moomoo talks about

hey you! yes, YOU!

are you a gay moomoo who wants to talk about mamamoo with other like minded people?

then come to the Kakaomoo Group Chat!!!

We’re a bunch of queer moomoos that talk about mamamoo, kpop, and of course, lots and lots of gorgeous ladies in kpop. If that sounds like your thing, then please come join us!!!! All you need is Kakaotalk (it’s a free app!), an ID, and you’re all set!

We get a little (a lot) bit dirty on the chat, so YOU MUST BE 18 YEARS OR OLDER TO JOIN, please 😈😈😈

If you want to join, please message me on Kakaotalk (my ID is dadbyul, the same as my url) and I’ll invite you to the chat!

Hope to see you there!

Originally posted by mamawoo-d