Hey FFU people~!

Send a message to Mog today to sign up! 
Special Moogletine’s website will be up and running soon.  

*Only participants who sign up will be given further information. 
*For all characters, any fandom, any group.
*FFU members will be given special valentine resources to use
*Event will begin on Friday, February 10th and go through February 20th!
*Special bonus event items [More information soon!??]  

Moogletine's Sweetheart Menu

Here at the cafe, we want to help all of you celebrate Moogletine’s in style. As the event runs it’s course, come into the cafe for a special sweetheart menu for you and a friend. 

Drinks and menu items can be bought individually but for a limited time, we will offer a special couple and group price!


Puppy Love

Pucker up for a sour kiss of grapefruit flavor. This blended cocktail comes with a fresh slice of fruit. 


It starts with a sweet sensation and leaves you with a tinge of tartness. For those of you who want your sweet lovin’ with a little bite.

Hugs and Kisses

This raspberry-chocolate blend is just enough to hold you tight. Goes best with a piece of velvety cake.

External image

Red Velvet Roll

With every bite of this succulent cake, you will be sent into a roll of ecstasy. Every order comes with two pieces on a heart-shaped plate. Perfect for two or keep them both for you!  

Kupo kupo!

Everyone is sending Moogletines, kupo! If you tag them with “moogletine” I’ll be able to catch them, kupo! Would you like them to be reblogged to the Moogletine website, ku~po?
If you have accumulated some kuponuts and want to send a magic spell to your friends and sweeties, send a request to my ask box, kupo!

More fun things to come in a few hours!

Happy Moogletine’s Day from FFU!