Looking through Portal2 folders

<low>Turret: But I need to protect the humans!“

<low>Turret: Whee!”

<low>Turret: Wheeeeeeee!“

<low>Turret: I’m afraid of heights!”

<low>Turret: Noooooo!“

<low>Turret: See you soon!”

<low>Turret: I’m scared!“

<low>Turret: I’m scared!”

<low>Turret: Hooray!“

<low>Turret: Glorious freedom!”

<low>Turret: I’m flyinnnng!“

<low>Turret: Excuse me, you’re squishing me.”

<low>Turret: Take me with you…“

<low>Turret: Good shot!”

<low>Turret: Well done!“

<low>Turret: I need backup!”

<low>Turret: You have excellent aim!“

<low>Turret: I never liked her.”

<low>Turret: These things happen.“

<low>Turret: That was nobody’s fault.”

<low>Turret: She was provoking you.“

<low>Turret: Oh dear.”

<low>Turret: Oh my.“

<low>Turret: I blame myself.”

<low>Turret: She probably deserved it.“

<low>Turret: I saw it. It was an accident.”

<low>Turret: She’s probably okay.“

<low>Turret: Noted.”

i dont remember most of these


All openings from One Piece! :’D