Masaya ako pag Friday kasi, tapos na ang ’Tearsday’ eh. Lol! Seryoso, ang arte ko na naman kagabi. Umiyak na naman ako dahil sa kanya. :/ May music accompaniment pa ang pagluha ko ha- si Taylor Swift lang naman yung nasa background ko kagabi. Oh tama na, tapos na ang gabi, panibagong araw na naman ngayon. :) Maaga talaga ako gumising kanina, para mag-exercise kunwari. Lol! Tapos gumawa ako ng worksheets. Ang hirap pala maging tunay na teacher. Ako nga teacher-teacheran lang, hirap na eh. Haha. Later, gora ko ng Rob pioneer para maghanap ng boylet. Lol! Naka-toka kasi ako para magbayad ng phone bills. 

Have a good day! 

Elegant Mart

February just ended and so the Junior and Senior Prom events. But, partying hasn’t ended just yet. I know that most of you guys are thinking already for Senior Nights, Graduation Balls, Victory Parties and the list goes on and on. And when you heard about events like these, girls are tend to freak out and panic about what dresses to wear. Well, panic no more because Elegant Mart offers all the perfect dresses you could ever imagine!

Elegant Mart offers variety of evening dresses you could wear for different type of evening events. The price is very reasonable. Actually they are cheaper than others can offer, plus the quality is really good. And, did I mention that they offer free shipping to most of their items? No? Oh well, they are! Pretty much the perfect online shop for this event, huh. :)

Aries:You are an adventurous little potato and everyone hates that about you! Screw everyone else, you keep being the awesome little indiana jones you are! dont let anyone tell you what you can and cannot do, you are your own person and i support everything you have to say. go bother libra, they need a little adventure or else they get a stick up their butt.

Taurus:You like the moolah! (lol cow jokes) and i totally think thats stand up and responsible of you. you keep being a strong independant person, you have untapped potential you just gotta realize what it is, i know you can do it. aquarius will often need your responsibility so dont be afraid to keep an eye on them.

Gemini: So you dont like doing one thing specifically you want to live a little. Sue me then for saying you are the person who needs to live your life. Dont conform to everyone elses stupid standards for you, be the individualistic toot you are. (But try not to hurt people along the way you little headstrong nerd) scorpio can get a little out of hand be sure to keep them on the ground.

Cancer:You being love muffin! give me a hug dammit! (crabcrab) your just a bundle of underapreciated love and you deserve hugs because deep down i know under that cold hard crab shell you really are a squishy and rich person. often times head in the clouds sagittarius will need that back bone and love youve got, be sure to keep an eye on them every now and again okay?

Leo:you little shit! you best know that you are the most likely to lead some shit! you are the boss and dont let anyone take that away from you! your a lion for a reason, so dont let anyone treat you like a kitten, because fuck them! you are the most important and best fit too lead everyone! you go winner. your going to need alot of help with decissions be sure to stick with virgo, they know exactly what you need.

Virgo: when they say good guys always finish last, theyve obviously never met a virgo, because virgos are the leaders of doing the right thing, i see you in the corner little miss/mister purity. youre a good kind hearted love bucket (BUCKET BUCKET BUCKET BUCKET BUCKET) DONT LET ANYONE TRY AND SWAY YOU TO THE DARK SIDE (the cookies taste like ass) hey sometimes a great leader needs a great assitant and since we cant all be leaders why not go help leo reach their dreams the right way.

Libra: Consistancy is the name of the game, and boy are you playing the field. You will destroy the world with your dedication to following patterns, geez slow your roll bro. You need to know that while there is going to be chaos there is a necessity for order, try and spread that to the rest of the group you optioned nerd. you gotta go keep an eye on aries make sure they keep things safe enough, wouldnt want them disappearing on you would you?

Scorpio: lord of sex and lady bitch! you are a wild child a misnomer, and you are sure going to let everyone know that, you provide that extra opinion no one wants but everyone needs, without you, there would be no good decission making, dont let everyones hate on you get in the way of you being yourself. hey let the idea nerd help you every now and again they get a little antsy when you start preaching the truth dont let them get too worked up okay?

Sagittarius: follow your dreams, do what you want, dont let someone take away your happiness, youre a star and everyone elses needs should be put on the backburner, make a name for yourself and then let everyone elses issues smooth themselves out, let others worry about their own problems, fixeroo, you just need to do yourself right first. sometimes your gonna need someone to look after you because your over working yourself, relax though cancers got your back ccovered they’ll make sure it all goes smoothly.

Capricorn: MIGHTY GOATS OF POWER! (UNITE!) STRIVE FOR ABSOLUTELY THE TIME DONT LET ANYONE TELL YOU THAT SOMETHING IS TOO HARD TO REACH BECAUSE WITHOUT YOU THERE WOULD BE NO ENTREPANUERSHIP NO IPOD NO INTERNET, NO ELECTRICITY, SHOOT WE’D PROBABLY STILL BE THE CENTER OF THE SOLOR SYSTEM IF IT WASNT FOR YOUR INNOVATIONS! Right on attention nerds! (Cough cough attention whore) youre like literally the most important (not just because im one of you) make sure everyone is getting their stuff done, but also be sure not to block others out, we love you and you need to love you too. dont let your work consume you, live alittle and think outside the box, picese will give you the necessary outside opinion you need for alot of things.

Aquarius: you curious motherfucker. you gotta get out there and find the answer to everything, your like a sponge your never going to be satisfied until you finally have all the answers, dont worry when people start coming to you for answers because knowing you, you’ll probably know the answer anyone, dont become reliant on others only you can forge your own destiny, and dont let those little leeches suck you dry teach them where to find the answers if you have to. you can get alittle carried away if you dont ask for help, finding the answers yourself can make you a little full of yourself, dont be afraid to give a little responsibility to others like the kings and queens of responsibility Taurus.

Pisces: you bubbly and fun little shit! dont let anyone take away your imagination without you there is no fun and what kind of world lacks fun (Russia cough cough) you gotta learn that there is a right time for everything, but theres also a right time for the wrong thing as well, be sure to rile some feathers and go bother capricorn, they get lame without you, so be sure to let them know that you got them when they need you.

-My Advise to the Signs


New Music: Young Greatness-Moolah (Prod. By Jazze Pha)

Scrub Suits

If you’re a medical or nursing student, I’m pretty much sure that looking for a nice looking scrubs is one of your problem. I, once encountered the same thing. Me and my friends even had to go to another city to shop for scrubs sets that will really fit for our courses. We don’t want to look like nannies who wear disney printed scrub suits. We want something elegant but simple.

Well, you can see a lot of scrub suits in the market, but they are not comfortable to wear since the fabric is either too thin or kinda itchy. Not your hospital uniform material. But since, there’s a lot of online shop now that sells good quality scrubs suits, medical or nursing students wouldn’t have a problem finding one that they can use for everyday hospital duty. 


I am in some real need of moolah! I won’t go much into detail, but I’ve been applying to everywhere in town for a job but there hasn’t been a whole lot of luck yet! So I will be opening up commissions! 
All the prices are negotiable of course!! And if you’re worried that there’s something you want drawn that might be too weird, just ask. I am honestly really comfortable with drawing anything as long as it’s not non-con or involving sexualized under-aged characters! Or extremely detailed mechas I guess. Otherwise I’m most likely down for whatever you can throw at me!
I would even be comfortable with drawing quick $1-$5 sketches!  (if you’d like to see more examples of cheap sketches or nsfw art, message me!)

Please feel free to contact me on here at any time or either of these places: email: !! 
skype: gaby.morg. 

If you can’t afford a commission right now, that’s totally fine! However it’d be much appreciated if you were kind enough to signal boost this post! Thank you so much!

Sweet Fragrance

Who doesn’t like keeping pretty perfume bottles? I totes love keeping them. I think, people who like buying perfumes do not come after what’s in it but also because of the container. Am I right? Given that, they love the sweet fragrance, but I’m pretty much sure, they love the bottle as much. 

Everytime my brothers do come home, I always receive perfumes from them. But since, I’m not really into strong smelling perfumes, they always give me a cologne scent. And I just can’t wait having the new perfumes and colognes that manufacturers released in the market. My mom also like classic colognes since she can wear it in any occasion or for just everyday use.

I’ve been browsing for the award winning perfumes lately, and I’m pretty much sure thay they are worth the price. And I’m planning to buy my mom a classic women’s cologne as a gift to her this coming Valentines Day. Nice idea, right?

I remember when Naomi said this in her first heel promo and people were like “YAASSS”.  Well, turns out there was more truth to this statement than I thought.  According to the Internet Wrestling Database:

  • Naomi has the fourth highest winning percentage of all time after The Fabulous Moolah, Angela Fong, and Aja Kong.
  • As far as the WWE main roster specifically, she ranks third after The Fabulous Moolah and Emma.

I have always found Naomi’s booking to be very odd, and this kind of explains why.  They push her like a champion, but seem to back out of it at the last minute.  This is one of the reasons why I think many of her fans get so frustrated and vocal when she loses championship matches. 

Health and Beauty talk.

I’ve been browsing/reading a lot of forums and sites regarding health and beauty. I am having a major breakout right now, I didn’t know if its because of a certain products that I used or maybe because of something else. I’m not sure, and I have no choice right now but to have atleast products for skin care or personal care. And good thing, by browsing I also found good bath and body and some organic health and beauty products. I’ve heard a lot of positive reviews about these organic products, they are not harmful to use since there was no chemical used but very effective. I’m hoping to found some organic hair care products also in the market.

I mentioned above that I wasn’t sure if my breakout was because of a beauty product that I have used, but I still decided to try mineral cosmetics this time. For some reason, I find them easier to use. And I’m happy with the results of my make up these days. I think, my skin is improving. But I still need to buy more beauty tools for my mineral cosmetics. Buying new ones doesn’t hurt at all, esp. when it gives you different glow. :)