moon age

it’s like 6 am and I’ve been awake for three hours let me tell you a Sailor Moon thing I love 

so the dark kingdom arc ends and it’s an unexpected hit and they’re getting a new season and everyone’s running around with their heads cut off because SHIT SHIT and in the midst of all this some executive is like

look we can’t forget the most important part of this is the merch

so Naoko my buddy

and Naoko is like “I haven’t slept in months and I’m writing weird sleep deprived stories that only half make sense that people will be overanalyzing like the unerring bible for decades. What the fuck do you want”

and the exec is all look you gotta make us some new transformation baubles to sell to the kiddos like just real quick please ‘cause toys

and Naoko is like 


And so all the girls get new transformation thingies. No more transformation pens. Say hello to the star power stick. And how do the girls get their star power sticks?

Luna just finds them under a couch or smth 

and just hands them over in the least plotty, most cavalier scene of possibly the entire series

here have some sticks I guess

It’s not a power upgrade/emotional scene where they’re too weak and the wands appear to them. They aren’t bestowed to them by Queen Serenity, or summoned by friendship. 

Luna was just like “oh yeah I forgot, we have spare sticks. you know, like people just keep around”

and so like, this is fucking ripe for improvement in adaptation. The R series needed to stall for time to allow Naoko to write, right? So maybe they add a subplot, beef this up a bit…

NOPE! “look, sticks” - Luna. Who just has a bunch of magic space sticks lying around, apparently.

And of course in Crystal

no one asks where she got them, no one is curious at their existence, there is no swell of music or anyone sensing a new immense power

just like “oh, here. sticks.”

fucking amazing.