The world was hazy as MoodRing sat up, cradling her spinning head in one of her hands. She hated it whenever ports into worlds opened up in the sky- it always lead to nasty falls, and she was only human, gosh darn it. No re-programing her code to include a pair of wings could be done.

But could it? Could I be programed at this point? Just how far set into this digital set-up am I?

She shook her head, trying to mentally escape both the dull pain from the fall and the thoughts she was thinking. That’ll only make things turn for the worst, knowing my luck…

Taking a moment to stretch out, MoodRing opened an eye to take a gander at where she might be. If I fell from the sky, that means that it has a real-world third perspective. Which narrows my guess down oh-so-much. She relaxed and got up, looking around. It was a museum, and a nice one at that- she had apparently fallen into one of the geology exhibits. Through…

She looked up, hoping that she wasn’t right. A tight feeling worked her gut, and her face twisted up in sympathetic pain for the janitorial crew.

… The skylight in the roof. Great.

Taking another look around, she smiled at the one thing that had seemed to go okay- her little crystal had made the fall with her, and was loyally floating next to her. Currently, it strobed between an orange and a yellow color- a lot of fear, a little bit of focus, and about as much retroactive caution as she could muster. Well, at least you’re normal.

“Good Evening.”

The crystal went a dark, dingy yellow as MoodRing whipped her head around to the source of the voice- a pink haired, curvy woman leaning against the framed entrance of the hall. She looked very much so like she came out of a sci-fairytale, and- oh shit it’s Vi.

Vi pushed off from the wall, rolling her neck and cracking her knuckles. “I gotta say, thanks for givin’ me a fun night. It’s been a long time since someone was stupid enough to break into a fully secured museum while Officer Vi was on duty. Gets pretty dull around here.” She clenched her gloved hands into fists and took on a battle-ready stance. “Now, shall we do this the hard way? Or the harder way?”


It proved to be a pretty fun chase- for Vi. MoodRing, however, was scared beyond belief. Not wanting Vi to get a hold of the crystal, MoodRing held the item flush to her chest as she ran, and ran, and ran. She ran so far, in fact that the buildings started becoming less clean, and more utilitarian. The sky took on the burnt hues of pollution, and all the stars seemed to fade out of existence. Am I leaving town, Moody thought, or am I just going to a less safe part of it?

(( timeshatterer ))