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So, a Water Tribe Betrothal Necklace is, traditionally, a hand-carved piece of jewelry given by a bride-to-be’s intended. It’s clear that a very traditional theme to have is a sense of roundness. This is shown by the first four necklaces shown.

The bottom two, Bolin’s, and Kya’s, differ highly from this, making them non-traditional. Now Bolin’s makes sense in the context we’re given from the show. Eska was shown to be slightly deranged and didn’t understand that Bolin wanted to get out of their relationship. The heavy-gothic themes help to show the dread, despair, and chain-like quality Bolin must feel. Despite this though, it still features a somewhat-round centerpiece like the traditional necklaces do.

But, Kya’s is also different. We found out via Word of God that Kya is LGBTA+. If she’s wearing a necklace, does this mean that her (assumed) wife carved it for her? Did Kya carve out one similarly for her wife? 

I like to assume that the design Kya wears also symbolizes how her relationship is non-traditional, just as her necklace is.

Also don’t picture Korra and/or Asami carving and giving the other a necklace.

Un-Binding Spell

A spell to proclaim the end of a relationship, or to remove somebody problematic/negative from your life. Note~ This is not a breakup spell, or a spell written specifically for love; it is rather a spell to move on after a conflict of any sort.

Written by Rainy-day-Witchcraft / Please do not remove source!


  • Two black candles
  • Black ribbon
  • Red thread
  • Object of importance (It should be an object associated with this person; In this example, I will use a necklace)
  • Bottle or Jar
  • Knife/Athame

For extra power, perform on: First Quarter/Waning Half-Moon 

Step 1.

Carve both your name and the name of the other person into each candle with your knife or athame. (Sigils, symbols, or banishing words may also be carved)When this is done, anchor them both into the ground or surface straight across from each other, no more than a few inches. Be sure they will not move or fall over!

Step 2.

Tie the candles with either end of the black ribbon, chanting:

“This ribbon represents the bond which holds us together”

Tie the red threat to both, again, chanting:

“This thread represents the string of fate, binding us together”

After placing the object (necklace) in front of your candles; hold up your knife, and chant firmly and strongly:

“This knife represents our separation; I cut this bond with the power and will that will cause [Enter name here] to never return to my life or bring me [Enter emotion here/ Grief, saddness, anger, etc.] ever again.

So mote it be -”

Swing your knife down between the candles, rupturing or cutting both the ribbon and thread. It’s alright if they fall, or if the ribbon and thread do not break. Just take the knife and saw through the middle until they break completely. (Just do not let the flame go out!) When completely separated, proclaim:

“ - it is done.”

Step 3.

Place the object within the jar tangled up in the pieces of ribbon and thread, along with all negative energies and attractions you hold associated with the person. Quickly seal the lid and let the other person’s candle melt down over the top of the bottle, containing the spell. 

Step 4.

While the candle melts over the bottle, bring the candle with your name carved into it to a windowsill or table, and allow it to burn out. As the flame becomes lower and lower, it fills your life with positive energy and opportunity where that problematic person once was!

Step 5.


Collect the jar and dispose of it properly. You may keep it if you choose to do so, but ever breaking the seal will cause the spell to cease it’s magick; in other words, will no longer work! It is preferred that you bury it, but your disgarding method is up to you ~

Hopefully some of my fellow witches and magickal practicers find this helpful! Let my know if you have any questions or comments ~

➺ Rainy


Carving a moon jar.

From @joshuaflicker - I’ve been wanting to make a #moonjar ever since attending a workshop featuring @stevenylee demonstrating his work @archie_bray. #wip #potteryvideos #pottery #video #videooftheday #ceramics #ceramic #clay #makersgonnamake #maker #art #craft #herringbone #pattern #carving #saltlakecity #utah #clayart @pottery_videos @potterymakinginfo #pia

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So, uh, not completely sure it qualifies, but i carved the Danny Phantom D into a white pumpkin, and I’m just gonna say it is for Ectober Week: Pumpkin Spice/ Insects? Its. Its a pumpkin. That totally counts.
The original picture is the top left. What it looks like with a candle in the dark is the bottom right. And the rest are filters of the original. This is my contribution to the Phandom, i guess.


Rune charm pendants (Perthro and Othala) and Lead to Gold Transmutation Alchemy Ring hand carved by Moon and Serpent

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there’s blood under my nails and crescent moons carved into the paleness of my palms. how do you survive when you’re the one tearing yourself apart?

the moon, looming pale and large and cratered, calls my name. i see my face in her uneven flesh.

my limbs are trembling beneath the burden atlas wants to place upon my tender back. i ask him, “what good does it do to tear yourself apart with the world already does that for you?”

the moon is my face; i ask, “what does it mean that the loneliest being in existence is the one my heart can’t seem to let go?”

his limbs are paralyzed from the centuries of holding up the world’s woes, and yet he smiles. he smiles and he whispers to me, “don’t you know? the moon is so loved. the sun lets her shine. the stars dim themselves so she can be bright. the moon is so loved.”

the world on my back and atlas at my feet, we watch the night darken. we watch the moon light up the globe.

—  moon girl // (h.q.)

“Nature is my one true love, for nature has never harmed me. My only wish is to honor it’s beauty, and never forget the life it has bestowed upon me.” 🌙. Today’s project, antler forked dream catcher necklace with amethyst cabochon, and quartz point inlay, decorated with recycled silk, and a hand carved moon.


etsyfindoftheday 2 | 9.1.15

inanna ring in blue sapphire & 14k gold by butchandmiggs

another unique jewelry piece, this time in blue sapphire — butchandmiggs’ hand-carved inanna ring’s intricate, special little details are sure to delight you. what’s more? this ring (as with many of their pieces) is also available in a silver version.