moon 1999

This song was for his ex Carmen Electra who cheated on him while in her hometown. He put her in a room and played this and when it was over, he sent her back home on a plane to LA. But its One of my favorites. Just in honor of me missing him. This song still gives me chills.

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anonymous asked:

Why does everyone say Wicca is appropriative?

Wicca was created from combining archetypes of several Pagan religions, under the ideology that all religions worship the same Divinity, except under different names and forms (a theory first coined by egyptologist Margaret Murray, which was later disproven). Gardner brought a lot of influence from when he was a civil servant learning about the cultural practice of the native peoples of Malaya. He also revealed a lot of practices from his initial covens, like the New Forest Coven (among others), that weren’t supposed to be revealed. Like many other occult traditions rising in the 20th century, many Wiccan techniques were influenced by Jewish magical cultures, plus some from Islamic and Romani as well. 

I should add that Gardner was not secretive about his influences whatsoever. He included his influences and resources in his writing. Back in the 1950′s, people obviously didn’t have the cultural standards that we do in 2017, so they thought, “Wow, that is super legit!”

Gardner’s historical and cultural inaccuracies weren’t analyzed with any sort of historical backing until Triumph of the Moon was published in 1999. You can imagine how much backlash that book got.

Some avoid Wicca because of it, some try to change certain rituals, and some believe that Wicca’s morphing of these beliefs transformed them into something else entirely. You can make up your own mind on this subject.