Black Moon in Libra (9/30/16)

There is a New Moon in Libra on September 30th at 8:11pm EDT. This is a Black Moon as it is the second New Moon this month (with the Solar Eclipse in Virgo on September 1st being the first). The New Moon is a time of darkness and planting new seeds. It is a time of releasing all that no longer serves us, and crafting new plans. This is a time of cleansing and manifesting. The Black Moon is said to be heavily associated with the feminine, so it is important to let our intuitions guide us at this time. As we enter into the darkness of the night, we will see clearly our souls, and release all that does not fit its vision of our life.

In Libra, this New Moon centers on our relationships. We are called to find comfort in the balancing act of love and friendship - as we remember what it means to be a partner. We can also partner with the universe or our guides, as we center ourselves in our divine plan. The feminine energy of the Black Moon and Venus-ruled Libra reminds us to be receptive - to our intuition, and to love. If we open ourselves up, we can receive all that we seek.

The New Moon is conjunct Jupiter, which moved into Libra earlier this month. This adds an energy of expansion, optimism, and luck. Jupiter opens us up and allows us to connect with our deeper meaning. As I went over in my Jupiter in Libra post, we are finding new meaning in our relationships, a new peace, a new harmony. The New Moon allows us to release everything that holds us back from this - from the abundance of love that is always available to us, and the shining peace that is within our hearts.

Venus moved into Scorpio on September 23 and will remain there until October 18. In the world of love and relating we are feeling more intense, more sexual. We are seeking a greater depth in our relationships, and we are willing to wander into the darkness.

Mars moved into Capricorn on September 27 and will remain there until November 9. Capricorn is a cardinal sign and so we may want to make moves at this time, starting a new venture or re-committing to a current one. After Mars retrograde (April 18-June 29), Saturn retrograde (March 25-August 13) and Pluto retrograde (April 18-September 26), we are reeling to get our feet off the ground and move forward with our lives. Pluto going direct this past week, in Capricorn, has freed up our energy and power. This Mars in Capricorn period has us wanting to build something solid, stable and enduring. We are ready to manifest the reality we deserve and desire.

In closing, today (the 30th) would be a good day to embody feminine receptivity in order to manifest your dreams. We do not need to push so hard - we need merely to ask and believe in the greatness to come. Allow yourself to practice this receptivity in your relationships. Connect to the divine feminine, and the darkness, in order to rid yourself of the old. In astrology Lilith is also known as the Black Moon (although this New Moon phenomenon is not the same thing). If you feel called, let Lilith help you fall into the power of your soul, your power to enact justice in this world for yourself and others. The eclipses of this past month are shaking things up - this is your time to demand the life you want.

Rare Black Moon Rising In Scorpio: Prepare For a Huge Energy Shift On September 30, 2016


(I think they mean Libra :)

A special and rare lunar event will be taking place this weekend and right along with it a major shift will also be occurring.

In the days both preceding and following the new moon there will be opportunities made available to many of us which will be beneficial in nature.



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Mercury and the Moon by Steve Brown
Via Flickr:
The 3% illuminated Moon rising on the morning of 29 September 2016. The planet Mercury can be seen to the left of the Moon. To the left of Mercury is the star Sigma Leonis.

Progression Timespan

The progressed sun spends 30 years in a sign.
The progressed moon spends 2.5 years in a sign.
Progressed Mercury spends ~26 years in a sign.
Progressed Venus spends ~40 years in a sign.
Progressed Mars spends ~60 years in a sign.

Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, & Pluto spend over 80 years in a sign.
* Retrogrades may cause great variances.