“average moogle looks at pictures of chris pratt shirtless four dozen times a day” factoid actualy a statistical error. average moogle looks at pictures of chris pratt shirtless 0 times a day. nicholas moogles, who is thirsty for thick boys & looks at pictures of chris pratt shirtless 10,000 times each day, is an outlier adn should not have been counted.

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What’s the symbolism behind it?

this is gonna sound DUMB!!!

but it kinda has a triple meaning like

1. i really really love marine animals, studying marine biology in high school kind of gave me one of my first ever true obsessions with something??? other than fandom lol but yeah

2. 2 meanings in one thing but they remind me of ellome and gideon bc ellome and gideon are my eridan and karkat and yeah rOLLS OVER… ROLLS OVER AGAIN but yeah i think i am gonna be with them forever which is DUMB TO SAY i know but u__u hm

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well duh Vee as a character has to have power over people and power over everything that’s why she’s in charge of her drug ring on the outside as well on the inside and is v selective and manipulative even then

what do you mean well duh lmfao we all know this we are just discussing it contrasted to red’s power and how it’s seen and understood by the audience 

tomorrow after work I’m going to the liquor store and buying a bottle of tequila and I’m going to post a video of myself drinking the whole thing to prove my worth to moogles

and maybe then he will let this go when he side eyes my obituary in this weekends paper

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Would you consider someone discussing the potential unhealthy risks of going vegan being militant?

No, I wouldn’t. 

But here’s the deal on that.

There are some people that literally cannot go vegan for health reasons. Some people need meat and dairy in their diet and going vegan is a huge health risk for them. That’s totally fine! No one’s forcing you to be a vegan especially if it might be damaging to you. If you’re thinking about going vegan I think it’s safe to talk to your doctor if you can just to see if you run any risks for it, and like any diet you should go into it slowly because just going cold turkey off all meat/dairy (especially if you weren’t vegetarian first) is a really bad idea no matter what. If you can’t do it, don’t. That’s why saying EVERYONE can go vegan is just plain incorrect. Sometimes it's financially impossible and sometimes it’s physically impossible. 

That being said, saying EVERYONE faces health risks for going vegan is equally factually incorrect. There are lots of health risks if you aren’t smart about it for every single person, yes, but there are ways to get protein, iron and calcium. With a lot of people, the only health risk runs when you don’t get enough of those things and think you can go vegan by just eating like, bread. You need fruits. You need vegetables. And you need protein, iron, and calcium. Luckily there are things like soy milk, tofu, etc that provide non-animal alternatives for that! You just have to be smart and eat them regularly. 

You shouldn’t get into people’s faces about being unhealthy regardless of what they’re doing, though? Just as a general rule. Health is really really subjective and being healthy means something different for everyone! You can discuss it but shaming someone for their dietary choices just isn’t cool all around.