moogle delivery

Finished Delivery Moogle Bag and SALES!

I finally finished my moogle bag! \o/ (I actually finished a week ago but this week I was terribly busy and didn’t have time to post decent pictures) I really like how it ended up. Since my sister anhe-foraz​ and I are in need of money to keep paying the subscriptions and some debts we are planing to take orders of this bag if someone is interested in having one.  

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There was a sigh resounding his small apartment, finally back from his own shift with the guard. Velox had the benefit of sticking around…home, but his companion was going to be gone for what felt like ages. Not his fault of course… Conjurers were always reserved for special tasks in escorting people between the three major cities.

It didn’t stop the archer from gazing forlornly at the vase that held all of the flowers he’d previously received through letters from Noc. He had placed them all in the Valentine’s vase he’d bought and let it set right in front of the window. Giving them plenty of light. But he was getting caught up in his melancholy when he had a letter to write.

Sitting down at his desk, he took out all of the materials needed to write to his dearest before getting to work.

Dear Heart

His eyes looked fondly at how he always opened his letters after they started exchanging them. It was silly, but Noc never once teased him for it.

I just finished my rounds for the guard today. It was really boring today, not a whole lot trying to approach the town boarders. I’m told I’ll be going out to help around Bentbranch Meadow tomorrow and most of that surrounding area.

A tiring process, he mused. But he enjoyed helping others’, being as it was repentance for his past mistakes.

Is your trip going safely? I didn’t get the details on who you’re escorting this time, but it always makes me worry when you have to go out on them… Kinda makes me wish you could safely stay here in Gridania, even though you can handle yourself. It’s selfish of me to think that, and I’m sorry.

The Sun Seekers tail swung solemnly behind him, a frown marring his features. No matter how much he wanted the other to stay, they had obligations now. Some that he only regretted when both of them were separated for so long…

Please write back as soon as you can. I’ll be replying back from the Meadow, I’m sure. I’ll keep an eye out for the delivery moogle.

…Stay safe and may the wind guide your feet back home…

Love you.


He finished up his letter, going about the process of folding it and making the seal. Quick to go deliver it to the moogle just outside. The miqo’te had plenty of time to prepare for his rounds these next few days…but very little to ensure that the Moon Keeper received his letter.


My two new additions to my Final Fantasy collection. They can sit on display beside the delivery moogle ^_^
Both come with in-game items to use in FFXIV.
One day I’ll get the Emerald Carbuncle, but it sells out so fast! D’:

  • main scenario (mor dhona)
  • world of darkness (mor dhona)
  • hildi! (ul’dah)
  • delivery moogle (limsa)
  • wanderer’s palace HM (mor dhona)
  • amdapor keep HM (mor dhona)
  • keeper of the lake (mor dhona)
  • urth’s fount - odin (new gridania)
  • battle in the big keep - gilgamesh (ul’dah)
  • new frontlines pvp

FFXIV merch is finally available for pre-order in North America! Now you too can snuggle up with a delivery moogle plush while reading your art book and wearing two FFXIV shirts underneath your wall scroll!