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Pretending (Ed x Reader)

Hey, how’s it going? It’s been a while I know! This isn’t terribly amazing but I hope you like it just the same.


Edmund had been dragged along to a bar by some people from work. He would’ve preferred to be almost anywhere else, but his boss was really into using social events to build a ‘team spirit’ in the workplace lately, and Edmund really needed to be on his good side. He’d only come because his best friend, Y/n, had agreed to come with him. Of course Ed had managed to lose Y/n within 5 minutes, and was now stuck in a boring conversation with Johnathan from accounting.

Ed discreetly looked over Johnathan’s shoulder, hoping to spot Y/n. No luck. He wasn’t surprised. Y/n liked these sorts of places about as much as Edmund did, so she was probably hiding in a corner somewhere, trying to be inconspicuous.

Y/n was aware of someone staring at her. She was sure she didn’t know him, and he was starting to creep her out. Y/n looked around the room. She found her friend’s dark head bobbing above the crowd, but she was a moment too late. The stranger had closed in, and was standing over her, 'subtly’ showing off his muscles. He smelt of beer.

“Hey babe, howsabout I buy you a drink?”

Y/n looked him in the eyes and sipped her lemonade. He didn’t take the hint.

“No thank you. I already have a drink.” Y/n tried to walk past him, but he stepped in front of her.

“Hey, no need to get moody. Gimme a smile babe.”

Y/n tried to dismiss herself politely, but muscle-boy wouldn’t budge. After who-knows-how-long, Y/n gave up on manners. She needed to get rid of him.

Sorry mum. “Look, just piss off okay? I have a boyfriend.”

Edmund’s arm automatically wound itself around Y/n’s waist as she approached him and stood as close as she could to his side. Johnathan, assuming that she was Ed’s girlfriend, excused himself, and went off to find someone else to bore with talk about the economy.

“Thanks for saving me. That guy is a bore. I don’t think I could’ve taken that for much longer.”

“Ha! You’re welcome Pevensie, but I was really saving myself. Muscle-boy over there was creeping me out,” she said, nodding her head in his direction. He had already moved on to another victim girl.

“Aw, and here I was thinking you were cuddling me because you liked me,” said Edmund, smirking. “Anyway, I’m always happy to pretend to be your boyfriend when hot guys are trying to hit on you.” Edmund winked at Y/n.

Why do we have to pretend?

“Huh?” Edmund’s eyes widened.

“Did I say that out loud?” A bright red colour tinged Y/n’s cheeks.

“Yes.” Edmund laughed as Y/n’s face fell. “Well I can be your real boyfriend if that’s what you want.”

“I like that idea, boyfriend,” whispered Y/n, smiling up at Edmund.

“Well, girlfriend, why don’t we escape this hellhole and go back to mine,” whispered Ed, winking.

The rest of the night saw Edmund and Y/n cuddled up on the sofa in front of a movie, drinking peppermint tea and just generally being cute together. Years of pretending to be a couple to get out of uncomfortable situations translated easily into a real relationship.

As the movie ended, and Y/n cuddled into Edmund’s chest, Peter happened to walk past the open door.

“Aw! Finally!”

Edmund hurled a cushion at Peter’s head. Peter ducked, and chuckled as he walked away.

“Scrub bucket.”

My beautiful Omega - Dean Winchester x Reader (Alpha/Omega & Teacher/Student) - Pt. 8

Title: My beautiful Omega

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Word count: 1,732

Warnings: Age gap, A/B/O dynamics, Teacher x student relationship

Original imagine: Imagine Dean being an Alpha who has not met his Omega. He doesn’t think that he has a mate so he has decided to live with Lisa Braeden, a Beta, whom he’s engaged to. He thinks he’s happy and in love until the day he meets you. His Omega and mate. Only problem is that you are a lot younger than him and a new student at the school he is a teacher.

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A/N: And here comes chapter 8. I am really excited, just like you will be when you read it *wink wink*, because really interesting things are gonna happen from now on. The previous chapters were just the beginning, the real roller coaster begins now! Fasten your seat-belts! Enjoy~! xx’

“Sit (Y/n)” his voice softened when he spoke to you, a comforting hand was put on your shoulder.

After a small glance at Dean and a shy smile, you turned and took a seat. Tyler, and his gang, seemed like they would bring you a lot of trouble but maybe, just maybe, with Dean by your side things would be ok. He made you feel safe and…

… for the first time you actually thought that things would go well.

And they did. As long as the lesson lasted, though. Once it was over, well, that was a whole different story.

The bell rang and everybody got up without missing a beat. Tyler and his gang of course made sure to walk straight past you and (of course) he winked at you. He thought you were interested while the mere thought of it made you want to vomit. No offence he was handsome but his attitude really put you off. The fact that you had eyes only for a certain Alpha, green-eyed Alpha, added to the fact that nothing was going to happen between you and him.

‘Not that anything is going to happen between me and Dean, either’ you thought sadly to yourself, daring to sneak a glace at Dean.

Caroline’s voice broke your trail of thoughts “Are you coming or what?” she asked with a smirk.

You shook your head slightly and looked at her “Yeah, sure” you said with a small smile and gathered up your things, ready to leave.

“Uh sorry?” a voice asked behind you and you turned to look at Kai. It was the cute guy that had smiled at you when Dean introduced you to the class. You found yourself blushing at seeing him smile at you.

“This fell from your bag” he said handing you your notebook.

“Oh thanks” you said, taking the book from his hands.

“No problem” he smiled cheekily at you and you couldn’t not keep yourself from smiling more.

“I’m (Y/n) by the way” you said extending your hand.

“Yeah I know” he chuckled awkwardly, and certainly in an adorable way “I’m Kai” he said; shaking your hand.

“Yeah, I know that too” you chuckled the way he did before.

You looked at each other for a while, comfortable silence (for the two of you basically) surrounded you. It was soon broken, though, by Dean clearing his throat.

He got up to clear the board, all the while his eyes threateningly looking at Kai who seemed a little bit intimidated. It seemed more like a glare, and Dean seemed to be on the verge of struggling the poor kid.

“I’ll better get going.” he muttered “See you tomorrow Car, Mr. Winchester” he said turning to Dean who nodded sharply with a stern look “(Y/n)” he said smiling at you and you returned the smile sheepishly.

He exited the classroom and after you put your notebook in your bag you got ready to leave, not forgetting to bid goodbye to Dean of course. A soft smile on his face as he responded.

“Shit” you mumbled as you and Caroline made your way out of the school.

“What?” she asked, seeing you search in your bag for something.

“I forgot my sketchbook at my locker” you huffed.

“What are you waiting for then? Go take it, I’ll wait here” she said and you smiled.

“Be right back” you said and ran quickly inside, making your way to your locker.

You reached it quickly and after grabbing your sketchbook you closed it and got ready to leave.

Only to be stopped by a figure in front of you.

“Oh my God” you put a hand on your chest from the shock.

“Hm close enough” Tyler stood in front of you with a smirk.

You immediately put on a stern face, his arrogance having gotten the best of you.

“What do you want Tyler?” you said deadly serious.

“Oh come on, don’t be so moody babe” he said, same smirk still plastered on his face.

“I’m not your babe, Tyler” you gritted your teeth.

“You will soon be” he chuckled.

“No, thanks. I’ll pass. Now let me go” you tried to push him away, only for him to grip at your arm more tightly.

“Tyler. I told you I’m not interested” you spoke slowly but threateningly, trying to get it through his thick skull “Now leave me alone” you gritted your teeth.

“Girl, you haven’t been with me yet. I assure you, once you try it you won’t-” he had no time to continue as your hand collided with his cheek in a rather loud slap.

“You- you jerk” you said but he merely chuckled.

“Feisty, I like it. I bet we’re going to have a really good time” he smirked more and your eyes widened.

“No!” you found yourself screaming as he went to kiss you, you luckily managed to avoid it; turning your head to the other side. You did everything in your will to get out of his grasp. Everything to push him away from you, but with no luck.

“Come on little Omega, you know you want me” he smirked more, his breath that smelled of alcohol hitting your face.

What the hell?! you thought Since when do they let students drink at school?! though you had more important things at matter.

“Tyler, no! Leave me alone!” you shouted again, but he seemed to not get it.

You shut your eyes tightly, not knowing what was to come from the drunk Alpha, but soon they snapped open when you felt his weight being lifted from you.

“She said leave her alone you son of a bitch!” Dean’s voice roared. You looked up to see him on full rage having grabbed Tyler by the hem of his jacket and slammed him on the wall.

“I’ve warned you so many times before, Lockwood, but now you’ve crossed the line! I’ve had enough with your arrogance. If you think that your Alpha ass is above everybody else and you can do whatever the hell you want to then you are damn wrong! I’m not going to put up with your anymore, you hear me?! I’ll make you regret for even so laying a finger on my-” Dean started shouting at him angrily, only to stop mid-sentence when he realized that he was going to say 'My Omega, my mate’.

“You ain’t going to keep this up anymore! I’m not going to let you even so think of laying a finger on any of my students, you hear me?! If you believe that you’re the only Alpha here and can treat the Omegas any way you want to then I’m going to show you how fucking wrong you are!” Dean roared angrily and your eyes widened at seeing him clench his fist and get ready to punch him.

“No!” you shouted taking hold of Dean’s arm before he could do something that would at least cost him his job.

Dean turned his head to look at you and his face immediately softened, all anger vanishing from his eyes.

“No, Dean” you whispered, giving him a look that he fully understood. He fully understood that if he hit a student of his (or did everything else that he thought of doing to Tyler for touching you) he would never be able to teach at a school again, no school would allow him to. All the effort he had put in it, going to the drain.

He turned his head to look at Tyler, anger quickly returning in his eyes. He narrowed them at him and spoke through gritted teeth “Go. Before I change my mind” and he let go of Tyler’s jacket, shoving him.

Tyler stumbled over his feet but managed to get up and quickly made his way to the exit.

“Lockwood” Dean’s rough voice made Tyler turn to look at him. Tyler swallowed the lump in his throat and looked at him intimidated.

“Tomorrow. Morning. My office.” Dean said slowly and sternly “And then we will go by the principal’s office for a visit.” Dean gave him a smirk that only made Tyler feel scared.

Tyler nodded and he got out of the school in a hurry.

Dean stayed like that for a while, just staring (or more like glaring) at the direction Tyler left from. You on the other hand stared at him, your face filled with awe and adoration. Only one thought in your mind. Or more like wish. Him to be your Alpha.

The protectiveness he showed when he thought you were in danger, the possessiveness he had over you when another Alpha was close to you, and at the same time the softness he held in his eyes whenever he spoke to you, the adoration with which he talked to you, the way he took care of you even though you had basically just met all the more adding to your attraction to him. You didn’t know him, basically at all, but still you felt… at home. You felt at peace with him. You felt safe. As if you had known him your whole life. As if… you two were meant to be.

“Are you alright?” he asked with a soft yet rough voice.

You nodded slowly with a small smile “Yeah” you said and bent to take your bag from the floor.

“Are you sure?” he asked concerned and you felt your heart melt at seeing those beautiful green eyes show actual interest for your well-being.

“Yeah, just… thinking why that asshole actually chose psychology. It’s totally beyond me” you mumbled mostly to yourself. Your eyes widened once you realized what you had actually said.

“Oh my- Pardon me” you said lowly, looking down.

Dean chuckled and you slowly looked up at him, his smile making you return it “It’s fine. As long as you’re ok” he mumbled and put a hand on your cheek, rubbing it softly with his thumb.

You stood like that for a while, just staring at each other. Soft smiles were on both of your faces, and you’d swear you could see adoration written in his eyes. Something else there, too, but not easy for you to point your finger on.

You smiled more, looking up at him and without even so thinking of it…

…you closed the distance between you.

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Reaction (SNSD): When you have mood swings and what they do about them

Taeyeon: *when you yell at her for looking at you wrong* “Excuse me bitch. The hell you think you’re talking to?”

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Hyoyeon: “Yuri, please help me. She’s crazy.” *Yuri pats her* “Sorry Hyo, you’re on your own.” *Hyo smiles to hide her fear*

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Jessica: “You’re mood swings are causing me deep emotional pain, and I’m gonna need you to stop.”

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Yoona: “I don’t know what to do. You’re more on and off than a light switch.”

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Yuri: “When you want to be nice again, come talk to me. Not in the mood for your moodiness babe.”

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Seohyun: “Bish please. I have not got time for you right now.” 

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Sunny: “Please stop yelling at me. Look, I’ll do aegyo for you. Just please stop yelling.” 

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Tiffany: “Oh jesus, what is wrong with you? I don’t know how to help you babe.”

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Sooyoung:”Yeah, I’m going to have to ask you to stop with the outbursts. Not in the mood babe.”

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