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The parts of a Sub Phatty– it’s missing ‘magic’ and 'feels’ though.

I’m currently embroiled in an intense internet-war for one of these amazing synthesizers.  They usually run for about $1,100 MSRP, but if I win this competition using social media I can snag one up for free.  

At this moment, I am in first place.  Help me maintain my place and attain victory!  All you have to do is click my recruitment link.  If you click it, I get points towards my victory.  If you sign up through it, I get even more.

I need all of the help I can get!  
I believe in the YOU that believes in ME!
check out my recruitment link here:

and check out an AMAZING mix from moogfest and Mark Farina on sound cloud while you’re at it <3

BRKfest 2013////
lexington, kentucky at Al’s Bar/////////

Help me level up my set up, and level up the promotion for Moogfest this year in April /////////

If you click my link, and share it with friends or find me on twitter at @andaruGO we can make the future a better place for chip music !

thanks to chiptographytokyo for the awesome photo ! (