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hello. what can you say about dan, phil & chris (individually; plz i need it for a project) ;A;

Hmmm let’s see!

Dan is incredibly funny. He’s so extremely awkward and although people put him out to be some kind of hero, he’s really just a regular guy. He’s a sarcastic little shit but so endearing and he makes me happy. Simple little things about him make me realize just how much of a good person he is. I can relate to him a lot and I think that’s why I (and many others) love him so much. Personally, I don’t think Dan has let his “YouTube fame” go to his head as I’m sure others believe. I know he appreciates everything he’s been given and every fan that takes their time to love him.

Phil is the sweetest person I’ve ever known in my life. He’s so kind and weird. He has this look of innocence about him and his eyes give him that child-like essence. In a matter of seconds though, he’s the incredible, sexy, smart man we all love. He’s extremely random and although people see only PJ as being the creative one in the Fantastic Foursome, Phil is creative too. He always seems to be off in his own world and he’s amazing. Also, I can show his videos to my brother and know he’ll be thoroughly entertained.

Oh man here’s my chance to tell everyone about my love of Chris. Chris has been known to cause ruckuses in the YouTube fandoms. He says things he doesn't or does mean and it explodes. He doesn’t realize just how influential and important he is to everyone! He has these bouts of what might be depression or self-doubt and that’s when his emotions get out of hand. He’s extremely funny and it pains me to see just how much hurt he holds. Chris is one of my major inspirations to become more confident in myself and to show others that I don’t give a fuck about what they think about me. He’s brilliant and I hope that he understands that no matter what he does, many will be right behind him, supporting his choices. Chris is a great man and I just can’t express every thought I have about him.

I hope this is what you were looking for! (If not, message me again and I’ll totally fix it) ^.^