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Ticklish Affection

A/N: So here it is! (Super Lovers (Ren/Haru) - 25: “Don’t touch me.“) - I really really really need to make my drabbles shorter haaha but omg I enjoyed writing this Super Lovers tickle fluff!<3 Thnx anon, since this is your first request I hope the result won’t disappoint!

Warnings: story is SFW, but this series includes boyxboy love, non-blood related incest + big age differences. If that disturbs you please don’t read this^^

Summary: Haru comes home to a grumpy and neglected little Ren, and he’s sure tickling him will do. With Ren not being that cooperative, this gets even more fun!

Word Count: 1240

“Guys! I’m hooome!" Haru came home and the big smile on his face stiffened at the silence he was greeted with. Upon entering the living room, he could see something that looked like a moody ren, on the couch with his White Fang book in his hands.

"Ren, I said I’m home. Greet me properly,” Haru sighed, walking up towards his younger brother and spreading his arms.

“Welcome home.” It was monotonous and totally Ren-style, but Haru could already guess what was wrong. His arms dropped at the rejected hug and he frowned at the little guy.

“Where are Aki and Shima?” he asked first, thinking of how he should handle his adorable neglected brother; It was probably Ren feeling neglected that made him this way, since Haru had been very busy the past couple of days.

“Out.” Ren didn’t even look up from his pages. Heh, he really was like a little puppy that needed to be spoiled with attention!

“Are you really gonna be like that Ren?” Haru asked. No reaction.

“Aww come on Ren. Renniee. Ren-Ren!” Haru bent over him and poked both his sides, making the grumpy boy squeeze his elbows against his sides and slide down as a way of useless defense.

“N-no! Don’t touch me.” Haru smirked, and Ren’s eyes that had been filled with boredom and grumpiness slowly moved up to finally make contact, and Haru could now see a hint of nervosity.

“I know what you neeeed,” Haru sang, and he teasingly wiggled his fingers towards him. Ren’s eyes widened and he instantly dropped his book and was quick to escape.

“I said don’t touch me!” he yelled, and Haru just failed to catch him as the shorter boy leapt off the couch and darted across the room.

“If that’s how you wanna play it…” Haru said, and he playfully chased after him,

“No stay awahaay!” Haru could hear a faint giggle as Ren blurted out protests and ran around the dinner table. Circling around the dinner table and making his younger brother squeak in anticipation, Haru had the look of a predator, and he smiled when Ren couldn’t help but giggle in anticipation.

“It’s either you getting over here or I’m coming to get you,” Haru warned with his teasing voice, but Ren shook his head heavily and made it for a fast sprint towards the stairs.

“Noohoho!” he yelled, and Haru went to chase him up the stairs. Funny enough, Ren chose to flee into Haru’s bedroom, and he hastily looked for cover by crawling under the bed. Ha, big mistake.

“Gotcha!” Haru laughed, catching Ren’s ankle before his foot could follow its owner to hide under the bed, and he didn’t waste a second: he peeled off his sock and scribbled his sole with all five fingers.

High pitched laughter sounded from under the bed, and Ren’s foot twitched against Haru’s touch.

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