Celebrating 30 Years Of Fresh Air 

From Associate Producer Mooj Zadie: 

This past Sunday, I saw Obit, a documentary about the New York Times obituary writers. In one brief flash of a scene there’s a still image of the paper on the day Philip Seymour Hoffman died. The headline of the obit read, “Actor of Depth, Fearless in His Choice of Roles.” Anyone who’s watched Hoffman act has witnessed his depth. When I think about “Actor of Depth,” I think of Terry’s talks with Hoffman over the years. Highlights of those conversations were compiled into his 2014 obit show, “Philip Seymour Hoffman On Acting: An ‘Exhausting’ And 'Satisfying’ Art.”

Terry likes to ask artists about their process because, as she puts it, “artists can be our surrogate in saying something the rest of us might not be comfortable talking about or might not have the words to express." 

So in that way, this episode really taught me to see the craft of acting. Like, I had no idea great actors sacrificed so much of their body and mind and soul. At least Philip Seymour Hoffman did anyway, and it’s the reason why I miss him.

Plus, this episode includes many of the quintessential Terry interview traits — an unflinchingly honest question: "Does that sound right to you? That you have — your intelligence is, like, sometimes a curse? And that you are uncomfortable sometimes with acting?” The 'Terry is good at her job’ guest comment: “Um, wow. You took me by surprise with that.” And perfect follow-up question: “What is that discomfort with?” and so on.

Mooj Zadie 

PS. Don’t miss Mooj’s AMAZING creation Gross.Love, a Terry Gross question generator. 


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Muuji has some close friends but in general, he doesn’t get along with a lot people. He kind of has a bitchy and defensive attitude that takes a while come down. He also has a long list of ex-lovers ( he was biiiit of a playboy) so he has a lot of enemies. Vull was probably the only person that was patient enough to let Muuji open up and understand him. To Muuji, Vull is really special.