Okay, but the real question is: Would any of you date me?

I’m 20, with brown eyes and brown hair that just barely reaches my back (but one side is shorter because it used to be shaved). I’m 5′8″ and very curvy (cursed with massive boobage and wide hips). I’m a cancer, but I promise I don’t have killer moodswings (I’m just super in tune with the emotions of people around me and it always affects me).

I do the normal nerd stuff like read (books and fanfics), blog, cook, listen to music like all the time, watch lots of LPs on youtube, and love to break into abandoned buildings. Seriously, that’s the one thing that I always have fun doing!

As for going on a date, I’m up for just about anything. Netflix and chill, playing a game, seeing a movie, going walking around town, or breaking into something. I’ve only ever been to a big city about 3 times in my life, so if we went to one and just walked around all day that’d be just swell <3


That time of month #moodswings