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Update about Moogle Bags and taking orders.

Hello, many people has been asking me if I’m still taking orders of this bag since I haven’t re blogged the original post in more than a year. (if you want to skip all the rambling scroll until Orders info)

I’ll be making the bags as long as I’m able since this is the only way me and my sister can afford keep playing FFXIV . But since last year we both started studying and since the program we are in is very demanding we haven’t had much free time to work on making the bags, so most of the orders we worked on recently have been very slow to complete.

At first I was planning to pre made them and put them on a Etsy store but that was a kinda foolish idea because I really haven’t have the time to work on many bags in a row. 

So I think it’s better to make this kind of post when I can just open slots depending on how many bags I have on the go at the moment. This way whoever makes an order won’t have to wait a long time to have their bag shipped.

Right now I have 5 bags on the making, 3 of them almost finished and they will be ready to ship next week (actually one of them is 100% done), there is other 2 that are on the making but still need more work.


I’ll open 5 slots so people can order them, the 3 first people will have their bags shipped next week and the other 2 will be shipped the week after. If you don’t get an slot I still have some material for a couple of bags so they will be put into a waiting list, and I will try to work on making them when I get some time

The price of one bag is 40USD

If you want to place an order send me an e-mail to with the title Moogle Bag. and the following information so I can send you an invoice (I accept only PayPal as paying method.

Paypal address
Shipping address
preferred shipping method

To ship the bags you can choose from:
certified mail
other Countries: 10-12 USD
It has traking number.
Is the cheapest but can take around a month to arrive.

US: 20 USD
other countries: 30 - 43USD
It has traking number
Takes around 2 months to arrive

All the orders are shipped from Colombia. 

Edit: If you want to see more pictures and specifications about the bag please see THIS post 

I also would like to thank all the people who has bought the bags in the past, they have really helped my sister and me to keep playing FFXIV and with some of our school expenses. It also has given me a lot of confidence about the things I can make. So thank you very much for your support and patience while I got the orders done :)

anonymous asked:

Kiki received a soft plushy kitsune, neatly placed in a basked full of exotic delights, all adorned by a gilded ribbon. It appears to be from Othard and quite expensive! No note of whom might have sent it however! Perhaps they have taken notice of her difficult times and thought a small gift would brighten her day, even if a little.

“Kiki~, are you there, kupo?” A small voice calls from outside one of the windows to Kiki’s treehouse.

“I’m down here, Kupsu!” Replies the lalafell, revealing herself from behind the tree trunk.

Her smile is still weak; weighed down by everything that has been troubling of late. But she offers it just the same, along with a friendly wave.

The delivery moogle returns the smile, gently decending towards her. Kupsu’s tiny hands hand hold the handle of a wicker basket.

“I have a surprise for you!” The little mog chimes, offering out the basket.

“For me?” Kiki blinks, taking the basket carefully from Kupsu.

As she glances at the contents, her eyes widen excitedly and she kneels down, placing the basket on the ground so she can pull out what’s inside: a charming and soft little kitsune plush!

After a good squeeze, she holds the plush under one arm so she can spread out some of the other goodies inside, noting the unfamiliar treats of the East, and trying also to find out who sent her such an amazing gift. But even after shuffling through everything, there seems to be no sign of a card or note.

Kupsu explains that none of the post line handling the package knew who the sender was. This poses a problem for Kiki, as she would like to at least send a note of thanks, especially as everything looked so amazing. It must have cost a pretty penny!

Mayhap the sender just forgot to include a note of their own, and one would arrive at a later date, she hopes to herself as she takes another look at her new plushie. She can’t believe just how cute it is, or how thoughtful this secret-sender is.

Perhaps one day she’ll be able to meet her far-away friend and tell them how happy this surprise has made her - which, given her recent turmoil, is no mean feat!

Artwork by @darkredphantomx / @khujasae / @ziyo-yo

OOC PS: I’m sorry this took so long for me to answer. I wanted to wait until I had some time to give it my full attention. ^-^

Thank you so much to the anon that sent this ask, and to @darkredphantomx for the artwork!! 💝

Finished Delivery Moogle Bag and SALES!

I finally finished my moogle bag! \o/ (I actually finished a week ago but this week I was terribly busy and didn’t have time to post decent pictures) I really like how it ended up. Since my sister anhe-foraz​ and I are in need of money to keep paying the subscriptions and some debts we are planing to take orders of this bag if someone is interested in having one.  

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There was a sigh resounding his small apartment, finally back from his own shift with the guard. Velox had the benefit of sticking around…home, but his companion was going to be gone for what felt like ages. Not his fault of course… Conjurers were always reserved for special tasks in escorting people between the three major cities.

It didn’t stop the archer from gazing forlornly at the vase that held all of the flowers he’d previously received through letters from Noc. He had placed them all in the Valentine’s vase he’d bought and let it set right in front of the window. Giving them plenty of light. But he was getting caught up in his melancholy when he had a letter to write.

Sitting down at his desk, he took out all of the materials needed to write to his dearest before getting to work.

Dear Heart

His eyes looked fondly at how he always opened his letters after they started exchanging them. It was silly, but Noc never once teased him for it.

I just finished my rounds for the guard today. It was really boring today, not a whole lot trying to approach the town boarders. I’m told I’ll be going out to help around Bentbranch Meadow tomorrow and most of that surrounding area.

A tiring process, he mused. But he enjoyed helping others’, being as it was repentance for his past mistakes.

Is your trip going safely? I didn’t get the details on who you’re escorting this time, but it always makes me worry when you have to go out on them… Kinda makes me wish you could safely stay here in Gridania, even though you can handle yourself. It’s selfish of me to think that, and I’m sorry.

The Sun Seekers tail swung solemnly behind him, a frown marring his features. No matter how much he wanted the other to stay, they had obligations now. Some that he only regretted when both of them were separated for so long…

Please write back as soon as you can. I’ll be replying back from the Meadow, I’m sure. I’ll keep an eye out for the delivery moogle.

…Stay safe and may the wind guide your feet back home…

Love you.


He finished up his letter, going about the process of folding it and making the seal. Quick to go deliver it to the moogle just outside. The miqo’te had plenty of time to prepare for his rounds these next few days…but very little to ensure that the Moon Keeper received his letter.

  • main scenario (mor dhona)
  • world of darkness (mor dhona)
  • hildi! (ul’dah)
  • delivery moogle (limsa)
  • wanderer’s palace HM (mor dhona)
  • amdapor keep HM (mor dhona)
  • keeper of the lake (mor dhona)
  • urth’s fount - odin (new gridania)
  • battle in the big keep - gilgamesh (ul’dah)
  • new frontlines pvp

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