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Happy Six Months to Silver Lining, the only 2017 Ringneck Squeaker to survive all three Salmonella outbreaks.

This child sickened with a disease that killed every other dove within 72 hours of exposure and lived through it.

Congratulations, my beautiful, strong little man!

I look eagerly forward to the day I get to welcome your peeps!

anonymous asked:

What are all the breeds of pigeons and doves that you own and breed?

Ringnecks Doves are my specialty, and they come in several colors and feather types. ^v^

Here are my breeding pairs:

Cloud and Stella (Blond Ivory cock x Silky Tufter Tangerine Pearled hen)

Poltergheist and Virada (White cock x Orange hen)

Vextus and Chesla (Ivory Pied cock x Silky Dark Pied hen)

Silver Lining and Kinsea (Ivory cock x Silky Dark Hen)

Archimedes and Mooki (Dark cock x Silky Dark hen)

I have three pigeon breeds, currently.

Classic Old Frill breeding pair:

Richard and Victoria (Blue Lace Spot-tail cock x Brown Lace Spot-tail hen)

Their glorious Daughter, 1078, is my keep back for the year thus far.

Just weaned my first clutch out of the Old Dutch Capuchine pair: Ferdi and Mathilde.

A better shot of lovely Mathilde.

Hans and Astrid are the Old German Owls that I am excited to hopefully pair next week!

Both are Black Shield.

There are a few other breeds I am interested in, but do not have yet.

The Show Type Racing Homer is a beautiful, elegant bird. One of the most physically sound of all the exhibition breeds, an excellent setter and pumper, with a reputation for a lovely, docile temperament!

The Chinese Owl: Affectionately known as “The fanciest bird in the fancy”, this fluffiest of Owl breeds has all the floof you could possibly want, with out impeding the form or function of what is still a perfectly physiologically sound bird. ^v^

I only have space for one more breed, but I’m torn between two.

The elegant Seraphim: an offshoot of the COF, which makes it very likely to share the COF’s sweet temper, hardiness, and devotion to eggs and young.

But they are rare and SUPER expensive! It maaay be a challenge to find new stock and avoid inbreeding my stud too much.

The huge, fluffy Frillback!

Same baby as an adult.

Frillbacks have a WONDERFUL temperament! This is generally a pigeon that you can hug!

But they are HUGE and may be too large for me to comfortably house.