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See this majesty? This is the wonder of my new Nidai Nekomaru wig!! Since I’ve gotten some questions about how I was able to construct his sideburns, and wanted to document my process anyhow, I’ve thrown together a How to list for cosplayers who want to want to cosplay a character who has a difficult and precise hairline! You can use this for nidai, wolverine, any dude with some crazy side burns to make you look so flippin manly 

WARNING: Long post under the cut! I used a lot of picture references to help the guide. 


- 1 wig (Mine is a lacefront wig from Arda. 

- 1 pair good cutting scissors 

- A washable dark marker 

- Felt in a color that matches as close to the wig color as possible 

- pins

- Extra wig hair (from a spare wig, or piece of a wig, or just an extension) 

- e6000 glue

- Qtip

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I know that sometimes, the things I post don’t match up to the interests of others…. some people probably don’t wanna see the stuff I like and just want to see my cosplay. In an attempt to move my craft into a more professional field, and a more serious hobby…. I made a cosplay tumblr for myself!!! c8 

It is

From now on, if you want to only follow me for my cosplay, you can follow that blog!!! c8 I will post WIPS, and final photoshoot results there! 

I would REALLY really really super really really really appreciate if you guys could follow me on there? Or if you feel like following me on my main is enough, PLEASE signal boost this!!! I want to get this URL out to as many people as possible!! 8U Just a reblog is all it takes to make me a happy clam, hmmmm yes. If you reblog you get free internet high fives or hugs or anything. 

Thank you for reading! I’m so blessed to have wonderful cosplay friends who have taken so many great photos of my cosplays…. looking forward to doing a /lot/ more cosplays in the future! (now that I am not in school anymore, hollaaaa) 


I was not fucking around with you guys when I told you I already had the perfect addition to my future Daniel J. D'arby cosplay. 

Charlie Chaplin has been preparing for the role of evil bastard pet cat since the day he was born 

I want to get this cosplay done RIGHT NOW so I can take infinate selfies with my dumb cat