moon in aries: secretly feels unequipped for the world
moon in taurus: secretly fears being left
moon in gemini: secretly struggles to make sense of her emotions
moon in cancer: secretly fears abandonment
moon in leo: secretly needs a mother figure
moon in virgo: secretly battles fierce nerves
moon in libra: secretly conceals emotions and needs
moon in scorpio: is secret about emotional disturbances
moon in sagittarius: secretly hides sensitivities
moon in capricorn: secretly craves maternal guidance and comfort
moon in aquarius: secretly fears her own feelings
moon in pisces: feels secretly vulnerable without a relationship

Werewolf Babies

Sun in Aries - Moon in Libra ~ The Moon Child
Sun in Taurus - Moon in Scorpio ~ Creator’s Moon
Sun in Gemini - Moon in Sagittarius ~ Writer’s Moon
Sun in Cancer - Moon in Capricorn ~ Liquid Mother Moon
Sun in Leo - Moon in Aquarius ~ Lunar Celebrations
Sun in Virgo - Moon in Pisces ~ Moon Medicine
Sun in Libra - Moon in Aries ~ The Honey Moon
Sun in Scorpio - Moon in Taurus ~ Ouija board with Moon Craters
Sun in Sagittarius - Moon in Gemini ~ Moonlit Mind
Sun in Capricorn - Moon in Cancer ~ Garden of fertility
Sun in Aquarius - Moon in Leo ~ Space Birthday Cake
Sun in Pisces - Moon in Virgo ~ Healing Moon

Full Moon babies are people born with the Sun and the Moon in opposition. Because the Sun is a symbol of the father, and the Moon a reflection of the mother, the individual’s parents may express unusually different personality traits. There is a hypnotic, enthralling pull about these individuals and a kind of intimacy with shadows and darkness. The natal Full Moon can indicate a sort of isolation, and the feeling of being an outsider. Each of these combinations emanates a very unique cluster of energies and qualities.