sharing with the moon his most secret afflictions, his desires and all his longing. Yoongi howled and howled, the intense feelings going out there in a torrent of cries that you could only be heard in the depth of the night. 

He gazed at the moon, feeling watched by it, it reminded him how alone he was in this world, but it made his spirit soar at the same time because if the moon was in the sky then there was something that could listen to Yoongi’s laments; it reminded him of the damned creature he had become, he was no longer human.

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Moonlight Kiss

Beep boop take this little Stanchez fic I’ve been working on and finally finished

“The moon sure is great tonight.”

Rick turned his head so fast he nearly got whiplash. “Eh–h-hey, Lee. Nearly scared the sh-shit outta me there.” He laughed.

“Sorry,” Stan replied with a grin, sliding down the roof to sit next to the scientist. He opened a Pitt cola with a soft sst and took a long sip before offering another can to Rick. “Want one?”

Rick shook his head and held up his flask. “Nah. G-got me some of the good stuff.”

The two men stared up at the star-speckled sky, the tiny dots wildly outshone by the dazzling full moon. The pair was silent, but comfortably so.

Rick eventually broke the silence. “I c-could take you there, one day.”

“Where?” Stan glanced over at him.

“Out–out there.” He waved a hand dramatically at the endless expanse of the universe. “I c-can take you anywhere out there.”

Stan gazed out at the stars. “What’s it like?”

Rick shrugged. “Weird. Bloody. Sc-scary. Got some good bars, though.”

“Leave it to you to find all the space bars,” Stan chuckled.

The corner of Rick’s mouth turned upward as he jabbed Stan playfully with a sharp elbow. “Wh-what’s that supposed to mean, w-wise guy?”

“It means,” Stan replied, nudging Rick back, “that you’re the kind of guy who would try to find every space bar in the known universe.”

“In every known universe,” Rick corrected. “Th-there’s millions of u-universes.”

Stan whistled a low, impressed whistle. “And you’ve been to all of them?”

“Nah, just the good ones.” Rick took another sip from his flask and went back to gazing at the moon, and the pair was quiet again.

This time, Stan was the one to break the silence. “But there isn’t anything quite like our own big, shiny moon, is there?” His face smiled, but his voice betrayed how unsure he was.

“Not really.” Rick shifted a little closer to Stan and snuck an arm around Stan’s waist, leaning against one broad shoulder. The bigger man stiffened for a moment before returning the gesture. “I mean, the double sunsets over on Klaxion-5 are hard to beat, but th-there’s nothing quite like Earth. H-home sweet home, or wh-whatever.”

Stan laughed, and they both drew a little closer to each other, enjoying the warmth of their bodies which combated the chilly light of the moon.

“I’d like to see this double sunset sometime,” Stan said after a pause.

“Just s-say the word and I’ll get us there in a flash,” Rick declared, swinging his free arm dramatically. “I’ve, I’ve got the whooooooole universe at my fingertips.” He repeated the gesture, this time pulling away to use both arms before flopping back against Stan’s side. “The who-whole universe,” he reiterated, his words beginning to slur.

“Mmm,” Stan grinned. “Maybe tomorrow.” He turned to look at Rick, whose eyes were full of starlight and whose face was distant and slack. He tapped Rick’s chin until he looked at him before pulling him in for a kiss.

“For now,” he said, “I just wanna stay right here on Earth. With you.”

icescreamonthewall  asked:

Malasadashipping ^-^

Hau x Moon? Ooh~ I love this one too! (I love all the ships in my floatilla,‘and no one can stop me!!!)

who hogs the duvet

- Moon. However, it often saves them from rolling onto the floor as she’ll cuddle up to Hau,who’ll roll away and drag them onto the floor accidentally. More often than not they end up on the floor, very confused in the morning.

who texts/rings to check how their day is going

- Hau. He’s the one who’s most likely to have the random thought of “I wonder how Moon is” and send a message. Moon will occasionally send photos, but she’s more eager for face-to-face interactions.

who’s the most creative when it comes to gifts

- They’re both pretty creative, but Hau wins at that. He’s the most likely to make something special with his own hands that he’s sure will dazzle Moon. More often than not he’s absolutely right.

who gets up first in the morning

- Hau, which wakes Moon up as she tries to grab his leg and drag him back to bed. She’ll get up when food is being made though, and groggily lay her head on the table until it’s served.

who suggests new things in bed

- Hau. Moon wouldn’t be shy about it, but wouldn’t always know how to put it. Hau simply drops it between them with a big grin with no worry whatsoever.

who cries at movies

- Hau. Moon ends up comforting him and letting him cuddle up to her later.

who gives unprompted massages

- Hau. Moon is extremely appreciative of them, as she has her title to defend, Pokémon to train, and don’t get her started on the Battle Tree. She does make sure to return the favor though, as Hau has his own things to work on, obviously.

who fusses over the other when they’re sick

- Moon. Hau tried to brush it off, but then Moon is worried he’ll do something crazy like go out and get stuck somewhere. She lets him wander a bit, but for the most part she cuddles up with him and watches movies while he gets better.

who gets jealous easiest

- Hau. Moon does get jealous, but Hau constantly reminds her that he’s with the Alolan Pokemon Champion; of COURSE he has more reason to be jealous. She’s conceded that point.

who has the most embarrassing taste in music

- Hau. But after sharing it with Moon, they both tend to belt out the songs at the top of their lungs like no one else can hear them.

who collects something unusual

- Hau. He collects the photos Moon takes and has them scrapbooked. He also had Rotom take random other photos for him to keep whenever it thinks it’d be something Hau would like to see.

who takes the longest to get ready

- Hau. His hair causes him the most issues, though Moon is happy to help.

who is the most tidy and organised

- Neither, though some think Moon is. In actually she’s just gone most of the time and can’t make as much of a mess.

who gets most excited about the holidays

- Hau. He decorated and everything, getting Moon to laugh and toss him the decorations.

who is the big spoon/little spoon

- They switch, though Moon ends up the big spoon more often.

who gets most competitive when playing games and/or sports

- Moon. Hau constantly keeps her on her toes though, as he’d always a step behind her.

who starts the most arguments

- Hau. Mostly about whether or not it’s a good idea to open their own malasada shop.

who suggests that they buy a pet

- Hau. He just wants someone to go on walks with him when Moon’s not around.

what couple traditions they have

- Hau challenged Moon as often as he can, except on their anniversaries.

- Eating malasada together at least once a week (Hau would’ve had it every day, but Moon convinced him that “at least” was flexible).

what tv shows they watch together

- Who’s Poké is it Anyway? Where people try to guess who has which Pokémon in which region. Hau and Moon always laugh when they try to do Moon, as her team always is changing.

what other couple they hang out with

- Lillie/Gladion and their s/o, Kukui and Burnet, Guzma and his s/o.

how they spend time together as a couple

- They likely would spend time surfing and playing together.

- If they could find a small island and a small area where they could lay on the beach, trace sweet nothings on each others arms and watch the calming waves.

who made the first move

- Moon. Hau was oblivious until Moon all but shook him in exasperation. He then laughed and held her close, apologizing and promising that he’d do better at noticing what she wanted.

who brings flowers home

- Moon, usually from the various places she’s been. It keeps a fresh smell and filled with wonderful scents.

who is the best cook

- Hau, though Moon had learnt quite a bit. Hau simply picked up on cooking more because he’s the early riser of the duo.

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when the werewolf decides stays home on a full moon, they make the ultimate wolf den in their backyard. cuddled in blankets and pillows, nature's scent around them, wind rustling the leaves, the full moon bright and stars dazzling in the sky. their limbs itch to move, lycanthropy boiling in their veins, but they force themselves to relax and simply enjoy the outdoors. they are a child of the wilds now, after all. (anyone who dares try and interrupt this are punished swiftly. let the dog rest.)

Watched Rainbow Rocks again, because I’m a slut for that movie. I really enjoy singing along with the songs. My favorite Dazzling is actually Sonata - like that’s a surprise - but I wanted to draw Aria.

No, I’m not an active brony/pegasister anymore.

Sorry about the lack of art, I’ve just been extremely unmotivated the past few weeks. 

Even by night, the Port of Naples is alive with shouts and laughter and work-songs, the roar of engines. Brick warehouses loom over the moon-dazzled bay. By day, you try to stay below decks. The sun hits like a hammer, and the wind always seems to come straight from the struggling sewers of the slums.