Crier Type Based on Moon Aspects🌙

Harmonious moon/sun aspects: Passionate-crier; You cry when your ego and feelings are insulted or threatened, which is reasonable, yea? Both parts of your identity usually co-align with each other, so when you’re insulted you either rationalize your feelings ~or~ take it to heart because you take it as insulting your being x2, because sun&moon are both parts of your identity (thus, getting ~passionate~ about yourself).

Discordant moon/sun aspects: Dramatic-crier; You cry when you’re utterly conflicted with yourself because you are constantly at odds with your wants and needs and you tend to want to blame someone for it (when in reality, it’s just you debilitating yourself).

Harmonious moon/mercury aspects: Logical-crier; you cry when your intelligence is insulted, but you’re logical with your emotions because you thoroughly examine them before crying. You can get uncomfortably and oddly expressive when you cry though, (e.g laughing while crying) and people are like, weirded out by that.

Discordant moon/mercury aspects: Irrational-crier, animated-crier; You tend to anxiously take comments to heart, as a personal attack on your feelings&opinions, even if the matter probably didn’t concern you. This is because you have trouble separating your logic/feelings. Verbal diarrhea of feelings can become a problem and you have mood swings while you’re crying (eg. angry one second, laughing the next) and again, weirds people out~

Harmonious moon/Venus aspects: Sweet-heart-crier; You cry when you’re lonely! Venus is about relationships/connection with others, moon is your feelings. You seek emotional connections with others and when you don’t get it, it takes a toll on you. However, you tend to put the needs of others before your own because you would hate to be bothersome to others and this can build up, so be careful…you’ll become the attention-seeking-crier.

Discordant moon/Venus aspects: Attention-seeking-crier; You’re prone to being emotionally dependent so you especially tend to cry when you’re lonely. Only difference is that you feel people should dote on you&show you affection when you cry because you would personally do the same for them, yea? But you must remember that acting out kindness and expecting rewards in return isn’t genuine kindness.

All moon/mars aspects: Angry-crier; Very simple~ you cry when you’re angry or frustrated, when you can’t express your anger in the way you want to, #tantrum alert

All Jupiter aspects: Exaggerated-crier; You cry when you feel emotionally confined, which is reasonable, but your emotions easily inflate; you cry when there’s a minor inconvenience, no matter how petty the matter, and tend to blow things out of proportion. Your feelings overflow and with the influence of harsh aspects you get so pessimistic about everything after that minor inconvenience (hence, further exaggeration)

All moon/Saturn aspects: Suffer-in-silence-crier; What is crying??? Kidding! You cry but you keep it to yourself because you believe structuring yourself is important, to always look composed no matter what.

Harmonious moon/Uranus aspects: Freedom-crier; These people are very good at distancing themselves from emotions, yet know how to be emotionally present, making them emotionally aware. That distance from their emotion is their “emotional freedom” and so they’ll likely react over a situation involving it being threatened or taken away.

Discordant moon/Uranus aspects: Unpredictable-crier; The moon represents your feelings, Uranus is a livewire, it’s shocking and different. Put them together and no one knows why you react the way you do; in other words, no one knows why you cry?? Emotional delays are so common with these two together and for that reason their emotions are unpredictable. This makes the person emotionally unaware, perhaps emotionally unstable. They must learn to confront their feelings but distance themselves at the same time.

All moon/Neptune aspects: Drunk-crier, escapist-crier; Whether it be drunk on alcohol or drunk on your daydreams, you cry over everything; and this is because you feel the emotions of others and your own, very empathetic.  As a result, you may resort to closing into your mind because you perceive the real world as being too much for you.

Harmonious moon/Pluto aspects; Soulful-crier; You’re so in tune with your emotions and the emotions of others and still know how to handle all of it. You tend to cry during emotional turmoil, because Pluto enhances and intensifies emotions. When you cry it’s an ordeal, but you’re renewed in the end, you have grown from the experience.

Discordant moon/Pluto aspects: Conspiracy-crier; You’re so suspicious! You mostly cry when you can’t handle emotional crisis. You also tend to cry when you feel your trust is betrayed, but with harsh aspects sometimes your trust wasn’t even betrayed you’re just overly skeptical, because you have #trust issues. You then proceed to feel like everyone is against you, but keep it to yourself because you get extremely private and secretive with your emotions and this can get very self-destructive, so be careful~


I thought I’d sum up all of the different characters and events that happened in Equestria one thousand years before the current timeline. Turns out Equestria was a dark and terrifying place. :v

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anonymous asked:

idk if you've done this before but placements that make someone self-sacrificial or selfless to an unhealthy degree?

- Moon/Venus in Pisces, Virgo, or Libra
- Saturn in Pisces, Virgo, sometimes Cancer
- Moon/Venus in the 6th / 7th / 11th / 12th house
- Saturn in the 4th / 6th / 7th / 11th / 12th house
- Moon/Venus/Saturn/Neptune in the 1st house
- Moon/Venus in discordant aspect to Saturn/Neptune
- Ascendant in discordant aspect to Saturn/Neptune

Every pony cheered for the princesses. Not only would this be the long awaited start of summer, but it was most certainly a day of great joy. For once in a thousand moons, the Summer Sun Celebration could be celebrated with both sisters present.

First was Luna, as she flew up and used her alicorn magic to lower the moon.

Discord was getting anxious.

Discord: Keira, I really need to ask you something…

Keira: Not right now, I got to see this.

Next, Celestia flew up and used her magic to start raising the sun.

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placements that would make someone more likely to be a bully?

- Ascendant/sun in Aries, Cancer, Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn
- Moon/Mars in Aries, Cancer, Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Pisces
- Ascendant/moon in DISCORDANT aspect to Mars/Uranus/Pluto
- Mars/Uranus/Pluto in the 1st/3rd/7th/sometimes 12th house

Very Small Big Baddies

I just wasn’t feelin very artsy due to some blah mood, so to get through this art block, I smooshied some ponies ( and not pony ) who would really NOT appreciate being called “cute”.  And I know one of them isn’t canon, but I really, really like Solar Flare.  I feel like if she ever met NMM, the two would cause a war so massive for claim over the land, that there wouldn’t BE much land left over.  And Trixie.. well she is the GREAT and powerful Trixie, so she made it into the group shot of Great villains.

( and I’m so sorry Sunset Shimmer and Starlight Glimmer, Solar Flare and Trixie took your spots ; u ; please forgive me )